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Best CBD Vape Carts


Vaping is one of the most popular ways to consume CBD, as it is quite efficient. It is also a safe and relatively healthy option. It is one of the fastest-acting methods and when you use a CBD vaporizer, a greater amount of CBD gets into your system compared to edibles or topical products.

In order to get the most out of your CBD, you will need the right CBD cartridge. You won’t have to spend hours searching for the right one, we’ve done the research for you, and here are the best CBD cartridges for vaping available on the market right now.

Of course, when buying any kind of CBD product, you always have to be wary of low-quality products, that’s why we’ve only compiled the best brands on the market, for worry-free vaping.

How To Find A High-Quality Vape Cartridge?

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There are a few aspects that cannot be ignored when you are looking for vape cartridges, especially CBD cartridges.

  • Lab testing. CBD products can be of questionable quality at times, which is why reputable brands have started offering lab testing, which shows the different amounts of CBD, THC, and other compounds.
  • Broad-spectrum or isolated. Broad-spectrum CBD contains several cannabinoids. Isolate only contains CBD in a more concentrated form. Choose the ideal option for you and your needs.
  • Flavor. There are varied flavor options, ranging from natural plant flavor or more elaborate flavors like strawberry, blueberry, and many others.

We’ve gathered some of the best CBD cartridges for vaping in one place that meet our high-quality standards, all you have to do is read and choose. Let’s start with the basics.

What Is CBD

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the second most prevalent active ingredient in cannabis or hemp. There is evidence to indicate that this cannabinoid can help with calmness, relaxation, and tranquility.

It is a naturally occurring substance that is used in a variety of products. Unlike its cousin, THC, this compound does not cause a “high” on its own.

So CBD Won't Get Me High?

No. The cannabis plant is made up of two main players: CBD and THC, although there are now more than 150 minor cannabinoids. CBD is the non-psychoactive part of the plant, so it won’t get you high or give euphoric effects.

Can CBD Cartridges Show Up In A Drug Test?

At the moment, drug tests are usually not looking for CBD, but for THC. That is why it is very important to know what you are consuming, as some CBD products could have traces of THC that would show up in a drug test.

Finally, even small amounts of THC-containing vape oil can accumulate over time. This is especially true if larger doses are used for pain management or other therapeutic purposes.

Now let’s get down to business.  Some of the best CBD vape cartridges are:

Botany Farms

Botany Farms products are a special blend of quality and dedication. The cartridges for vaping have different cannabinoids that work together to enhance the wellness and effects of CBD.

Besides having the possibility to smoke CBD from an exquisitely crafted cartridge, Botany Farms has different options for vaping CBD flowers, Botany Farms handcrafted cannabis will provide you with rich aromas and flavors along with the amazing effects of CBD. Vaping requires curiosity and an open mind to new sensations and experiences, which can only be found in great products like those from Botany Farms.

Lemon Diesel CBG Vape Cartridge

Botany Farms CBG Vape Cartridge has a special blend of cannabinoids that make it special. 25% CBG, 35% CBD, and 9% THC Delta 8 to create a harmonious balance of cannabinoids found in many varieties of flowers individually. With this Cartridge stay in your blissful moment all day long.

With a total cannabinoid concentration of 82.3%, this full-spectrum oil blend will make you forget about stress and give you a positive high. With added terpenes from the Lemon Diesel flower strain, the flavor is bright and citrusy on the inhale, while the exhale is filled with a diesel finish.

Cannabis Life CBD

Cannabis Life has a different approach to CBD than others on the list. Their cartridges also have cannabinoids like Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC, which increase the CBD’s wellness and benefits.

We also love the unique blend they use of full-spectrum CBD oil distillate with the different cannabinoids, no additives, and a special blend of terpenes.

Maui Wowie D9 + CBD and D8 + CBD Cartridge

Looking for some vacations without leaving home? The Maui Wowie CBD Cartridge from Cannabis Life has the perfect ix of 2.5mg of D9 THC and 12.5mg of CBD.

This makes the perfect mix to fully enjoy your cart to relax while giving you that heavy buzz that D9 THC has. So don’t worry about the D9 here, as the high quantity of CBD in the mix will make it feel like an indica strain.

As with all of their carts, the Maui Wowie has no fillers and has a special in-house terpene blend. You can check this D9 + CBD blend here.

If D9 is not your cup of tea, you can also check their D8 version of Maui Wowie with 500mg of D8 THC and 150mg of CBD, here.


Just CBD was founded on the basis that CBD is nature’s secret miracle and how right they are! At Just CBD, they believe you have the right to know exactly what’s inside your CBD products and we’ve proven it with their pure and clean CBD cartridges.

Just CBD is made with the best quality, honesty, and love in the industry and it shows in every one of its products.  Their CBD cartridges contain 200 mg of CBD isolate. They come in a variety of four different flavors and three strain-specific terpene flavored varieties. They are light and smooth, perfect for everyday use.

JustCBD has one of the widest assortments of CBD cartridge flavors available today. They have everything from watermelon and pineapple to Diesel and Northern Lights – that’s how diverse their range is.

Northern Lights CBD Vape Cartridges

A classic strain of cannabis, Northern Lights by JustCBD is a balanced indica strain. The spicy terpenes are reminiscent of sweet nutmeg and cinnamon flavorings, and their effects create a natural and smooth experience. They provide warmth, balance, and aroma, and help create an atmosphere that encourages aromatics to bloom freely without being overpowering.

Exhale Wellness

Exhale Wellness is a brand of CBD products, with the philosophy that nature is the key to wellness. Exhale Wellness cares about the ingredients they use in their products, specifically prioritizing product purity and safety, and that’s no different with their CBD cartridges.

As a result, their 900mg CBD cartridges are plant-based, natural, and additive-free.

Variety of flavors: Sour Diesel, Gorilla Glue, Mango, OG Kush, BlackBerry, Blackberry Kush, Pineapple Express, Jack Herer, Cactus Cooler, and Fruity Cereal.

Blackberry Kush Cartridge

A hint of blackberry and a dash of kush is what makes the Blackberry Kush CBD vaporizer so delicious. The unique combination of flavors and aromas keeps you totally relaxed as you finish your long day at the office. This indica-dominant hybrid helps you relax while enjoying the smooth and soothing effects of CBD.

Funky Farms

Funky Farms specializes in creating premium quality, all-natural CBD products. All of their products are made with CBD extract manufactured in the USA following the highest quality standards in growth, cultivation, manufacturing, and testing.

Peppermint Kush CBD Cartridge

The perfect balance between fresh and sweet mint, pine and earth. This profile has a complex aroma and tastes like mint and cookies, which will make you feel uplifted and happy.

Made with highly concentrated hemp and all-natural terpenes for the cleanest CBD product possible, which is felt in every puff of this delicious cartridge.

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