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Best Shows To Watch High: Ultimate Stoner’s TV Guide

High times call for high-quality shows.

A match made in heaven, cannabis, and entertainment has complemented each other for as long as we know.

So, this article goes out to any stoner who seeks top-tier shows to dive into once the vibes have kicked in. Not only do we have a list of series, but we also know the perfect way to take your vibe to the next level. Bloomz THCA Snowballs and Bloomz THCA Snow Caps Flower perfectly suit this occasion and elevate your overall experience.

Exclusively curated for the stoner community, this collection of shows are sure to compliment your highs. Get out your munchies and delight yourselves in our ultimate TV guide for peak satisfaction.

20 Shows To Watch High

Black Mirror

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Black Mirror takes you on a wild ride into techno-paradise, looking at what can happen when technology turns against us. Each standalone episode takes you through a new tale that’s a bit too close to home. It’s the perfect pick for a sesh that has you ready to question everything around you. But a heads up—if you get paranoid easily while high, you may want to steer clear of this psychological thriller.

Catch Black Mirror on Netflix for your next session.

Trailer Park Boys

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Kick back with Trailer Park Boys and follow the never-ending schemes of Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles to get rich quick. All set in a run-down trailer park, this show is all about the laughs, the fails, and the tight-knit crew always dreaming big. Light one up and enjoy the chaos.

Stream Trailer Park Boys on Netflix for a hearty laugh.

Workin' Moms

Photo by CBC

Workin’ Moms keeps it real and takes you into the lives of Kate, a bubbly PR agent, and Anne, a no-nonsense psychiatrist, as they navigate the chaos of motherhood in Toronto. When they join a mommies’ group, they click with three other moms, sparking a friendship filled with oddball humor and unexpected turns. Sober, this show’s a hit for its realness and laughs. Add a little weed, and you’ll be cracking up at the spot-on jokes and their wild, daily adventures.

Get your laughs with Workin’ Moms on Netflix now.


Photo by Disney+

Black-ish is where it’s at for a high that’s all about laughs with a side of real talk. The Johnsons deal with life as a successful Black family in a mostly white world, tackling everything from cultural identity to family feuds. It’s funny, it’s sharp, and it offers a blend of social commentary and real laugh-until-your-stomach-hurts moments.

Laugh and think with Black-ish on ABC.

Schitt’s Creek

Photo by Dynamic HR

Schitt’s Creek is your go-to for a trip that’s all about finding the funny in the fallout. Watch as a once-rich family figures out life in a town they bought as a joke. It’s all about the unexpected laughs and sweet moments that come from starting over.

Jump into Schitt’s Creek on Netflix.

Rick & Morty

Photo by GQ

Dive headfirst into the multiverse with Rick & Morty, where a mad scientist grandpa and his much more chill grandson get into all kinds of interdimensional trouble. It’s smart, it’s weird, and it’s absolutely hilarious—perfect for when you’re high and ready to question the nature of reality, or just want to see some truly bizarre stuff go down.

Explore the cosmos with Rick & Morty on Hulu.

Kim’s Convenience

Photo by CBC

Kim’s Convenience is the heartfelt, funny story of the Kims, a Korean-Canadian family running a convenience store in Toronto. Between the family bickers, laugh-out-loud moments, and the all-too-relatable customer interactions, it’s like hanging out at your local shop but way more entertaining.

Join the Kim’s Convenience family on Netflix.


Photo by National Geographic

Narrated by the soothing voice of Neil deGrasse Tyson, Cosmos is a visual masterpiece that explains the mysteries of space and time in an utterly captivating way. Light one up, and get ready to expand your mind to the edges of the universe.

Set sail through the stars with Cosmos on Disney+ or National Geographic.

That 70s Show

Photo by Robert Sebree

Throw it back with That ’70s Show, where you’ll join Eric, Donna, and the gang hanging out in Forman’s basement, getting up to all sorts of teenage shenanigans. It’s all about the vibes, the laughs, and the ridiculously relatable moments of growing up. Smoking one while watching? You’ll fit right in with the circle.

Get your retro fix with That ’70s Show on Netflix.

Fresh Off the Boat

Photo by NBC News

Fresh Off the Boat brings you the hilarious ups and downs of the Huang family, adjusting to life in ’90s Orlando after moving from D.C.’s Chinatown. It’s all about embracing change, family quirks, and the quest for the American Dream—with plenty of laughs along the way. Spark up and enjoy this sweet, funny dive into culture clash and childhood nostalgia.

Laugh and learn with Fresh Off the Boat on Hulu.

