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Guides | 01.30.2023

The Best 420 Deals Of 2023 For The PRO Toker

Get ready to shop with Herb's guide to the best 420 deals of the year.

The Best 420 Deals Online & Much More

With 420 last year being a total disaster due to the feeling of impending doom that came with the lack of knowledge on COVID, this year’s 420 promises to be at least a lot livelier than last year’s.

However better, many people might still shy away from large gatherings and public 420 celebrations. This includes having to buy your products at a brick & mortar store.

Even if you’re not too worried about COVID, there might be other reasons for having to look for your 420 deals online. Perhaps the most common reason is that the product portfolio to choose from is more extensive than any physical dispensary.

The point is – you’ll always want to look for the best 420 deals online for one reason or another.

But that’s not all you’ll find in this extensive guide full of local deals, dispensary exclusives, and much much more!

Special Packages & Games From Genius Pipe

DEAL: 2 full weeks of specials & a spin-to-win game


ABOUT THE BRAND: Genius Pipe is one of those brands that you need to know of because they’ll clearly be leading the pack when it comes to smoking device innovation.

Genius Pipe creates next-generation pipes that utilize patented technology used in cooling nuclear reactors to provide you with THE coolest pipe smoke you’ve ever tried. Their pipes are designed for a maximum smoke draw and give you the healthiest smoking experience possible with lasting results every time.

The Genius Pipe’s design is engineered to keep out unwanted residue from reaching your mouth, and the smoke passageway is structured in a way that cooling is accelerated.

Genius Pipe is not only the ultimate travel piece with truly unparalleled technology. It’s also a reasonable brand that understands you need the best for this 420. That’s why they’re celebrating the date with a ‘Spin-to-Win’ Game and 2 FULL WEEKS OF SPECIALS.

Genius is collaborating with 5 partners for a week of exciting promotions, culminating in a Facebook game with a collection of grand prizes worth over $1500. 

Genius partners include Cannareps, Elev8 Glass, Cannabis Cheri, Kasher, and Smoke Hut.

Genius and each of these brands are holding virtual sales over the course of 2 weeks, building to the headline event, a Spin-to-Win game filled with instant prizes, including up to 42% OFF discounts and other valuable prizes. FYI, every contestant who plays is guaranteed to win something!


20% Off DaVinci's High-Tech Vaporizers

DEAL: 20% sitewide discount



ABOUT THE BRAND: Since vaporizers came into play and started taking over the smokables market, DaVinci has been long regarded by seasoned tokers to be in a class of its own. This has been so for DaVinci as a brand in general but even more so for their flagship device – the DaVinci IQ2.

DaVinci offers different vaporizer devices. Which provides an extra bit of reliability to a brand that focuses on what they do best.

The MIQRO is the less-expensive version, lying at a usual retail price of $99. While smaller and more compact, the MIQRO still performs incredibly. And there’s the IQ2. A bigger yet still compact vape that allows you to vaporize dry herb and concentrates on the same device.

DaVinci is offering a 20% sitewide discount for this 420. So if you were looking for a reliable portable device like the MIQRO or looking to step up your vaporizing game with a high-end device like the IQ2, this is your chance to do so at an affordable price.


40% Discounts On Miraflora CBD Products

DEAL: 40% off sitewide



ABOUT THE BRAND: Miraflora is a true one-stop-shop where you can get anything, and when I say anything, I mean ANYTHING CBD. From CBD topicals, edibles, tinctures, soft gels, and beverages to other crazy shit like Alpacas. Yup, I said Alpacas.

Well, you can’t actually buy the Alpacas, but they have the Alpacas. So I might as well mention the Alpacas. I’ll say it one more time because I like how it sounds… Alpacas.

Now to why you’re here: Miraflora grows organic hemp fed with pure snowmelt from Rocky Mountain National Park and all-natural nutrient-rich fertilizer—also known as Alpaca Gold—from their alpaca herd.

Miraflora owns a 160-acre USDA Organic Certified farm in Boulder County, one of the original Colorado homesteads, and it has been family-owned and operated for more than a century. Each fall, they carefully cultivate and hand-pick their hemp flower, which is then used as raw material to extract premium full-spectrum CBD oil. The same CBD oil they bottle up or use to infuse all their other products.

