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Flower Vs. Oil: Comparing The Best Of PAX Devices

Ever wonder which PAX device is right for you? Let's find out.

Puffing from a state-of-the-art cannabis vaporizer is luxurious.

Seasoned users and vapers alike know there’s only one brand helping you make the most of your cannabis flower and concentrate.

Enter PAX, the makers of the industry’s finest vaporizers. Take its PAX 3, for example; this high-end device is often thought to be the iPhone of vaporizers.

But what about PAX’s other devices? Did you know that PAX creates different kinds of vaporizers designed for different uses? That means you can use a PAX device for vaporizing your favorite dried flower, oil, or PAX pod.

If you’re at a crossroads and don’t know which device to snag, we’ll help break them down for you. Here are our thoughts on flower and oil devices from PAX.

Oil Devices From PAX

PAX has two devices that work strictly for vaporizing oils and concentrates.

These two devices don’t allow you to use your own concentrate, but there are countless high-quality PAX Pods on the market waiting to be puffed.

PAX Era Life

The PAX Era Life is a reliable, powerful, affordable, and rechargeable cannabis vaporizer. The Era Life offers an instant draw and the utmost user discretion.

In terms of its functions, PAX’s patented temperature control ensures that you’re getting the best possible experience out of every puff. Simply toggle through the four temperature settings to explore which one you prefer.

You can do so by popping the PAX Pod in and out of the device and watching as the temperature changes, as indicated by the four LED light petals.

Whichever PAX Pod you purchase, trust that the concentrate, flavors, and potencies will come through perfectly. Each hit is consistent, delivering what you love most about cannabis concentrates without the nasty chemicals and byproducts of combustion.

PAX Era Pro

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If you enjoyed your experience with the PAX Era Life, you’d love the upgrades with the PAX Era Pro.

For one thing, the Era Pro contains everything the Era Life does, but with more features to bring your sesh to the next level.

These added features include;

  • 65% more battery life
  • Color LEDs
  • Haptic feedback

The PAX Era Life and Era Pro use the same patented temperature control to bring out the best of your oil and concentrate.

Plus, PAX has a variety of pods to choose from, with varying potencies and mouthwatering flavors. The easy Pop-and-Click technology lets you switch through the temperatures, letting you discover your preferred heat.

Flower Devices From PAX

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PAX has two devices that work with dried flower.

Unlike the Era Pro and Era Life, there are very distinct differences between the PAX 2 and PAX 3 vaporizers.


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When searching for the highest quality vaporizer for dried flower, look to the PAX 2. This vaporizer was specifically designed for the dried flower only.

PAX understands that high-quality, premium weed is too good to smoke. That’s why it invites you to heat your herb with the PAX 2, never burn it.

Burning your weed with a lighter or torch results in inhaling harmful chemicals and byproducts caused by combustion. With the easy breezy PAX 2, you get the best experience with your favorite strain.

Everything from consistent flavors, aromas, and potencies will shine through with this bad boy. Similar to all other PAX devices, you can activate one of four temperature modes, this time by clicking the button.

Its heat time is 45 seconds, and it can run for two straight hours without needing a charge. Plus, you get a 2-year warranty.


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And finally, for the main event, we’re thrilled to introduce you to PAX’s tried and true, reliable, and innovative PAX 3 vaporizer.

Not only can this device vaporize dry flower, but concentrates too. Even better, you don’t have to buy pods with the PAX 3; you can use any cannabis concentrate of your choice, waxy or solid.

The PAX 3 doesn’t take 45 seconds to heat up like the PAX 2; it breaks that time in half with a 22-second heat time. Plus, the PAX 3 lets you get more sessions on one charge thanks to its 25% greater battery life.

This is by far the best device for seasoned users who want a different experience with their flower or concentrate. The fast heating time and smooth, flavorful, puffy draws aren’t something you can experience elsewhere.

If you only want to smoke flower with the PAX 3, opt for the Basic Kit, which comes with;

  • Flat Mouthpiece
  • Raised Mouthpiece
  • USB Charger
  • Maintenance Kit
  • Standard Oven Lid

However, we highly recommend selecting the Complete Kit, which lets you use your PAX 3 with both flower and concentrates. The Complete Kit includes;

  • Flat Mouthpiece
  • Raised Mouthpiece
  • USB Charger
  • Maintenance Kit
  • Standard Oven Lid
  • Half-Pack Oven Lid
  • Concentrate Insert
  • Multi-Tool (Keychain)
  • 3 Oven Screens

Finally, this device is in it for the long haul. So much so that PAX offers a limited 10-year warranty.

Who's The Winner?

Did I seem a little partial toward the end there? Well, there’s a reason for that. Never have I ever been let down by my PAX 3 vaporizer. I think we can all agree that this device is the clear winner.

That explanation is simple. The PAX 3 contains everything you love about every other PAX vape but with added features like;

  • Multi-use functions
  • Increased battery life
  • Shortened heating times
  • Consistently satisfying draws

Plus, you can switch up your consumption routine with the innovative PAX 3. From flower to concentrates, consuming your favorite product has never been so safe, delicious, and effective.

For more information about PAX and its state-of-the-art vaporizers, visit its website at

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