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Dealzer Grandma’s Secret Garden Grow Box Review: Grow Up To 4 Plants Effortlessly

This grow box is just what you need if you want to scale your homegrown operation without sacrificing more of your time. Here's everything you need to know about it.

Growing plants and weeds haven’t been this easy before. Hydroponics has changed the game’s rules, allowing you to grow your plants at home and right in your bedroom. Technology has birthed innovation, and innovation is going nowhere until it completely revamps how we live our lives. 

So yes, you can grow your favorite weeds and plants right in your bedroom and any location of choice. This opportunity is what Dealzer offers you with the Grandma’s Secret Garden Grow Box, which makes discrete plant and weed growing a great delight.

In this article, we will be reviewing this garden grow box, looking at the parts that make it a complete piece and exploring ways you can take advantage of this box to grow your favorite weed. 

Let’s begin our searchlight by looking at the design!


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This grow box comes in a cabinet design that you can easily mistake for a storage box or refrigerator if you see it for the first time. Lightning is another area of intense interest you can explore, as it has fine LED top lighting. These lights are full spectrum, so you have a good deal in your hand here. 

It is made from high-quality materials and the finest wood extracts. You have well-planted fans that take care of the cooling and keep your box under the best temperatures. It doesn’t impose itself by occupying an ample space; this box can fit into your bedroom, garage, or even office. 

The design is sleek, and it is smooth. It will occupy a small space in your room or garage, thus making it a perfect fit for big houses or small apartments.


This unit grows plants from seed to harvest; it is not a plant incubator; this is a complete plant growing piece. It is 20% faster than usual gardening and let’s not forget the discrete advantage, that saves you from answering questions from friends and family, all the time. 

The automated hydroponics system takes care of the entire process, where you have little or no human interference of any sort. You only need to change the water and nutrients once a week, which doesn’t take more than 10 mins to complete.  

Your plants grow to the expected 6 feet, which is made easy with the low-stress training system, making it easy to allow plants to grow tall and bend downwards.

The box comes fully assembled, you don’t have to fix anything, and there is a guide with a comprehensive instructions pack to go with.

Nutrient Pack

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A perfect pH grows, micro, and bloom pack comes with this box, making it a good tool for your plant growth. The breakdown shows that you get a 500 ml to grow, 500 ml micro, and 500 ml bloom configuration in the perfect pH pack. The advantages of this nutrient pack for your plant’s growth are enormous, and these details we shall reveal here. 

First, you enjoy high-value crops, as you have the exact nutrient ratio and concentrate on giving you a fine detail of everything you will require to stay afloat. Secondly, the pH perfect grows, micro, and bloom offers a vast intake of Amino Acids. 

Lastly, you will not need meters here, as you wouldn’t need to be checking the pH level of your plants now and then. Also, you don’t need the pH adjusting chemicals, as the perfect pH technology gets you a life balance.

Unique Features Of The Grandma's Secret Garden Grow Box

CO2 Enhancer & Harvest

These are parts of the upgrade to the box, and they add a unique addition to the grow box; with the CO2 enhancer, you can grow plants by 20%, while the CO2 harvest allows you to harvest plants in as little as 8 weeks. 

Herb Dryer

Drying your herbs is also easy with this grow box, as the hanging herb Dryer gets things in perfect shape for your use. 

Curling Jar

This is another feature worth the mention, as it offers you a container to store your harvest. This is not an ordinary container; it is a humidity container that keeps the flavor of your harvest intact. 

Plant Clone/Seedling Box

This upgrade to the box is a natural beauty; it allows you to clone your plants as you grow them. This way, you save the cash meant to be spent on seeds!

How To Use It

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We have already mentioned that the box is a simple plug-and-play one; once opening the package, you have a ready-to-use box at your disposal. However, here are a few ways to get your journey started: 

  • Step 1 

Fill up the basin with water 

  • Step 2 

Plant your seeds right into the system

  • Step 3

Change the water and nutrients once every week 


The cost of the garden grow box is around $995 and can go up to $3,000 depending on where you are buying from and if it comes with upgrade features. You can easily buy one from Dealzer. 

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