Miraflora goes by the motto, “You reap what you sow,” and they live by it too. As a family-owned and -operated business, they’re involved in every process, which is also how they can ensure a truly natural profile in every product. That and the fact that they hire Colorado’s best hemp scientists to help formulate their CBD products. Ensuring consistency and traceability.

For 420, they will be offering a sitewide 40% discount until April 30 that you can get your hands on using HerbCo at checkout.


20% Off Delta 8 Products At Direct Delta 8

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DEAL: 20% sitewide discount



ABOUT THE BRAND: Direct Delta 8 is your go-to destination for everything Delta 8 THC. You’ll find a strategically curated selection of high-quality Delta 8 brands & products that you want to be a part of. On their site, you’ll find everything – edibles, tinctures, flower & pre-rolls from the best Delta 8 brands on the market. 

If you’re interested in trying these new products, we recommend their Kush Burst Gummies. First off, let’s start with the product – it just absolutely rocks.

Kush Burst Gummies come in 5 different flavor options. Each one is just as delicious as the next: Watermelon Bliss, Blue Raspberry, Pineapple Punch, Sour Apple, and White Peach.

Better yet, Kush Burst Gummies are dosed with an accurately generous helping of 50 mg of Delta 8 THC per piece. Every bag is designed to tear easily and can be resealed when you’re not consuming the product so it stays nice and fresh. 

Although Delta 8 is THC, it’s a very mild form of THC extracted from hemp. This little detail makes this product entirely legal as each gummy contains less than 0.03% of Delta 9 THC. Keep in mind Delta 8 is psychoactive as well, it just offers a different high. In fact, many users report uplifting and calming effects without the paranoia we can sometimes get with Delta 9 THC (regular THC).

Kush Burst Gummies have an estimated onset of 30-45 minutes after ingestion and each pack comes with a total of 10-units per bag. That is, a whopping 500 mg of Delta 8 THC.


20% Discount On Martha Stewart Gummies At Direct CBD Online

DEAL: 20% off sitewide



ABOUT THE BRAND: I don’t know about you, but if I ever were to ask for a dream meal, it would probably be made by Martha Stewart. Although, in this case, you won’t have her there explaining to you exactly what she’s doing as she does it, you will have the unique opportunity to try a Martha Stewart-Approved product.

And yes, it’s made using cannabis.

Martha Stewart Wellness gummies come in a 60 count pack with 10 mg of CBD per piece. That’s a total of 600 mg of CBD in a single box. Each box comes as a 15 flavor sampler that never gets old. Martha has hand-selected the ingredients that add wellness to any routine. 

Each gummy is a flavorful explosion with exquisite texture and made with the purest, safest CBD isolate, formulated by Canopy Growth. In other words, expect greatness from this product. 

If you’re looking for 420 deals you can use to give a gift to a fellow toker; then you’ve found the product you were looking for. This gummy sampler comes in an elegantly packaged and reusable linen-textured drawer box. Making it a fun yet classy gift.

Direct CBD Online is a one-stop shop where you can get everything your cannabis needs require. Direct CBD Online is home to an incredibly ample variety of brands and products that offer the very best CBD products. Direct CBD Online is more than a CBD marketplace; it’s your go-to wellness destination.


15% Off Wyld CBD

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DEAL: 15% sitewide discount



ABOUT THE BRAND: Wyld CBD is one of my favorite brands in the edibles market because they seem to do everything with a clear purpose in mind. My favorite part of their branding is how they link CBD and cannabis consumption to the outdoors.

This is basically what cannabis represents if you think about it – nature.

For 420, you’ll be able to experience exactly what I mean by a discounted 15% off the total price of your order by using the promo code 420CBD.

Promo code applies for both product lines that Wyld CBD runs – the CBD gummies and the sparkling waters. Both of which come in various natural flavors that include some of my favorites like Raspberry Gummy and Raspberry Sparkling Waters, other more exotic flavors like Elderberry, and much more – all of which are gluten-free, THC-free, and vegan-friendly.


