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The Complete 420 Guide In 2023

Here are our top picks for an extraordinary 420.

420 has arrived. How are you celebrating this special stoner holiday? 

Herb is on a mission to connect you with the best brands and products on the market. Everyone deserves a quality cannabis experience, but some just need a little help finding it.

Whether you reside in a state where cannabis is recreationally legal or not, we’ve gathered the best goods on the market for an incredible 420 experience. Some of which are federally legal. Cheers to that!

You asked, and we answered. Here are our top picks for an extraordinary 420. Consume responsibly and spark tf up.

A Letter From Our Founder

The cannabis community has never been stronger.

Entrepreneurs, brands, and marketers alike have shown incredible resilience to not only keep our industry afloat but thriving.

From brands to dispensaries to non-profit organizations, the collective fight to break the stigma behind cannabis is well underway – thanks to you and the thousands of resilient individuals who have fought for legalization for decades.

In honor of 4/20, we created this guide to give you a glimpse of an evolved side of Herb:

  • Design-forward
  • Highly Curated
  • Intentional
  • Always fun

This elevated aesthetic is for a refined audience like you that appreciates the finer things in life. We exist to reimagine how the world views cannabis. Strengthening our niche community is a top priority, and we wouldn’t be here without your dedication to this miraculous plant.

Herb is thrilled to have you onboard for the journey.

We wish you an epic 4/20.

Matt Gray

Founder and CEO

Our Mission

Happy 420 from us at Herb. Today’s not just a celebrated stoner holiday but a day to reflect on how far our community has come.

From illicit garage grows to 30,000 sq. ft. cultivation facilities, our industry has finally blossomed thanks to movers and shakers like you.

We know how much you value this plant. That’s why we strive to connect you with the best brands, dispensaries, and products. Everyone deserves a quality cannabis experience, but some just need a little help finding it.

Herb is here for you. Although your positive experience with cannabis, hemp, and psychedelics means a lot to us, there’s a greater mission at stake. Herb strives to change the way the world views cannabis.

We are committed to sharing highly-curated content that highlights the medicinal and recreational benefits of cannabis while guiding you toward tailored experiences that achieve your desired state of wellness.

Herb welcomes you to the new cannabis lifestyle. Enjoy our 420 Guide and spark tf up.

Victoria Pfeifer, Jennifer Gurton
Head Of Content

Smoke Rohan Marley's Favorite Strains With His Roots Luxury Brand, Lion Order

Photo by Lion Order

Bob Marley was a man of the people. He spread his words of wisdom, faith, and peace to bring us together. One love.

Today, we can find a piece of Bob’s ethos through Lion Order, brought to you by Bob’s son Rohan Marley. Although the brand continues to carry Bob’s legacy, it does much more than that. Rohan launched Lion Order to help us achieve everlasting change through the wonders of plant medicine.

Lion Order deeply preserves Rastafari culture and its history in everything they do. From strain selection and packaging to the brand’s values, Lion Order is a roots luxury brand that pays homage to Rohan’s roots in Jamaica with a modern, luxurious twist.

More recently, Lion Order announced their strain lineup and an upcoming event in Michigan on April 27 with Rohan Marley himself. Read on to learn more about Lion Order, their strains, and the forthcoming event.

About Lion Order

Lion Order isn’t just a brand. It’s a movement led by Rohan Marley to promote conscious enlightenment and improvement through plant medicine.

They take pride in finding the spirit of the lion in every endeavor. That includes:

  • Developing and discovering unique landrace strains
  • Empowering our nurturing and powerful community
  • Aiming for a higher purpose while fighting stigmas, misinformation, and misconceptions

Lion Order stands by the following values:

  • Healing: Using cannabis to nurture the mind and body for clarity and well-being.
  • Excellence: Using the king of beasts, the lion, as a symbol of courage and dominance to represent the highest quality products.
  • Legacy: Committed to their roots while building on this legacy with like-minded individuals.
  • Exploration: Exploring the mind, body, and world while honoring and respecting nature.
  • Beauty: Committed to beauty in all forms, from products to real-life experiences.

