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Biko Juseyo Review: Sublime Pre-Rolled Flower Curated For Women

A brand infused with tons of meaning; Biko offers premium cannabis flower that honors a powerful female, Black, and Asian heritage.

Born out of the inspiring experiences of founder Timeka Drew, Biko began production of high purity Cannabis flowers and pre-rolls managed and curated for and by women. Their newest product is their Juseyo pre-roll, which comes packed with a scintillating variety of strains.

There’s also some THCa diamond dust-infused options that deliver a whole other delectable range of experiences.

Get to know Biko, a black-owned business and active advocate for equal access to quality legal marihuana in this review of their Juseyo pre-rolls:

About Timeka Drew

Photo courtesy of Timeka Drew

Founder and CEO of Biko, Timeka Drew, is more than just a weed entrepreneur. She graduated with honors from the Religious Studies Program at the University of Indiana, Bloomington. A winding road led her to leadership positions in her community and, of course, a commitment to cannabis advocacy.

She is an active member of the Poor People’s’ Economic Human Rights Campaign and is the Co-Coordinator of the Green Party of Los Angeles County Council, organizing grassroots action against racial inequality and economic injustice.

Through her Our Academy program, she also mentor’s minority communities in cannabis cultivation and distribution, looking to encourage equal access to ownership of weed businesses in the age of legalization.

By now it may look like Biko is just her side gig, but the quality of the product speaks for itself. Of course, it had to, as Drew’s worked in and around the medical cannabis industry for years, and it was her own experience with using cannabis in the treatment of a debilitating case of Crohn’s disease that led her to discover the extent of the plant’s healing.

Biko Meaning

As an attempt to further honor her own African ancestry, Drew named the brand after a word in Cameroonian Pidgin meaning “please”. The language is a derivate of creole, born as a result of assimilating local dialects together with English since the early ages of navigation, and is currently spoken by roughly 2 million people.

Juseyo Meaning

Juseyo, the name of Biko’s first pre-roll, means “please pass me” in Korean, an elegant play on a phrase most associated with a smoke session. Drew took the name owing to her own multi-ethnic heritage and her daughter’s ancestry, as her mother’s Korean.

Rolls Choice Juseyo Pre-Roll Review

This 1 g pre-rolled joint is an excellent entry point into Biko’s catalog. Rolls Choice is a sativa dominant hybrid derived from OG Kush and Chemdawg.

It’s an excellent daytime strain and also should fit hangouts and light socializing perfectly. It’s the kind of strain that motivates, uplifts, and allows for concentration.

It’s skunky and earthy to taste, invoking the whole range of flavors found in the flower without distractions. This is a classy strain to share with friends, uncontroversial, flavorful, and noticeably natural.

WiFi OG Juseyo Diamond Infused Pre-Roll Review

An extra dose of goodness comes locked within this 1 g WiFi OG pre-roll. We’re talking about THCa diamond dust, which elevates the already powerful flower offered by Biko to another level.

WiFi OG is a hybrid strain known for its bubbly, euphoric highs, which considerably ease stress and mental strain. The infused variant offered by Biko overachieves in this respect, delivering a knockout high that’s clear and never overbearing.

Taste-wise, this strain is also flower-forward, with slight citrus and pepper notes on the inhale and skunk and fuel on the exhale.

We recommend this strain for mentally stimulating activities and creative pursuits, as it truly gets the mind going without inducing uncomfortable drowsiness.

Runtz Juseyo Diamond Infused Pre-Roll Review

Another succulent diamond-infused option offered by Biko is the Runtz Juseyo pre-roll. Unlike WiFi OG, Runtz offers a less traditional flavor profile, incorporating strong fruity and sweet notes of flavor into the mix. This comes as a result of its Zkittlez and Gelato heritage, two classically sweet and tasty strains.

This surprisingly balanced hybrid strain develops mild euphoria and mental stimulus while relaxing the body with a creeping body-high that lightens your presence.

The THCa diamonds definitely elevate the feeling and contribute significantly to the taste, highlighting the flower’s naturally aromatic terpenes.

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