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Guides | 10.19.2021

Herb’s Guide To The Best Concentrates In LA

Shatters, sauces, and hash, oh my!

If you celebrate 4/20 then you’ve probably heard of 7/10. If not, it’s the same thing but for concentrates. Here at Herb, we love cannabis in all forms, and concentrates are some of our favorites. The variety alone is insane, wax, shatter, hash, sauce, sugar, rosin… The list goes on, literally.

Although dabs have been around since the dawn of concentrate technology, industry regulations and improved extraction methods have created an increasing number of potent concentrates on the market. Here are some of the best concentrates in LA.


Best Sugar In LA

Almora Farm Nuclear Winter Resin Sugar

Almora Farm’s Nuclear Winter Resin Sugar is that true-to-flower taste with that hint of sugary sweetness to finish off. This is an incredibly euphoric strain with an insane relaxing effect. Probably not the one to smoke for a marathon, unless it’s a movie marathon.

Tutti Biscotti Sugar Diamonds

Another great one for that boost of energy, Tutti’s Biscotti Sugar Diamonds. This strain is better than that bitter coffee in the morning; it smells and tastes just like a freshly ground bean. Great scent, flavor and will leave you caffeinated without caffeine.

Jetty 3 Bears Kush Live Sugar

A classic OG fuel with a bit of sweetness for that head high and that slight bittersweetness for a body high, Jetty’s 3 Bears Kush Live Sugar is unrefined, single-source, minimally processed to keep that potency true to its flower. This concentrate has a sugar-like consistency with sparkling granules coated in a terpy sauce.

Tutti Holy Headband Sugar Diamonds

If you’re looking for an all-day charge then try Tutti’s Holy Headband Sugar Diamonds, perfect for keeping you going throughout the day. These diamonds will leave you feeling creative with their delicious earthy taste. Holy Headband is sure to give you that kick in the ass you’ve been looking for.

Almora Farm Papaya Live Resin Sugar

Papaya Live Resin Sugar is a deliciously potent strain that can leave your body glued down and your mind up high. Having all the qualities of the best indica, won’t leave you feeling so couch-locked, might even get you to stand up. Maybe. Take this sweet and sour sugar on a new journey.

Tutti Blueberry Muffin Sugar Diamonds

Tutti’s Blueberry Muffin Sugar Diamonds is just what you need for the perfect self-care and relaxation day. Sexy to look and even hotter to bad. These sugar diamonds are sure to keep you relaxed with the sweetest berry taste and scent.

Best Live Resin In LA

Raw Garden Skystomper

A cross between Skywalker and Sour Stomper is Skystomper Live Resin that will leave you feeling euphorically in the clouds. To preserve the plants’ natural and unique cannabinoid and terpene profiles, the fower is cryogenically flash-frozen at harvest.

Humboldt Farms Sunset Sherbet

Highly aromatic with a creamy honey-tinged flavor, Humboldt Farms Sunset Sherbet Live Resin came about as a result of crossing sweet Cookies with Pink Panties. Its uplifting cerebral boost is followed by full-body relaxation.

Eel River Sativa Live Resin

This Sativa Live Resin brings a relaxing joyous effect with an earthy flavor that energizes after one hit. Live resin is made from fresh buds that are flash-frozen right after harvest. This live resin embraces the entire nature of the plant, nourishing seeds with the raw elements of nature, one you can fall in love with.

Humboldt Farms Papaya Punch

Humboldt Farms Papaya Punch Live Resin is a cross between Papaya and Purple Punch, it has a delectable aroma and fruity flavor. It packs an invigorating punch and is popular for relaxing and boosting creativity.

Best Sauce In LA

Almora Farm Do-Si-Dos Live Resin Sauce

Almora’s Do-Si-Dos Live Resin Sauce offers lingering flavors of giggly OG Kush and fruity cookies. It’s the perfect strain for the end of the day due to its heavy, happy relaxing effects or day of fun and adventures.

Raw Garden Banner OG Sauce

Raw Garden’s Banner OG Sauce is a balanced strain featuring both taste notes of sweetness and diesel. This strain will leave you relaxed and happy; perfect for any time of day. This live resin contains no additives, fillers, or artificial flavors.

Royal Sherb Mintz Live Resin Sauce

Royal’s Sherb Mintz Live Resin Sauce is an indica with sweet flavors. You’ll be ready for anything the day ahead holds! Our process starts with freshly harvested plants that are immediately frozen to subcritical temperatures. Take a dab at low temps, pull slowly, and enjoy the full spectrum of flavors.

Raw Garden Sci-Fi Live Resin Sauce

Raw Garden’s Sci-Fi Live Resin Sauce features a lemon taste and diesel scent, which will leave you happy, euphoric, and relaxed. Raw Garden aspires to a higher standard, and it’s for when you want to have more experience, do more things, celebrate more, and unwind more. Raw Garden Live Resin is 100% cannabis – no additives or artificial flavors.

Best Hash In LA

Tutti Lava Cake Loose Hash

Tutti’s Lava Cake Loose Hash is an earthy indica that’s here to help you relax. Unwind and give yourself the potency bump you’ve been looking for. You can smoke Tutti as a flower topper in a joint, bong, pipe, or flower vaporizer, or smoke on its own.

Tutti Fruity Juice Loose Hash

Fruity Juice by Tutti is a delicious hybrid hash with a sweet scent and a berry taste. Its powerful THC content gives you a potent boost to work with. Add it as a flower topper in a joint, bong, pipe, or smoke it on its own for relaxation and enjoyment.

Tutti Acapulco Gold Loose Hash

Tutti’s Acapulco Gold Loose Hash is filled with coffee scents and flavor notes! It’s a great way to start your day. Relax, unwind, and get energized. Smoke it on its own in joints, bongs, pipes, or vaporizers, or add it as a flower topping to complement your cannabis flowers.

Best Badder In LA

Jetty 3 Bears Kush Live Badder

Grown on the Jetty farm, this concentrate has a classic OG fuel aroma alongside a little bit of sweetness. It’s a potent indica that brings on a relaxing, stress-melting, heady high. The consistency is easy to handle and it resembles a well-mixed cake batter. The terpenes are rich with flavor, giving off more up-front and present flavors than other concentrates.

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