This brand strives to help you harness your inner king or queen and use that strength to create unity and raise consciousness. “We seek love, we find courage,” notes Lion Order.

Meet The Strains

Photo by Lion Order

Lion Order takes pride in seeking out award-winning flower that’s celebrated for its vibrant colors, shimmering crystals, and unique flavors and aromas. Without further ado, check out Lion Order’s rich strain selection below and see what Rohan smokes.

King Clementine: A royal strain if there ever was one, King Clementine is bred by Heavyweight Heads and boasts a wicked THC content of 27.31%. This hybrid is a cross of the award-winning Tropicana Cookies. With a refreshing clementine inhale and a creamy exhale, it’s the perfect match for true kings and queens.

Island Sunshine: Dreaming of an island getaway? Take a mini vacation with Lion Order’s Island Sunshine, a powerful Sativa that crosses Heavyweight Heads’ Cream Soda and award-winning Orangutan. The result is a refreshing and delicious terpene profile with a THC content of 24.33%.

Road Block: This strain was named after the experience of a Rastaman living his life in Jamaica, facing the roadblocks that come with growing and finding the herb. It’s a potent Indica-dominant hybrid covered in rich trichomes with green and purple hues. This cake-rich and petro-esque strain reaches a generous 27.09% THC, bred by Heavyweight Heads. 

Gully Kush: Named in the spirit of Queen Kushite, this Sativa-dominant hybrid boasts a classic sour citrusy flavor with subtle notes of woody pine. Its smooth and gentle aroma with a kushy overtone paired with the cerebral and blissful effects alongside 24.98% THC makes Gully Kush a true connoisseur strain.

Hurricane: Stress comes crashing down with one hit of Hurricane. This powerful Indica-dominant hybrid is an exotic and majestic smoke with crystal-packed, dense nugs that emit notes of sweet flowers and fuel-like OG funk. It features 24.98% THC alongside a rich and aromatic terpene profile, making for an ultra-potent yet relaxing experience.

Hear It From Rohan

On April 27, Rohan Marley will be in Michigan to celebrate the launch of Lion Order and discuss their unique strain lineup. That’s not all. The passionate entrepreneur will dive deep into the history of Rastafari culture, the brand’s values, and the importance of finding your inner lion. Hear it from Rohan in person and learn more about this culture-heavy brand.

Continue reading for our exclusive interview with Rohan Marley.

What strains or products do you use most often? Do you prefer joints, blunts, pipes, or bongs?

I build I spliff with the best. That Detroit. LION ORDER.

King Clementine, Island Sunshine, Roadblock, Hurricane, and Gully Kush.

Are there any brands you’d like to collaborate with in the future? What do you look for in a brand when looking to collaborate?

We plan to collaborate often. The spirit of the universe is collaborative. We would love to work with brands in many spaces and already have a few partnerships in the works. We love KITH, 45 RPM, S.T. Dupont. We look for alignment, shared values, and above all – quality.

Why is an artwork such an integral part of Lion Order? How does your brand’s artful packaging elevate the user’s experience?

We use our artwork to tell a very specific story of the Jamaican Herb culture I experienced as a child in the 1970s. For example, our Indica dominant strain ROADBLOCK is a day in the life of the Rastaman living his normal life in Jamaica, facing what he faces for just a little bit of Herb. We were the movers and cultivators when they told us we were breaking the law. The Coptic movement in Jamaica in the 70s was the first legalized movement. These events are so important to the culture. The Herb is a sacrament. A way of life. This is the story of LION ORDER. Rastafari.

What accessories or apparel are you most excited to launch in 2023? What should we expect from Lion Order?

We put a lot of importance on having the best flower, and the best accessories for their storage, preparation, and consumption. LION ORDER accessories are going to be thoughtfully designed art objects. Pieces to be proud of, with permanence that is useful, practical, and beautiful. Pieces like the S.T. Dupont lighter I use every day. While the accessory category is evolving, we will make our mark, creating truly elevated pieces for the sophisticated connoisseur.