Free Pre-Rolls From Caldera Extracts

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Photo courtesy of Caldera Extracts

DEAL: Purchase any Caldera product on Serra LA and get a FREE infused pre-roll with your order.


ABOUT THE BRAND: Caldera is all about igniting the fullest potential of cannabis but still staying true to the essence of the plant by providing you with the purest cannabis product possible.

Caldera stands out because they make live resin-infused pre-rolls, perhaps the most potent version of joints you’ll be able to find in the market today. Live resin takes any cannabis experience to another level.

Not only that, Caldera has partnered with one of our favorite vaporizer brands, PAX, to offer you PAX Era Pods made with Caldera Extracts that you can pop on your device and consume on the go. Caldera’s flavor-rich extracts are made from sustainably sourced sun-grown cannabis. But this does not tell the whole Caldera story; they also make delicious live resin Lava Diamonds or Magma Sauce, two products made to give you an out-of-this-world cannabis experience.

For 420, Caldera has partnered with Serra LA to give you a FREE infused pre-roll with your Caldera order.


Discounts On Cresco's Liquid Live Resin

DEAL: Local dispensary deals – find the details below




ABOUT THE BRAND: Cresco makes EXCELLENT everyday cannabis you can consume Monday through Sunday. Cresco is renowned for growing consistent premium cannabis flower for dry herb, pre-rolls, Liquid Live Resin cartridges, and top-notch solid live concentrates.

Cresco uses three different types of strains for the LLR Carts: Rise, a Sativa variety specifically crafted to provide a boost of energy and creativity; Refresh, their prime-time hybrid bred for clarity and balance; and Rest, an Indica-based product designed to provide calm and relaxation.

While Cresco ensures you get the best LLR products possible, they also want to make sure you can access them at an affordable price this 420, with the below deals for Port Hueneme and Contra Costa County plus many other deals at dispensaries across the state.

At Coco Farms (Contra Costa County) you’ll be able to get your hands on the below deal:

  • Buy 2 500 mg Cresco LLR carts and get a Cresco LLR 1 g for $.01 (a penny!)

At Skunkmasters (Port Hueneme) you’ll be able to get your hands on the below deals:

  • 2 Cresco 500 mg LLR carts for $40 OTD or ($36.78 pre local tax)
  • Cresco 1 g LLR carts for $60 OTD  or ($55.17 pre local tax)

Additionally, Cresco’s LLR carts will be having a 20% discount on Sunnyside dispensaries in Illinois.


Up to 20% Off Daily High Club Products


  • 15% off from April 10 to April 19 using DAZE
  • 20% off on April 20 using DAY


ABOUT THE BRAND: Daily High Club is your one-stop-shop for all the smoking supplies you need!  They’re a subscription box and online headshop featuring tons of custom glass, top name brands, and other essential accessories for your best sesh ever. Daily High Club ships incredible bongs, dab rigs, and more discreetly to your door so you don’t have to leave the couch. 

This 420 season, you can shop their Groovy 420 Subscription Box featuring a custom Hippie Van Bong that is extra vibey because of the color effects from the anodized borosilicate glass used to make it. 

Feel the groove with Daily High Club’s 420 hippie-inspired cannabis subscription box! This month’s kit comes complete with Caligar’s Rolling Glue Brush Pen – perfect for fixing and sealing your papers and wraps without germs. A $100 value of goodies for $29.99.

Here’s what’s in the box:

  • DHC 10 mm female anodized 420 hippie van
  • Premium 10 mm male glass bowl
  • 10 mm premium quartz banger
  • 2 pack flavored hemp wraps – assorted flavors
  • 1 ¼” Juicy Jays – assorted flavors
  • Caligars rolling glue brush pen
  • Full-size Clipper lighter – assorted styles
  • Custom Daily High Club sticker set

Restrictions and guidelines apply. These codes only apply to their online headshop. They will not work on subscription boxes, celebrity and influencer custom glass, Puffco products, 3rd party-branded glass, certain apparel, and other products in their shop.


