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Everything You Need To Know About Concentrates In 2024

Still not sure where to find the best concentrates on the market? You need to read this.

Concentrates are the closest product to the soul of cannabis. They are basically everything that gets you high less the plant material, making them super potent products you can smoke, vape, or add to edibles.

In comparison to cannabis flowers that have between 10% and 30% cannabinoids concentration, concentrates are above 80%. That means that their effects are way stronger than most products and are most popular among seasoned users.

But let’s see what concentrates are, what they can do for you, and what are the best concentrates on the market.

What Are Concentrates?

When you see a cannabis flower, you can notice it is covered in a white blanket of what seems to be snowflakes or sugar crystals. Those are trichomes, the part of the plant that holds all the cannabinoids and terpenes that gives so many people pleasure and well-being.

Well, concentrates are the result of extracting the content of trichomes and putting it together, creating a substance with an incredibly high concentration of those compounds. That substance, or concentrate, not only has the particular cannabinoid you seek, but it has multiple cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds.

When a concentrate has all the natural compounds of trichomes we call it a full-spectrum concentrate. But, not all concentrates are the same. Producers have different extraction methods to separate specific compounds or give the concentrate different shapes and textures.

How Are Concentrates Made?

The extraction methods to make concentrates are complex and usually involve chemicals known as solvents that should be handled only by qualified professionals.

These solvents separate the essential components from the plant material. Then manufacturers wash the solvents away from the concentrate so you can smoke it free of harmful chemicals. This is the traditional way to extract concentrates.

But there are other ways to make concentrates like distillations or mechanical extraction methods that don’t involve solvents and some users prefer them expecting them to be cleaner or free of substances that could interfere with the flavor.

In any case, every extraction method has tradeoffs, and also changes the texture and shape of concentrates significantly. Thus, you can tell there are different kinds of concentrates.

Different Kinds Of Concentrates

Although all concentrates are the extract of cannabis oils and resins, they take so many different forms. It is up to you to try them and explore the vast world they offer.


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The shatter looks like thin amber-colored glass, easy to break and beautiful to look at. It turns into a viscous liquid when you heat it up, almost like honey. Could you imagine? Honey that gets you high.


What is Wax/Budder?

Photo credit: smoketheherballnight

The budder looks just like peanut butter. But don’t get confused, it doesn’t taste that good and you must keep it away from kids. The budder is easy to manipulate and divide into servings.


Photo by Yoda Dabba Dabba

The wax concentrate is exactly what its name means. It looks just like wax, but with cannabinoids and terpenes. A pro tip is to use a hot knife or a specialized cutter to handle cannabis wax.


Cannabis oils are more viscous than others, it is similar to shatter concentrate when heated up, but oil stays liquid at room temperature. It makes a nice addition to drinks and other edibles, and although it is not that tasty, it has the therapeutical benefits of cannabis.

Live Resin

what is live resin 1

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Live resin is the concentrate with the greatest amount of natural compounds. Its extraction method preserves the compounds as closest as they are in nature, but these kinds of concentrates are the hardest to find in the market because just a few producers have the means to manufacture them.

How To Smoke Concentrates

With so many different kinds of concentrates, you are right when thinking that there is more than one way to smoke them.


Using pre-filled cartridges to smoke concentrates is a great way to enjoy them without making sticky a mess in your equipment. They are super convenient as you don’t have to handle the substance but rather put it into a batterie and inhale on the go.


This way of smoking concentrates allows you to have diverse experiences. You need a heating nail that you can attach to your bong or bubbler, then heat up the nail and place the concentrate on it. And that’s it. You should try putting some water or ice into the bong to get that cold hit that makes any sesh even better.


You can roll a normal joint putting some of your favorite concentrates in it. The joint might burn less even and decreases airflow, but high will be way more potent, so it is an option for OG smokers who just want a stronger joint.


Smoking concentrates produce similar effects to when smoking regular weed, but the experience is much more intense. Concentrates produce exceptionally heavy mental and physical buzz, but also kick in quicker than when consuming other products.

When smoking concentrates you can expect an amazing reduction of pain and aches, which makes them a super effective complementary treatment for people who suffer chronic pain. But, it also relaxes your muscles and helps you feel so comfortable you would think you are in a pool full of cotton.

Mentally, you will get into a chilling mood with no stress or anxiety. In fact, you feel more connected with your emotions and ideas, but it is hard to keep yourself aware. Concentrates are great from of cannabis to disconnect from reality for a while.

Full-spectrum concentrates produce more complex and rich experiences that can be unique for every person that uses them. Thus, if you want to know the real effects concentrates can have on you, then you need to try them.

The Best Concentrates

Delta 8 THC Wax Dabs

View Product

Binoid Delta 8 THC Wax Dabs have 1000 mg of premium D8 distillate in the form of cannabis wax. These concentrates have an outstanding Delta 8 THC concentration of 92%. That is enough fuel to send you to the moon without leaving your couch.

And although D8 is not as potent as other cannabinoids, it has less uncomfortable side effects like headaches or paranoid episodes.

Try them in their six different terpenes profiles available:

  • Blue Dream
  • Lemon Squeeze
  • Fruity Pebbles
  • OG Kush
  • Zkittlez
  • Pineapple Express

THC-O Wax Dabs

Binoid THC-O Wax Dabs are the first THC-O concentrates on the market. Besides, they are not only pioneers but have set a high-quality standard hard to keep up for the competitors. If you want to try THC-O concentrates, then these are the best choice you will ever find.

These super potent concentrates have a THC-O concentration of 92% in 1000 mg of wax, and come in three mouthwatering terpenes profiles:

  • Grape Ape
  • Strawberry Blonde
  • Banana Kush

THC-P Wax Dabs

Binoid THC-P Wax Dabs might be the most potent concentrates on the market. Now imagine what 1000 mg of it could do to you. THC-P is the most potent psychoactive cannabinoid that we know about, so smoking a concentrate of it is reserved for users with a greatly developed tolerance to THC.

If you are planning to try it, be careful with the dosage and start slow no matter how tasty its terpenes profiles are:

  • Cherry Bomb
  • Blackberry Kush
  • Orange Crush

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