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5 Simply Crafted Products To Get You Acquainted With CBN

This promising cannabinoid offers a whole new experience, different from that of CBD or THC, here’s one of the best places to find it.

Founded in Minneapolis with the goal of bringing the benefits of pure, carefully grown hemp to as many people as possible, Simply Crafted has already grown a community of enthusiasts that vouch for their products, despite having only been around since 2019.

Based on our dealings with the company and their products, we can almost assure that this trust was born out of the care that they pour over every offering and the cannabis community at large.

Beyond providing sustainably grown and thoroughly lab-tested hemp products from across the range (oils, concentrates, distillates, edibles, and beyond), they are partnered with NORML and the Last Prisoner Project in a concerted effort to change retrograde drug policies for good and make reparations to those incarcerated unjustly for Cannabis related crimes.

Their commitment to quality reflects well for them as they expand their range to include more recently synthesized cannabinoids such as CBN.

We found Simply Crafted to be one of the best and most trustworthy suppliers of CBN, so we thought we’d shout out 5 of their products so that you can give this cannabinoid an honest try.

What is CBN?

CBN is a minor cannabinoid, present in the cannabis plant and responsible for at least part of the experience when you smoke, only at a lesser degree than more overpowering cannabinoids like THC and CBD.

Cannabinol, as it is properly called, is a compound that begins to form within cannabis as it ages, and whose effects recall those of CBD with an added psychoactive spark, milder than that of THC.

Although it is relatively new to the market and most of its effects haven’t been thoroughly scientifically explored, users are already finding therapeutic benefits to CBN for pain relief and insomnia relief.

Simply Crafted CBD + CBN Tincture

Knowing that in-depth research is slim, early studies on rats indicate that CBN develops enhanced pain relief properties when combined with CBD. Either way, if you’re getting into CBN, it might be beneficial to do so through something you’re familiar with.

The soothing body high of CBD gets just a tinge of psychedelic spice in this balanced 1:1 blend, a natural remedy for pain and stress as well as an effective sleep aid.

Simply Crafted THC + CBN High Spectrum Deep Sleep Hemp Gummies

Now, if what brought you in search of CBN was its promise as an ally in the quest for a hearty, deep sleep, then you’re better off gravitating towards something specifically geared towards that end.

Simply Crafted offers these full-spectrum gummies combining hemp-derived THC (under 0.3%) with CBN. Delta 9 THC enhances the sleep-inducing properties of CBN by allowing a quicker onset and by delivering a pleasing cerebral lull that eliminates stress and welcomes rest.

Simply Crafted Pure CBN Isolate

Assuming you’re somewhat familiar with what CBN offers, you might want to get creative with its uses and applications. The best way to delve into pure CBN is through isolate powders like this one by Simply Crafted.

It is completely odorless and flavorless so you can throw it into smoothies or incorporate it into meals, making it great for an on-the-go lifestyle. It’s also rigorously lab-tested for purity, a necessity when approaching high concentration isolates like this one.

Simply Crafted Full Spectrum CBD Daytime Tincture

If your sleep cycles are cycling just fine and what draws you to CBN is actually its oh-so-mellow psychoactive properties, or if you want the stress relief it offers without the incapacitating drowsiness, you might want to give this one a go.

Comprised mainly of 2850mg of high purity hemp-derived CBD, each bottle is expertly blended with 150mg of CBN and 45mg of THC to maintain a fine balance between relaxation and stimulation.

Simply Crafted Delta 8 and CBN Sleepy Time Gummies

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One more for all the sleepy folks out there, these gummies take a different route towards deep-sleep central by combining CBN with a whole other variety of THC, Delta 8 THC. Delta 8 is the milder, clearer cousin of regular Delta 9 THC, and gives a whole new light to relaxation.

These blueberry flavored gummies make a sweet nightcap and might allow you to reconvene with the rest and sleep you need to seize any upcoming day.

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