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Guides | 01.30.2023

Dynavap M 2023 Review: Read This Before Buying

Here's what you need to know about the latest version of the Dynavap M.

If you’re a fan of the Dynavap M, you’ll want to look at this year’s model and their fifth iteration of the M line, the M 2021. Dynavap has combined the best features of both the 2019 and the 2020 models, thus paving the way for a renewed and fresh product that will rock your socks off.

Check out this review of the 2021 Dynavap M; we’ll break it down to the core and get to understand how amazing it truly is. This is a device that is unique and completely powerful. Some might say it is a bit confusing even! 

You will definitely amaze your pals when you say you will vaporize some sweet, sweet stuff, and you pull out this stainless steel device that looks and feels like a one-hitter, and of course, your torch. Do not forget your torch!


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Photo courtesy of Dynavap

The 2021 Dynavap M has impressive features! Some of these characteristics come from succession from their earlier models. 

For example, they decided to keep the 10 mm tapered mouthpiece from the 2020 model, allowing you to use the device on any piece that accepts 10 mm fittings. This is a fantastic feature because this stainless steel piece will fit great in your bubbler or rig and will provide smooth, high-quality vapor for you to enjoy.

Another feature that makes a reappearance is the 2019 rocker, which receives a slight update with a concave shape for added ease of use. They have updated the piece’s geometry and incorporated new chiral airports, a better grip area with an hourglass shape, and added texture for ease of use. 

The newest and improved feature is the septa serrated fully faceted extraction chamber that will also be used as a grinder. The dual position bowl that sits inside the chamber will allow you to change the size of doses depending on your needs and experience style. You may fancy a microdose from time to time, and this device provides that without acquiring an additional accessory. 

Perhaps, one of the most important design features I find in this device is the complete tactile navigation system that Dynavap put in place. This is amazing due to inclusivity because it will be an easy device for visually impaired users. Still, it will also help every user to get comfortable with this gadget quickly.


Dynavap has made well-designed and well-engineered devices for a while, and their medical grade stainless steel Thermal Extraction Devices (TEDs) are made to last. This piece is solid, durable, and looks dope as cake! Do not be fooled by the tiny and well-engineered device you’ll have in front of you. It is powerful, mean, and made tough. 

The body is machine-made, and what is impressive about it is that stainless steel will last you a very long time, and with care, cleaning, and good maintenance, you will be set for the long run. The device is impressive, but what I like the most is how easy it is to disassemble and clean.


The 2021 M has many features packed into a 4-inch body, and it’s mental that so many of these are neatly designed and placed, so you have a comfortable and safe experience. This device is portable, clean, and discreet. What isn’t is the torch you have to carry around for it to work,

Regardless of this, and how daunting or sometimes even intimidating using a torch, this device is made with the user in mind. You will quickly get the ropes and learn how to heat and time your sessions, making this a premium device that is easy to use and convenient.

One of the design features I like the most about this device is how easy it is to clean and polish since it is made with stainless steel, and you can break it down almost completely.

Temperature Range

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Photo courtesy of Dynavap

This device has a great learning curve that will allow you to quickly understand and operate in effective and precise ranges for great user experiences. You will rely on a torch, so remember to be safe and maybe sin on the conservative side. 

Since this device operates with the temperature from your torch, you will definitely have a full range of temperatures available for your needs. You can use a small butane burner and get great hits. It will come down to your knowledge of the device and using an appropriate heat source.

Vapor Quality

Dynavap elevated the user experience with a massive leap in their vapor quality in 2019. They have kept it coming ever since, with design improvements and features that will continue to elevate the user experience to the next level. 

This bad boy will deliver amazing vapor quality if you nail down your technique and learn how to fire your rig up appropriately. Once you get the timing down and nail reading and understand the click put in place to alert the user, you will enjoy a strong and flavorful vapor! 

The M airport and bowl are well designed; thus, you will experience a superior and top-tier vapor as long as you patiently learn how to heat your bowl properly. Honestly, the click sound is very distinguishable; you will master the M  with a couple of uses.


  • Super small, discreet, and comfortable design: This device is just under 4 inches, making it one of the smallest portable vaporizers out there.
  • Comfort and tactile navigation.
  • No battery to charge and maintain.
  • Can deliver powerful and flavorful vapor from both concentrates and dry herbs.
  • Fast heating time: This device might only need 8 seconds to heat up and deliver a fantastic user experience.
  • Microdose ready!


  • Requires a separate heat source to function, eliminating some of the discreetness. 
  • Requires some learning to operate effectively when compared to a battery-operated vaporizer that is ready to go from the box.

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