25% Off Tommy Chong's CBD

DEAL: 25% sitewide discount



ABOUT THE BRAND: CBD – everyone’s second favorite cannabinoid. No stranger to anyone looking to chill out and de-stress without getting altered. But, unlike THC, CBD has a delivery problem.

If you like edibles, you know ingesting THC creates a different high than inhaling it. That’s thanks to your liver. The liver metabolizes the THC in your stomach before it hits your bloodstream, creating THC metabolites that are just as strong but produce different effects.

With CBD, the liver destroys most of it before it has a chance to do any good. That’s why smoking and vaping CBD is so much more potent than oils or gummies. (But who really wants to smoke CBD?) If you answered “not me,” then Tommy Chong has something incredible for you…

Tommy Chong’s Nano CBD is up to 10 times stronger (and faster) than any CBD oil or gummy you’ve ever tried. That’s because they skip the digestion step entirely. Hold a dropper under your tongue. You’ll feel the difference in minutes.

Faster onset. Stronger hit. There’s nothing like Tommy Chong’s Nano CBD. Use Herb420 at checkout to get 25% off for the entire month of April.


20% Discount On King Palm's Smoking Accessories

DEAL: 20% off sitewide

PROMO CODE: Palm420 


ABOUT THE BRAND: Any serious weed enthusiast knows exactly what kind of rolling material they like to use for their smoking sessions. Something us tokers take really seriously because it is part of a ritual. 

For some, it might be a weekend thing; for others, a way to get relief from the stress of a long day, and some might use weed as a way to light up an interesting conversation. The fact is, it’s a ritual and as such, you should use only but the best materials for it. Perhaps the most important one (after the weed itself) is the rolling paper you use.

King Palm makes natural leaf, pre-rolled cones that have been hand-rolled and come with a corn husk filtered tip. A feature that drastically reduces the harshness of smoking. The choice is simple if you’re looking for a novel way to roll your blunts, or at least that’s what it might seem like because King Palm offers an incredible range of flavors, sizes, and filter types you can choose from.

Not only that, but at King Palm, you’ll also find clothing apparel, and accessories. Tip: The tie dye range of clothing is sick!

Use Palm420 at checkout to get a 20% off on all purchases for the most important toker holiday season.


Mirayo By Santana Deals At Your Local Dispensary

DEAL: 20% off sitewide from April 16 to April 19 – 420 deals for Mirayo are location and dispensary-specific


ABOUT THE BRAND: Mirayo by Santana sells premium sun-grown flower from longtime cannabis advocate and ten-time GRAMMY award-winning guitarist Carlos Santana.

The name Mirayo is a combination of “my” and “ray” in Spanish, which honors Santana’s Latin heritage and acts as a guide for consumers on their path to discovering their divine light.

The products leverage the power of ancient remedies and promote the spiritual effects of cannabis. “With Mirayo,” said Carlos, “I hope to help people use cannabis as a door to a more benevolent behavior like kindness and compassion.”

The line of 7 g jars of whole flower and 5-pack tins of 0.5 g pre-rolls is available at Caliva and select dispensary partners across California.

420 Deals for Mirayo will vary from location to location, so we encourage you to take a look at what they have to offer in your area, but we can anticipate that there will definitely be some stuff you won’t want to miss out on. But on top of local deals, Mirayo will also offer a 20% sitewide discount from the 16th to the 19th of April.


$20 Off My Bud Vase Bongs

DEAL: $20 off any vase purchase from April 1 to April 20

PROMO CODE: 420Ready


ABOUT THE BRAND: It’s a Vase. It’s a Bong. It’s Smoking Made Beautiful. These premium quality vahz-bongs are for the sophisticated smoker who likes creative choices that compliments an individual’s personality. Each My Bud Vase is an object of art, conversation piece, and pleasing to use. Designed to be proudly displayed or hidden in plain sight, My Bud Vase is on a mission to normalize consumption while beautifying every home.

My Bud Vase is offering $20 off of any vase purchase from April 1st through April 20th, so whether you need a new bong, your first bong, or want to gift a bong, enter the code 420Ready at checkout and enjoy our highest of holidays in style!