How It’s Made

Photo by Tubi

How It’s Made is your go-to for a chill session filled with “Oh, that’s how!” moments. This show shows how everyday items are manufactured, from guitars to jelly beans. It’s oddly satisfying and surprisingly hypnotic—perfect for when you’re high and curious about the world’s inner workings.

Discover the secrets of everyday objects with How It’s Made on the Science Channel.

Our Planet

Photo by Netflix

Our Planet offers a stunning look at the beauty and fragility of the world around us. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, this series combines breathtaking cinematography with a powerful message about conservation. High or not, it’s an awe-inspiring journey that makes you appreciate the natural wonders of our planet like never before.

Prepare to be amazed by Our Planet on Netflix.

Grace & Frankie

Photo by Netflix

Two women, Grace and Frankie, have their lives turned upside down when their husbands reveal they are in love with each other. This unlikely duo forms an incredible friendship, tackling life’s curveballs with humor and heart. It’s touching, hilarious, and a testament to the power of unexpected friendships. Perfect for a heartwarming high.

Find laughter and heartfelt moments with Grace & Frankie on Netflix.

Love Is Blind

Photo by Netflix

Love Is Blind takes you on a wild experiment where singles date without ever seeing each other, only meeting face-to-face after getting engaged. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions, drama, and sometimes, true love. Perfect for when you’re high and craving some juicy, unpredictable reality TV goodness.

Dive into the experiment with Love Is Blind on Netflix.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Photo by Netflix

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt follows the irrepressibly optimistic Kimmy as she navigates the modern world after escaping a doomsday cult she was in for 15 years. With a fresh start in New York City, she faces life’s challenges with a wide-eyed enthusiasm that’s both hilarious and heartwarming. Ideal for those high times when you need a burst of sunshine and laughter through the absurdities of life.

Join Kimmy’s adventure in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix.

The Mindy Project

Photo by Netflix

The life of Mindy Lahiri, a talented OB/GYN with a tumultuous love life and a desire for rom-com fantasies, is followed in The Mindy Project. Her journey of finding love and balance in her personal and professional life is riddled with comedic mishaps and relatable moments. A great pick for a relaxed, feel-good high that celebrates the messiness of life with humor.

Laugh along with The Mindy Project on Hulu.

Stranger Things

Photo by Netflix

Stranger Things pulls you into the mysterious town of Hawkins, where a group of kids uncover a series of strange occurrences tied to a secretive government lab and a parallel universe called the Upside Down. With a nostalgic ’80s vibe, supernatural elements, and a compelling cast of characters, it’s a thrilling ride.

Step into the mystery of Stranger Things on Netflix.

The Law Of The Jungle

Photo by Rotten Tomatoes

The Law of the Jungle is a survival reality show that tests celebrities in the wilderness, challenging them to fend for themselves in harsh environments. The mix of survival tactics, teamwork, and unscripted comedy as stars struggle outside their comfort zones makes for a uniquely entertaining watch. Light up and enjoy the unpredictability and humor of survival in the wild.

Watch the first season of The Law of the Jungle on Netflix. 

100 Humans

Photo by IMDb

100 Humans answers life’s quirky questions through fun, bizarre experiments with 100 people from all walks of life. It’s educational, but in a way that’s totally entertaining. They test all kinds of questions, from “Are we more comfortable with people who look similar to us vs. those who are different,” to “How does music affect our behaviour?” If you’re high and curious about human behavior, this show is a must-watch.

Get answers with a laugh on 100 Humans on Netflix.

History Of Swear Words

Photo by Netflix

History of Swear Words, hosted by the ever-charismatic Nicolas Cage, is a deep dive into the origins, evolution, and cultural impact of swear words. With experts and comedians weighing in, it’s an educational journey through a language all too many of us enjoy using.

Uncover the secrets of swearing with History of Swear Words on Netflix.

Why Certain Shows Hit Differently When High

When you’re high, everything about a show can feel amplified.

Colors pop off the screen, sounds fill the room with more depth, and emotions run deeper. This is because cannabis enhances your sensory perception and emotional responses, making the viewing experience more intense and immersive.

A visually stunning show like “Our Planet” becomes a mesmerizing journey into the natural world, while the humor in “Rick & Morty” hits with unexpected force, leaving you in stitches over jokes you might have missed before.

Dramas pull you deeper into their world, making every plot twist and character emotion feel more impactful.

Essentially, being high can transform watching a show from a simple activity into a rich, multi-sensory experience where you’re observing and fully engaging with every moment.

That’s why some shows just seem to have that extra magic when enjoyed with cannabis.

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