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Guides | 01.12.2023

Best Dispensaries In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Access the top products for your needs at these dispensaries in Oklahoma City.

It wasn’t long ago that Oklahoma legalized medical marijuana. More specifically, the state’s voters legalized it in 2018 to ensure patients with debilitating health conditions have access to their rightful medicine. 

Quickly following that, Oklahoma became the fastest state in the country to roll out a complete medical marijuana law. Since then, cities throughout the state have opened more medical marijuana dispensaries than you could imagine. 

This time around, we’re shining a light on the best dispensaries in Oklahoma City. See our top picks below. 

Mosaic Dispensary

Photo By Mosaic Dispensary

Mosaic Cannabis Dispensary in Oklahoma City is perhaps the most beautifully designed dispensary in the state. They organize their products by terpenes, effects, and more while rotating their menu to ensure consumers never have a dull moment. 

Besides their premium products and stunning design, Mosaic provides excellent customer service while welcoming and empowering all patients to be confident in their purchases. The passionate budtenders undergo intense training to ensure all patients are well taken care of. 

Fire Leaf Dispensary

Photo By Fire Leaf Dispensary

Visiting Fire Leaf Dispensary is a breath of fresh air. Their interior is visually appealing, and their friendly staff makes each stop-in worthwhile. The budtenders are always eager to ensure you leave with what you came for or something similar that targets your specific needs. 

Fire Leaf Dispensary carries premium, high-quality medical marijuana, CBD, edibles, and apparel. Their Oklahoma-grown medical marijuana in Indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains are always flying off the shelves. The knowledgeable staff is deeply passionate about educating patients on the benefits of medical marijuana while pointing them toward products that make a difference. 

The Peak Quail Springs - OKC Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Photo By The Peak Quail Springs OKC Medical Marijuana Dispensary

If you want friendly budtenders and an impressive product catalog, be sure to visit The Peak Quail Springs – OKC Medical Marijuana Dispensary. This shop launched with the mission to help patients in Oklahoma access medical marijuana in a safe and comfortable environment. 

Also, their dispensary is quite chic, and browsing through products here is a breeze. The staff is focused on the patient’s needs and goals, and they continuously provide premiere dispensary experiences to all who stop by. 

Stability Cannabis Dispensary

Photo By Stability Cannabis Dispensary

This award-winning vertically-integrated cannabis company carries some of the finest flower in the state. They also carry their own branded flower, roughly 30 strains of it. Not to mention their popular lineup of Perfect Ratio gummies, pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, and much more. 

Stability Cannabis Dispensary is on a mission to help medical marijuana patients across the American Midwest access their rightful medicine and experience what high-quality cannabis can do for them. Their staff is always happy to hear you out regarding any questions or concerns while pointing you toward products for your specific situation. 

Tradecraft Farms Cannabis Dispensary

Photo By Tradecraft Farms Cannabis Dispensary

This heritage brand was founded in Southern California and has since expanded with 10 dispensaries around the country. Their Oklahoma City location is their only shop in the state. Needless to say, this brotherly-founded heritage brand is one of the top dispensaries in Oklahoma. 

Tradecraft Farms prides itself on crafting incredible, premium-quality cannabis products while selling them along with many other cannabis products at affordable prices. Consumers adore the friendly staff here and rave about the consistent quality of their vast product selection. 

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