20% Discount On Blazy Susan Accessories

DEAL: 20% off from April 15 to April 20



ABOUT THE BRAND: Blazy Susan is the brainchild of founder and CEO, Will Breakell. Will is a young entrepreneur from Roanoke, Virginia. Although Will graduated from the esteemed Virginia Military Institute, he soon realized that he was meant to take a different path than the majority of his peers.
One day, while sitting on his couch looking at his cluttered coffee table, Will had an epiphany, one that involved a more organized way of smoking weed… Lucky for us, that meant the birth of Blazy Susan. And even more lucky for us, Blazy is offering 20% off every purchase sitewide from April 15 through April 20.

Up To 25% Off Session Goods Designer Glassware


  • 20% off sitewide with code SESSION420
  • 25% off purchases over $150 with code SESSION425


ABOUT THE BRAND: Session Goods is a brand recognized mainly for delivering high-end glass smoking accessories. Primarily their pipes and glass bong lines are what you’re likely to recognize Session Goods for.

With summer right around the corner and spring blooming, not to mention after all these months of quarantining, you’re likely to want to step outside and enjoy the nice weather. One that only comes once a year, BTW.

That said, when you do, you want to be equipped with smoking accessories that you can take anywhere. The Session Goods pipe is certainly the first product you should be looking at; small, portable, highly resistant, and comes with a connector that latches onto your belt or bag, making it the perfect overall travel companion. But the bongs don’t stray far behind; they can be customized with fun silicone covers that protect your glass.

Now available in new colors that also celebrate the season and optimism for 2021, allowing you to pick and choose between various options that match your outfits. A discreet and stylish accessory made to fit 420.

Which are made even more accessible with a 420 sale that will offer a  20% sitewide discount for orders under $150 or a 25% off for orders $150 or more by using the promo codes listed above. This promo will exist from April 16 to April 20.

Not only that, but Session Goods will launch a 420-specific bundle that includes a bong, a pipe, one set of cleaning caps, and one silicone accessory set


20% Discount At Cannabox

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DEAL: 20% off sitewide



ABOUT THE BRAND: Cannabox is THE box subscription that you keep hearing about, and it’s for a legit reason. Cannabox is one of the best and most trusted subscription boxes in the cannabis industry, and since it’s 420 and you kind of ‘have to have’ a subscription box for the occasion, there’s probably not a better option in the world than Cannabox.

Each month you’ll get a mysteriously awesome themed box with 6-8 useful accessories like premium glass pipes & bongs, rolling papers, rolling trays, snacks, and gear. Items are carefully hand-picked by Cannabox specialists or even designed by the brand themselves. This means you’ll be getting a ton of unique glassware with in-house designs you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Cannabox is also pretty cool when it comes to gifting you goodies like munchies and apparel every now and then. So that’s always a huge plus on my side.

Boxes ship every 20th-30th of each month and are easily trackable via an email you are sent once your box leaves the Cannabox warehouse.

The best thing is that you can now get access to vaporizers, accessories, glass, and an array of in-house designs at a 20% discount by using the promo code 420 at checkout.

And one last thing. I was an early receiver of the 420 themed box, and let me tell you, you are in for a treat. Small appetizer – there’s a shirt that’s definitely my new favorite chillin’ T and custom glass pipe that you don’t want to miss out on.


Free Grow Kits & 15% Off Grobo Purchases

DEAL: 15% sitewide discount + free grow kits with your purchase



ABOUT THE BRAND: Grobo is an automated grow box designed to grow cannabis plants from seed to harvest. You can even dry your cannabis flower in the unit using the drying mode, which is something yours truly had never seen before and also a convenient feature to have. 

Grobo allows you to grow cannabis year-round with its hydroponic, deep water culture system. The LED lights on the Grobo automatically change spectrum depending on the stage of growth your plant is in, which is another cool feature if you tend to lose track of your grow as I do.

Grobo tests the pH and EC of the water hourly and adjusts as needed, automatically dosing nutrients, so your plant is always well-fed and comes with over 1,500 seed recipes on the Grobo app. Each Grobo can yield 2-3 ounces to any horticultural experience level can use this product. If this is your first time growing, Grobo will not make it hard on you but the complete opposite.

