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Flow Kana Banana Mango Review: Fruity Sun-Grown California Flower

Here's everything you need to know about this fruity premium flower from our friends at Flow Kana.

Flow Kana is an amazing brand with stellar products and an incredible mission and vision. By seeking sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, they have a guaranteed spot in my books, and many consumers love them for their fantastic products that have a conscious and amazing upbringing. 

Let’s take a look at the brand, one of their most ambitious projects yet, and one of their products, the Flow Kana Banana Mango strain. I, for one, am absolutely hyped about this brand, and I’d choose it every day for what they stand on and their values.

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What’s Flow Kana?

Photo courtesy of Flow Kana

Flow Kana is the flagship brand of Flow Cannabis Co. and California’s best-selling outdoors, sun-grown, herb brand. The brand is aware of the importance of knowing where our herb comes from and the process it goes through, which is why they partner with independent farmers that cultivate under the full sun. 

With sustainability and quality in mind, and a balance between farm, terroir, and genetics, Flow Kana has unprecedented results and an incomparable product line. With ‘’The California Way’’ as their motto and main drive force, Flow Kana empowers premier craft farmers from Northern California and gives power to value-aligned brands that honor righteous farming practices. 

In a way, Flow Kana has a perfect triangle, where farmers, partners, and consumers have their needs and want satisfied. We see that farmers are empowered to farm sustainably, the partners serve high-quality buds, and have a transparent supply chain, all for the benefit of the consumer.

Flow Cannabis Institute

Photo courtesy of Flow Kana

Flow Cannabis Co. has plans to create a hub for cannabis growers to access education and a space where they can be safe from Big Cannabis. This inevitable giant will form with the cannabis market boom. 

The Flow Cannabis Institute is on an 80 acre of land in Mendocino County, CA, that used to be a winery. Co-founders Michael Steinmetz and Flavia Cassani dream of this becoming the first cannabis campus in the world. And let me tell you, their vision is fantastic!

Imagine a place where small farmers that follow sustainable and environmentally friendly practices can have a piece of land for their usage. Now imagine this place also has a space where farmers, lawmakers, and consumers (whether it’s medicinal or recreational use) can come together to exchange best practices and knowledge. 

Now, not only will this place be a sanctuary for cannabis lovers that seek refuge, land, production increase, or education, there will also be a Bed & Breakfast, facility tours, and many amenities to enjoy. With a project like this, we can all expect great things to come.

Banana Mango Lineage

The Banana Mango strain was bred by The Humboldt Seed Company and is the result of the crossing of Mango Trees, Banana OG, and Blueberry Muffin. This sativa strain has a truly historic and incredible lineage, let us take a look at the parent strains!

Mango Trees

This indica-sativa hybrid strain from Humboldt Seed Company is a THC dominant variety that comes from the cross of Mancho Kush with Humboldt OG and Jack Herer. This strain provides high THC contents and a sweet flavor profile!

The Mango Trees plant is impressive! It’s a gigantic, uniform plant with light green and orange flowers and a sweet and sour mango scent.

Banana OG

The Banana OG is an indica-dominant strain that results from the cross of OG Kush and Banana. Featuring high THC contents, this strain has the unique smell and flavor of overripe bananas.

This is one potent strain that will kick you in the butt if you’re not careful! Its effects can be pretty powerful and even leave you in a near-comatose state. What a fun parent strain to look at.

Blueberry Muffins

This sexy and aesthetically pleasing flower is an indica-dominant hybrid from crossing Blueberry and Purple Panty Dropper. This flower has purple hues and a high THC content, although the lesser of the three-parent strains. 

This is one tasty flower featuring a creamy and smooth flavor profile and finish that will have you high AF. Just imagine smoking a tray of freshly baked blueberry muffins!

Banana Mango Terp Profile

Photo courtesy of Flow Kana

This strain has Terpinolene as its dominant terpene, which has a fruity scent and complex aromas of pine, florals, and citrus. This terpene will be great for an energetic and creative high, plus it’s paired with Myrcene, which naturally occurs in mangoes and Caryophyllene. 

These two terps will give the strain its characteristic peppery and herbal notes, sometimes even describing a light skunky scent coming from the Caryophyllene. Both these terps support an energetic and uplifting experience that will help focus and creative processes.

Banana Mango Flavor Profile

The Banana Mango strain has a unique, intense flavor profile that many users will come to enjoy! This smoothie-flavored strain will rock your taste buds back and forth between the ripe banana and mango nectar flavors. 

Feel transported to a tropical paradise with each mouthful of smoke or vapor you take because this fruity and herbal-tasting hemp is a force of nature.

Banana Mango Effects

Imagine you’re in a mindblowing, elevating, and tingly meditative state of euphoric and uplifting sensations. Well, that’s just what you’re in for with this strain. Flow Kana’s Banana Mango has a happiness and wellness vibe that will for sure help you unwind, reconnect and experience a time of your life. 

With 18-22% THC, this strain is more on the calming and relaxing side of the spectrum but will be helpful in focus needing tasks and is excellent for pain, anxiety, depression, and nerves. This strain is long-lasting and ideal for when in need of a mind and body-calming high that will help decompress and destress, even for your soul.

Described by Kana Flow as a strain that is great for social gatherings, concentration, or outdoor explorations, the Banana Mango strain seems to be a daytime or nighttime breeze. Get ready for a mood-lifting and fantastic high!

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