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Herb’s Guide to the Best Gifts for 4/20

For many cannabis consumers, the most wonderful time of the year doesn’t come in December; it comes in April. These are the coolest cannabis gifts on the market for 4/20/2020.
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For many cannabis consumers, the most wonderful time of the year doesn’t come in December; it comes in April. And this year, this glorious day—4/20, or April 20th—also falls on the 20th year of the century. In fact, 4/20 this year falls on the 20th year of the entire millennium. That’s right—we’re about to live through the very first 4/20/2020. Don’t let this sacred day slip by you without honouring your favourite plant. Treat yourself (or a friend, or a loved one) to a gift that keeps on giving: a cannabis accessory. 

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We know that finding a gift is hard. You want to make sure that, whatever you get, it doesn’t end up in a box collecting dust in your friend or family member’s basement. So this year, get them something you know they’ll use. Whether you’re looking for a gift for 4/20, trying to plan for a birthday around the corner, or just want to get somebody something to lift their spirits, you can use our 4/20/2020 gift guide to find the perfect product. 

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Here’s our guide to the best cannabis gifts for 4/20/2020.

1. Dr. Dabber SWITCH.

The Dr. Dabber SWITCH is A versatile flower and oil vaporizer with advanced features and on-the-go capability.

best weed gadgets 8

With more options than ever before for how to consume your cannabis, it’s time to invest in an effective, safe, and versatile machine that will give you the capability to consume not only flower, but extractions as well. This revolutionary, electronic dab rig by Dr. Dabber is just that—a machine that can handle virtually every form of cannabis consumption at home and on-the-go. Whether you prefer to consume flower or extracts, the Dr. Dabber SWITCH uses patent-pending technology to offer an easier and more effective way of consuming it. 

With the SWITCH, you also have more control than ever before with 25 different temperature settings that allow you to customize your high, crank up the flavour, or adjust the thickness of your vapor. It also features one of the most rapid heating speeds on the market, by taking advantage of superior induction heating technology. Just how fast are we talking? From the time you turn it on, it only takes roughly four seconds to heat up your cannabis product. And with a battery life that almost never dies—an incredible 150 uses on a single charge—you never have to worry about your battery dying when you’re trying to vape on the go. 

Convenience is key with the Dr. Dabber SWITCH, as this e-rig also features a self-cleaning mode and requires absolutely no atomizers. 

Buy the SWITCH now and get 20% off, all month long during their 420 Sale!

2. The Session Bong by Session Goods.

The Session Bong is an elegant coffee-table bong that’s easy to use, quick to clean, and adds to your home’s aesthetic.

Sessions Bong

This is the kind of bong that you don’t have to hide when your parents come over for dinner. This sleek and stylish bong by Session Goods is designed for the modern cannabis consumer, who’s looking for more convenience and control in their smoking experience. The simplicity of this bong is its genius. Not only is the Session Bong built with an ergonomic grip and angled mouthpiece, it also includes intuitive features like a silicone footer that indicates the perfect waterline to make for an all around easy user experience.

The borosilicate glass and tapered shape of the Session Bong also allow it to blend discreetly into other home decor, accenting your home aesthetic, rather than being something you feel compelled to hide away. The simple design of this bong also means that it can be quickly and effectively cleaned after use, just like you would with your cookware. 

Whether you’re a young professional, or an adult just looking to keep it classy, the Session Bong is our favourite bong on the market this year.

3. The all-in-one portable cannabis kitchen by Ardent.

With the Ardent all-in-one portable cannabis kitchen you can infuse, activate, melt, and bake all in one.

If you like making cannabis edibles, you need this machine. This professional quality cannabis edibles making machine does everything from infusion, to activation, melting, and even the actual baking itself. That’s right—you can bake your favourite edibles right inside the machine itself, without even needing to rely on an outside oven. The potential benefits and conveniences of this feature are mind blowing. From taking your all-in-one kitchen on the go to make edibles on your next camping trip, to being able to bake edibles in the comfort of your room without stinking up your home kitchen. This machine is even odourless for extra discretion. 

The Ardent all-in-one cannabis kitchen allows for full activation of THC, CBD, CBG, and other cannabis compounds, which are then easily infused into your foods. When you’re done baking, simply detach the base of your machine for easy cleaning. It’s 100% dishwater safe so cleaning it is a breeze. This all-in-one portable cannabis kitchen can bake with any amount of cannabis up to 4 ounces.

4. The Genius Pipe.

The Genius Pipe is a pipe straight from the future with advanced cooling, filtering, and smoking capabilities.

This next generation pipe is like nothing you’ve ever smoked before. That’s because the Genius Pipe uses patented technology, the same that’s used for cooling nuclear reactors, to provide the coolest, smoothest, and thickest smoke draw. If you’re looking for an easy and effective way to smoke on the go, there may be no better tool than the Genius Pipe. And with its flat, ambiguous shape, this pipe is so discreet that most people won’t even know what it is. 