For 420, Grobo offers a FREE grow kit that contains everything you need for your first grow with the purchase of a Grobo Solid or Grobo Premium.


15% Discount On Helmet Head Smell Proof Stash Bags

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DEALS: 15% off sitewide



ABOUT THE BRAND: The title of this deal pretty much says it all and I believe does an amazing job of grabbing any tokers attention, but I’ll strive my hardest to surprise you.

As a person who interacts with many people who still don’t see weed the same way you and I do, I place a bit of effort in not letting just anyone get a glimpse of my weed stash. I’m pretty lenient for the most part, but I do clean up when family visits or I have people over who don’t really know me that well.

The thing about that is that there doesn’t seem to be a great place to hide a marijuana stash.

Not any more. Helmet Head makes sleek-looking, practical, smell-proof bags that keep your weed and accessories safe.

Helmet Head places special effort in making their product smell-proof, which means no nagging comments like: “This place stinks.” I personally like the smell of weed, but I can understand how it could get annoying for somebody who doesn’t.

The Helmet Head Smell Proof Bag is made with 100% activated carbon technology that keeps your environment clean and smell-free. It also comes in 4 different design options and sizes. Not only that, but you can pick from two different color options – gray and black.

For 420, Helmet Head decided that you must travel conveniently and smell-free, so we’ve partnered with them to offer a 15% discount using Herb420 at checkout.


25% Off Your CBDistillery Purchases

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Photo courtesy of CBDistillery


  • 30% off from April 14 to April 16 using CBDAWARENESS30
  • 25% off on orders $100+ on April 20 using HERB420


ABOUT THE BRAND: CBDistillery is a house favorite at Herb because of the exceptional products and service they provide. The whole idea behind the CBDistillery brand is to be an easily accessible source of high-quality hemp-derived CBD products that banks on real industry knowledge for research and development.

Like use, CBDistillery believes that everyone has a right to a healthy and balanced life. And like us, they believe it can be accomplished through the natural therapeutic prowess of the cannabis plant.

Although you’re finding this brand in the concentrates section of the article, CBDistillery has a broad range of product categories, including soft gels, gummies, topicals, powders a lot more.

For this 420 season, they’ll have two big sales running throughout April. The big sale is for CBD Awareness from April 14 to April 16, where you’ll be able to get a 30% off sitewide using CBDAWARENESS30.

For 420, they’ll run a HERB EXCLUSIVE one-day sale for 25% off orders of $100 or more. You’ll be able to get access to this deal using HERB420 at checkout.


BOGO Seeds At Homegrown Cannabis Co.

DEAL: Buy one get one free on seeds + special merch deals


ABOUT THE BRAND: Homegrown Cannabis Co. is an online shop where you’ll be able to find THE best cannabis seeds you’ve tried to grow.

But their mission transcends selling cannabis seeds alone. They go above in beyond to make your growing experience as enjoyable as possible. And they pretty much offer a guaranteed reward at the end of your growth cycles thanks to their high-yielding, high-quality product.

With over 400 marijuana strains to choose from across an enviable range of regular, feminized, and auto-flowering cannabis seeds at prices you can afford.

For 420, Homegrown is offering a BOGO offer with seeds from specially cured collections. In addition to a $1 offer for a T-Shirt + a Sticker Pack for every order over $150.


BONUS: 20% Off Herb's Limited Edition CBG & CBD Flower

DEAL: 20% off



ABOUT THE BRAND: At Herb, we love good cannabis; in all of its shapes and forms. And we know our community does too. That’s why, after years of working with the top brands in the industry, we’ve selected a few of them to craft our exclusive Herb product line. Made by cannabis lovers, for cannabis lovers.

For 420 you’ll be able to acquire Herb’s limited edition flower with a 20% discount on both of our strains made in collaboration with Botany Farms – Sour G CBG and Sour Lifter CBD. If you’re looking for cannabis that helps you boost your productivity, both these strains are perfect options.


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