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A Quick Guide To Understanding Cannabis Email Marketing

How to understand and apply email marketing to your cannabis business.

One of the best strategies for cannabis businesses is to take advantage of email marketing. 

This should be one of the many strategies you use to market your cannabis business or company, considering the industry’s restrictions.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a tool to communicate digitally with customers and potential customers by sending mass emails to a contact base. 

In simple words is sending emails to a database or contacts that are potential customers or customers who are already part of your business.

The emails should ideally be personalized to target the different objectives of cannabis marketing.  These are just some examples of the purposes of email marketing:

  • Attract new customers to your brand
  • Keep the user in touch with the brand and communicate the latest news
  • Send promotional or educational content
  • Encourage purchases or the repetition of a previous purchase

What Is Email Marketing Used For?

Cannabis email marketing is used to:

  • Maintain contact with customers
  • Convert leads
  • Send them news and updates;
  • Collect opinions and feedback
  • Generate engagement

How To Choose A Cannabis Email Marketing Platform

The first thing you will need to be able to send mass mailings is an email marketing platform. 

Ideally, you rely on experts in the field but are friendly with cannabis and CBD products. Believe it or not, many companies have prohibitions in this regard, so always check before signing any contract.

These external platforms for sending mass mailings have the necessary technology to send to thousands of people without affecting the deliverability of the mailings. 

Some of the email marketing companies that are cannabis-friendly include:

  • Alpine IQ: Alpine IQ is a platform specifically dedicated to cannabis businesses of all types. 
  • Emurcury: Emurcury supports the cannabis industry as long as all subscribers opt-in to receive email communications.
  • Flodesk: Flodesk is cannabis friendly as long as it is operated legitimately within local laws.

These are just a few of the email marketing platforms available, but always do your own research and check that the platform you want to use allows you to send emails about your brand and products.


Create A List Of Subscribers

To be able to send emails to your customers or potential customers, you have to create a list of subscribers.

Remember the information to collect: name, last name, email, phone, address, city, state, age, preference, etc. The decision is yours.

You must define well what information you want to capture from customers, as this will be essential to segment the mailings and define the email campaigns much better.

Create Registration Forms

People do not become subscribers of a company or brand just for the sake of it. They need motivation or something that leads them to give their data to a company. 

One thing is sure; it is necessary to create registration forms through which users interested in your products can register for something in return, such as news, offers, informative content, etc. 

Through these forms, you can get the data of your customers or potential customers and have a list of subscribers.

Content Strategy

For an email marketing strategy to work, you have to have something of value to share through it.

Email marketing is a potent tool for increasing sales and building customer loyalty by sending good content.

Find a balance that works for your business between offers and educational and inspirational content. 

Types Of Emails

Welcome Emails: First impressions count more than they seem to. Therefore, having an email in which you welcome the user, introduce yourself and share how you can help them is very important for them to gain confidence.

Renewal Emails: Cannabis products have a very loyal and recurring audience. Taking this into account, setting up renewal emails for certain products that you detect are recurrently purchased by certain customers is a plus.

Cart Recovery Emails: This is the email that is sent automatically when the cart has been left unfinished. It recovers the purchase and increases possible orders that have been left in limbo.

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