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A Guide To At-Home Drug Tests

Testing yourself is easier than you might think.

It seems like drug testing for THC would have been thrown out the window, considering over half of the US legalized cannabis. Sadly, that’s not the case, and many employers still require pre-employment drug screening or impose randomized drug testing. This is true of both private and government employers, and no matter what the situation—drug tests are scary.

Whether you took a hit off a joint at a party last weekend or you’re sparking a bowl while reading this article, you are probably here to learn how to pass a drug test. One of the best things you can do in your detox efforts is to invest in a few at-home drug tests to monitor your progress before the test comes up. Testing yourself is easier than you might think.

At-Home Drug Test Information

An at-home drug test is a way for you to monitor whether or not you have toxins in your system that would cause you to fail a drug test. Some tests simply offer a ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ indicator, while others show your toxicity levels. Each test works a little differently to detect THC.

Types of At-Home Drug Tests and How They Work

Depending on your situation, you may only want to know if you will pass or fail. However, if you are working hard to detox from THC, it’s helpful to see toxicity levels decrease over time.

The Single Panel THC test kit is a simple at-home drug test that tests for the threshold limit for THC. All standardized drug tests will test positive if your THC levels are above 50 ng/mL, and the Single Panel is the best way to determine if you pass or fail. This easy at-home drug test requires a urine sample in the provided clup. Dip the test strip into the cup and then lay on a flat surface for five minutes. That’s all it takes to know whether or not you pass or fail.

The Test-O-Meter at-home drug test works the same way as the Single Panel but offers more information. In addition to triggering a positive result for anything over 50 ng/mL, the Test-O-Meter strip shows THC levels ranging from 15, 100, 200, and 300 ng/mL. This is incredibly helpful if you are on the path toward a natural detox and need to monitor your progress.

At-Home Drug Tests Accuracy

No drug test is 100% accurate. False negatives and false positives can happen with at-home drug tests. Follow the instructions and choose a trusted provider with available testimonials. Some drugstore test kits are not of the highest quality and pose a greater risk of incorrect results.

The Test-O-Meter at-home drug test is an excellent option if you absolutely need to know where you stand. More than just a pass or fail, you’ll be able to see your toxicity levels and re-check every few days or week to see how quickly you are flushing THC from your system.

Purchasing an At-Home Drug Test

Pictured: Synthetic urine is often used to trick workplace drug tests.

There are many places to buy at-home drug tests. You’ll find what you need at a local drug store or pharmacy in a pinch. Amazon and other online retailers offer plenty of options as well. Pass Your Test is an excellent online retailer that provides both pass/fail and toxicity level testing. You can read through their testimonials and see how satisfied their customers are with the accuracy of their products. They also offer free shipping or next-day airmail if you need to get the tests as soon as possible.

What if I Fail?

The only good thing about failing is that now you know what you need to do next. If you fail your at-home drug test, it’s time to decide what you need to do to pass the real one. Depending on how much time you have, PassYourTest offers a variety of detox programs that can help you permanently cleanse your system of all toxins.

The 10-day and 5-day detox kits contain supplements highly targeted toward full-body detoxification. The kits also include a menu plan to help you plan meals that encourage your body to rid itself of toxins quicker.

For situations where you find yourself short on time to pass a test, they have same-day cleansers guaranteed to get you across the finish line without getting fired. The same-day detox kit includes capsules and a detox drink that flush your system of toxins within 90 minutes and offer a six-hour window of opportunity to pass your test.

Don’t Worry, Be Prepared

Drug tests are stressful. Even if you haven’t been smoking a lot of weed, the thought of failing a test can bring up a lot of emotion and potentially severe consequences. The best thing you can do is be as prepared as possible. Invest in a few at-home drug tests to see where you stand, and if you don’t think you’ll detox in time, opt for a detox kit. With the right tools on hand, there is no reason why you can’t pass any type of drug test. Good luck!

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