I’ll Take You To The Candy Shop: For The Edible Lovers

Photo by David Powers

No smoking, no vaping, just delicious infused treats that’ll take you to Mars. This 420, treat yourself to these snacks that pack a punch in more ways than one. Fly high and keep those lungs clean.

30% Off At Botany Farms With Code 420LOVE

View Product

Botany Farms wants to spread 420 love with their exciting new deal. The brand’s delicious and celebrated goods, like the Delta-9 THC Gummies in Blue Raspberry, are in high demand. This 420, you can get them at a great price. Enter the code 420LOVE at checkout and receive 30% off sitewide. Happy shopping.

Botany Farms | USD $35

Limited Edition Berry Daiquiri Delta 8 Gummies At Moonwlkr

For the entire month of April, Moonwlkr is offering their Limited Edition Delta 8 Gummies in a delicious, new, and custom Berry Daiquiri flavor. Each package contains a whopping total of 2000mg Delta-8 THC and each gummy features 50mg Delta-8 THC. With only 2000 units made, be sure to get yours while supplies last.

Moonwlkr | USD $99.99

Indacloud Dispensary Grade THC Funta Gummies

View Product

You’ll be in da clouds after munching on a delicious Dispensary Grade THC Funta Gummy from Indacloud. Available in the following flavors:

  • Delta 9 Grape Funta Gummies
  • Delta 9 Strawberry Funta Gummies
  • Delta 9 Orange Funta Gummies

Kick back with a generous dose of 20mg THC per gummy and experience 420 the right way.

Indacloud | USD $29.99

Buy 2 Get The 3rd Free At Delta Remedys With Code Four20

View Product

When you’re looking to stock up on quality Delta-8 essentials, Delta Remedys is your one-stop shop. The brand is offering a wild deal this 420. Access it with the code Four20 at checkout and buy two items, with the third one free! Goods like the delicious and potent Delta-8 THC Ring Gummies are an excellent choice.

Delta Remedys | USD $49.99

Munch On Canna Clusters At Top Shelf Hemp

Why not munch your way to the clouds this 420? Top Shelf Hemp’s Canna Clusters are an excellent (and tasty) way to do so. Infused with both Delta-8 THC and Delta-9 THC, each cluster contains a whopping 250mg of this powerful blend, so be sure to consume responsibly. Experience pure relaxation and euphoria this 420 with the tastiest clusters on the market.

Top Shelf Hemp | USD $40

20% Off Full Spectrum Gummies At Sunmed

View Product

When 420 comes to an end, and you’re looking for a good night’s sleep, Sunmed can help you out. This 420, the brand is offering a generous discount on their popular Above + Beyond Pectin Full Spectrum Gummy Blend – 1200mg. These sweet Delta-8 and Delta-9 gummies can be yours for 20% off. Shop now and get the quality sleep you deserve.

Sunmed | USD $60

30% Off Sitewide + Free Gift At Cycling Frog

Looking to sip your way through 420? Do it with Cycling Frog’s unmatched deal. From April 1 to 19, the brand is offering $42 party packs, including seltzers and gummies, across seven different variations. On April 20, Cycling Frog is offering 30% off sitewide, along with a free gift with your purchase.

Cycle over to Cycling Frog for your drinkable 420 celebrations.

Cycling Frog | $19.99

Get Up To 70% Off With Code THDHerb420 At The Hemp Doctor

View Product

Everyone deserves access to safe, natural alternatives to traditional medicine. This 420, get your medicine at a discount from The Hemp Doctor. The brand’s products, like the potent D9 THC Gummies with 25mg Delta-9 THC per gummy, are available at a 70% discount with the code THDHerb420 at checkout. Let The Hemp Doctor refill your 420 prescriptions today. 

The Hemp Doctor | USD $6.95 – $59.95

35% Off Sitewide With Code HERB35 At Delta Extrax

Delta Extrax brings you the best in cannabinoids. On 420, you can snag top-rated products like the Lights Out THCh THCjd Live Resin Gummy Bundle at a great price. Use the code HERB35 at checkout for 35% off your order. That’s not all. From April 20 – 23, Delta Extrax is offering 40% off sitewide. Deals like this don’t last.