The Genius Pipe is easily split in half so you can wipe down the inside and clean it as good as new. And if you ever want to replace the screen entirely, the Genius Pipe is compatible with any standard 0.75 inch screen.

The front of this device can also be slid forward so that the logo shaped hole sits over your dried herb, which you can light your flower through. This contains the smoke, allowing you to be more discrete and guard your flower from flying away in the wind. Last but not least, the patented dimpled interior of this pipe is designed to act as a waterless filter, so your smoke is cleaner than ever before.

5. KLIP Grinder by HOJ.

The KLIP is a revolutionary grinder that literally makes your cannabis more potent.

If you want to preserve the integrity of your cannabis’ trichomes and therefore potency, you’ve got to slice, not grind. That’s how this game-changing new grinder by HØJ is able to perfectly prepare your cannabis flower for the best possible experience, representing the first time in over 100 years that the grinder has been fundamentally reinvented. By precisely slicing your flower, the KLIP allows you to enjoy a much smoother, and more even burning smoke. 

This grinder is also designed to operate with almost frictionless ease, using an advanced magnetic design to levitate the angled blades on the inside, requiring virtually no effort to use. This is further aided by a patent-pending system that allows this grinder to spin in I-degree increments instead of the usual quarter turns. Since the KLIP is held together by an advanced magnetic design, there’s no chance of the threading getting clogged with kief making it impossible to open. It simply pulls open, and snaps shut just by hovering the top compartment over the lower chambers. 

6. Zig-Zag Rolling Papers.

Zig-Zags, no matter what you roll in them, are undoubtedly the most well known rolling paper brand in the world. These rolling papers also come in all different shapes, sizes, and materials, for every rolling and smoking preference. Do you like to keep it super organic with strict plant material? Try Zig-Zag’s Organic Hemp Papers. How about a pre-rolled cone that you can just slide your ground cannabis right into? Pick up a pack of Zig-Zag ultra-thin cones. No matter what you’re rolling—a one-pape, L-pape, or even a cross joint—Zig-Zag has the rolling paper to get the job done. 

If you’re looking for a high quality, reliable rolling paper, you can’t find much better than a Zig-Zag. Just ask Dr. Dre—he even designed one of his album covers in honour of the brand. Trust us, nobody will complain about getting a fresh pack of their favourite Zig-Zags as a gift.

7. Rolling tray by Tree Trunk.

The Tree Trunk is an elegant and highly functional rolling tray that helps you stay organized while adding to the vibe of your home.

We guarantee you’ve never seen a rolling tray as well built, classy, and coffee-table worthy as the Tree Trunk rolling tray. Designed in a large, classic square shape, this rolling tray has all the space you need to hold all of your cannabis accessories—from your grinder, to rolling papers, blunt wraps, and more—while still leaving room to roll your ground herb. The corners of this rolling tray are smooth and contoured for the perfect finish that makes it easy to arrange, roll, and scoop up your ground cannabis.  

Every Tree Trunk rolling tray is handmade in the company’s in-house wood shop, crafted out of high-quality, ultra-thick two inch solid black walnut wood. At 9 inches by 9 inches by 2 inches, this spacious and elegant rolling tray serves all of your cannabis rolling needs while also adding to the aesthetic of your home.

8. Smell-proof Bag by Ooze.

When you think of smell-proof bags, maybe you think of the clear sandwich bag style bags they sell at your local dispensary. But what if you had a real smell-proof bag—something that more resembled a backpack or satchel, that you could proudly wear out in public and store all of your cannabis products in without anyone being the wiser? This smell-proof bag by Ooze is the ultimate tool for cannabis consumers who like to take their cannabis on the go, while remaining discrete.

Ooze’s classy, all-black, satchel style smell-proof bag is outfitted with full carbon linings to trap 100% of all smells and odours inside. And thanks to its cutting edge design, the Ooze smell-proof bag adds a splash of style to any outfit. With zippered front and back pockets, you can not only store your cannabis products and accessories in this bag, but other essentials too like your ID, wallet, or money. On the inside, you’ll also find a double sleeve where you can organize your vape pens, as well as a mesh pocket. 


9. Beary Beach CBD gummies by Verma Farms

If you’re looking for a delicious way to destress, try Verma Farms’ Beary Beach gummy bears that contain a hint of nostalgia, an explosion of flavour, and 10mg of some of the highest-quality American grown CBD on the market. It’s time to bring your favourite gummy bears back from your childhood, but with an adult twist. And since Verma Farms’ gummies are THC free, eating these little bears will result in zero psychoactive effects.

If you’re looking for a tasty and creative way to boost your wellness routine, indulge in some Beary Beach gummies.  With a tropical twist, an extra soft texture, and Hawaiian love in every bite, your only problem will be trying to eat just one. Each container comes with 25 bears, for a total of 250mg of CBD.

April 16, 2020 — Last Updated April 08, 2021
Written by Rob Hoffman
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April 16, 2020 — Last Updated April 08, 2021
Written by Rob Hoffman
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