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The Top 15 Edibles On Grassdoor

Here are our favorite edibles from our favorite weed delivery service. Created with Grassdoor.

When it comes to cannabis edibles, the sky’s the limit. They are a very popular way of consuming cannabis, plus it allows you to remain smoke-free.

You may take edibles for many of their effects or benefits, recreationally or medicinally. As such, edibles are a great way of consuming those good ol’ cannabinoids due to their bioavailability and consistency. 

Companies like Grassdoor make it easy for you to get your favorite edibles without having to leave your home. With over 100 products to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect edible for you on their menu.

Some of them you can get in under 45 minutes. And all of them with a 33% discount!

Meet Herb’s favorite edibles on Grassdoor.

Jelly Pineapple Gummies

Jelly Cannabis Co. has produced an amazing bite-size treat that has an amazing tropical flavor profile. Make your day feel like a breeze with these 10 mg THC, top-quality hybrid gummies.

The sexy tin has ten servings of sweet, tangy pineapple gummies designed to uplift and soothe wayward thoughts. It sounds like these babies are great when feeling anxiety or stress.

These edibles are perfectly designed for you to enjoy and benefit from the user experience, an amazing flavor, and a perfectly measured cannabis experience wherever you go.

Dosist Bliss Lemon Lime Jalapeño Gummies

Dosist has this amazing flavor, and I am just about convinced it will trigger your taste buds in a whole new way. Bliss gummies are packed with a lemon-lime-jalapeño flavor that is refreshing and spicy, quite a sexy touch.

These vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free gummies are 10 mg THC strong, all-natural and fast-acting. With that intriguing flavor profile and the promises of a swift buzz, I’m done to spice up my weed life.

Wyld Raspberry Gummies

These 10 mg gummies are made with real fruit and botanically sourced terpenes. Apart from being delicious, these gummies offer a euphoric, energizing sativa experience. 

Perhaps you’d like taking these for high-focus, creativity-enhancing, or even getting in touch with nature in the outdoors. Either way, these gummies sound amazing!

Heavy Hitters Strawberry Storm Gummies

These gummies are a powerful 20 mg of THC! Heavy Hitters combines custom terpene blends and ultra-pure, ultra-potent concentrates for euphoric effects on these gummies. They are great and deliver a powerful, targeted experience.

I really enjoy textured gummies when I want to write or get a creative boost when drawing. These babies are going to excel at that. Each bag contains five 20 mg THC gummies that are tropical fruit-flavored and deliver a focusing and uplifting effect.

ABX Sleepy Time Soft Gels

AbsoluteXtracts nails it with these 25 mg THC soft gels that are perfect to help you sleep as you have never before. These gels are designed and formulated with a precise dose of THC and a blend of terpenes that will help you doze off.

Heavy Hitters Ultra Potent Sour Apple Gummies

Another great product from Heavy Hitters! This five 20 mg THC gummies pack has an intense sour apple flavor and delivers a sativa experience of uplifting and energizing effects. These gummies are made with real fruit flavors.

Featuring Terpinolene, Alpha Pinene, and Limonene, these gummies have an amazing flavor profile and will elevate your mood. I’d love to bring these along to a long hike or eat one before yoga.

Sonder Stoned Fruit Space Crystals

These popping cannabis treats from Sonder are amazing, and not only do they taste incredible, but they also produce a sparkly head high. They are tart, tangy and are here to excite your taste buds and give you an experience that promises to be out of this world. 

Each pack has 10 mg of THC that comes from full-spectrum oil; in addition to having mind-blowing effects, this edible tastes like apricots, peaches, and nectarines. I for sure plan on keeping some at hand to share with my girl with some Pink Floyd on the speakers.

Glowing Buddha Grape Gummies

These cannabis-infused gummies are handcrafted in Sonoma County and deliver a precise dose to give you full control over your wellness experience. Each gummy is packed with 10 mg of THC for an indica experience. 

This brand promises consistency, perfect texture, and a wonderful experience from these lab-tested gummies. Their grape flavor is sweet, yet each gummy only has 2.2 grams of sugar, making them a low-calorie treat that will give you a relaxed and easy-going effect.

Flav Rainbow Poppers

These assorted, cannabis-infused, gummy poppers look and taste amazing. Each gummy has 5 mg of THC for a precise dose of your favorite edibles. 

The gummies come in a rainbow of colors and flavors, including blue raspberry, lemon, orange, strawberry, and green apple. Plus, they’re all coated in sour sugar. Featuring a hybrid strain, these edibles will have energizing and uplifting effects.

Petra CBD 1:1 Cinnamon Mints

These mints are sexy, flavorful, and pack a 1:1 ratio of 2.5 mg of THC and CBD. Not only will these mints leave you with a refreshing breath, but they will give you a nice boost and high. 

I like that they come in a beautiful and compact, portable package. They are easy to keep around for daily or sporadic use because these sweet and spicy mints pack a punch! Just try not to forget they have cannabinoids!

Papa & Barkley Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Bar THC Releaf

I love eating chocolate, like almost every person reading this; however, this edible is simply astonishing. Papa & Barkley’s bar has 100 mg of THC, split into twenty 5 mg pieces that provide whole boy wellness, relieve pain, and ease sleeping or relaxing. 

This edible is made with a lot of thought behind it, with 99% Fair Trade Certified ingredients and solventless fresh-pressed rosin. Try it out. It’s a great edible in an amazing form of consumption because you can enjoy it with your partner and maybe see what everyone else is going on about sex and weed.

ABX Maui Wowie Gummies

These gummies are tasty, loaded with terpenes, and have 5 mg of THC each. They’re neatly packaged and can easily be taken on the go. With a precise dose of 5 or 10 mg of THC (if you take two), you’re going to be feeling euphoric and calming effects in a matter of minutes. 

The Maui Wowie gummies have a tropical fruit flavor profile with Myrcene, Pinene, Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Humulene terpenes. I’d say these are perfect for a day at the beach, hanging out with friends, or a day of creativity.

Sonder Pineapple Party Space Crystals

Another rocking, popping cannabis edible with a tasty strawberry and pineapple flavor that will, like their other flavor, Stoned Fruit, perform like a rocket. The pack of space crystals has 10 mg of THC and delivers an uplifting, energizing high.

These pop candies taste amazing and deliver great effects; what else could I ask for? Featuring their Sublingual Crystal Technology, these babies will deliver an explosion of flavor and blast off your high.

Select Fresh Treat Nano Gummies

Nano edibles are the new tech, meaning they will absorb faster, directly into the bloodstream, instead of through the liver, with a great psychoactive effect. These gummies are fast-acting strawberry and peach, 5 mg THC bites that will be great because of their sweet taste and brain rocking effects.

Select has used nano-emulsification to encapsulate cannabinoids in a water-soluble surface layer, allowing them to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This rocks! With augmented bioavailability and absorption, the effects will come quicker, with consistency and controlled potency.

Care By Design Mixed Berry 18:1 Gummies

Care By Design infuses their berry-flavored gummies with an 18:1 CBD to THC ratio. With a 10 mg CBD and 0.55 mg THC concentration, these babies are amazing for medicinal uses and benefits. 

A flavorful combination of blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries will prove a perfect balance between deliciousness and wellness. The Mixed Berry gummies were crafted by a team of culinary experts and cannabinoid scientists. They came up with a very potent gummy that has just enough THC to amplify the benefits.

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