Delta Extrax | USD $69.99

Explore Amanita Mushroom Gummies From Galaxy Treats

Looking to reach the moon? Experience the psychedelic effects of these potent gummies. The Moon Shrooms Amanita Mushroom Gummies from Galaxy Treats are loaded with 350mg of amanita mushroom extract per gummy. Available in Mango and Watermelon flavors, these gummies provide a chilled-out psychedelic effect you can’t compare to anything else on the market. Get yours today and see stars this 420.

Save 25% off sitewide OR save 42% off all orders of $100 or more! Use code “420

Galaxy Treats | USD $19.99

20% Off Sitewide With Code LIT20 At Rogue Shop

View Product

Go rogue this 420 with Rogue Shop. This trusted brand specializes in offering top-shelf family-grown hemp products that make a difference. On April 20, Rogue Shop is offering a generous 20% off sitewide with code LIT20, including goods like their ultra-potent 125mg Delta 8 THC Gummies, available in a 5-pack, 10-pack, and 20-pack. Get yours now and experience 125mg of Delta-8 THC per gummy.

Rogue Shop | USD $29.00 – $67.00

Reach Peak Performance This 420 With Discount CBD Co.

Any gym rat or wellness enthusiast will tell you that consistency is key. Reaching your peak performance has never been easier, thanks to these broad-spectrum Performance CBD Gummies from Discount CBD Co. Available in a delicious dragonfruit flavor, these gummies promote stability and steadiness during your workouts and throughout the day. Get yours now and push your limits even further.

Discount CBD Co. | USD $19.88

Edie Parker Flower Is Where Fashion, Flower, And Fun Combine

Photo by Edie Parker Flower

Luxury cannabis, what’s that? How can you take something grown in the dirt and make it luxurious? With an elegant ashtray, of course.

Yes, they might cost a pretty penny, but you can’t put a price on endlessly delightful sessions with fun, vibrant accessories that add a dash of personality to your rituals. Edie Parker Flower has masted the luxury cannabis game and continues to dominate the market with drool-worthy bongs, ashtrays, pipes, cones, and much more. 

About Edie Parker

Edie Parker and Flower by Edie Parker are woman-owned brands founded by Brett Heyman. You can practically spot an Edie Parker product from a mile away, thanks to its vibrant, bright color schemes and playful, fun designs.

This luxury brand strives to help you have a good time in your pursuit of delight. Instead of keeping their nose in the air and focussing on status, Edie Parker believes fashion is about fun, “where subversiveness is prized over self-seriousness,” reads their site.

This is the first luxury fashion brand to merge with cannabis. Here, “the grass is always greenest, and a good time is a bottom line,” states the brand. Often referred to as the Coco Chanel of Luxury Cannabis, Edie Parker Flower is where fashion, flower, and fun combine.

Weed Has Come A Long Way, Baby

You might remember the iconic and catchy slogan, “You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby,” from the 1960s and 70s ad campaigns for the female-leaning cigarettes Virginia Slims. 

The advertisements highlighted how far women have come regarding independence, protesting for the right to vote, and slowly achieving equal treatment alongside men. In April 2022, Edie Parker Flower launched their own rendition of the classic Virginia Slims ad campaigns with a slight re-brand, “Weed’s Come a Long Way, Baby.”

And that’s exactly right. Not only has cannabis acceptance spread like wildfire in recent years, but cannabis use in women has especially increased. In fact, founder Brett Heyman suggests that the Virginia Slims girl wouldn’t be smoking cigarettes anymore. In the modern day and age, she smokes flower, and she has the luxury accessories to prove it.

Puff, Puff, Pass: The Best Strains To Try This 420

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch

In honor of the best day of the year, it’s only fitting to smoke the best strains. We’ve gathered the highest-rated products featuring classic and new strains that hit in all the right places. Smoke like a true connoisseur this 420.

35% Off Premium Hemp Flower At Bloomz

View Product

Looking for a federally legal high this 420? You need to try Bloomz’s THCA Hemp Flower, praised for its psychoactive potency, rich flavors, and relaxing effects. This celebrated flower is available in 10 unique strains across Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid options. Get your entire order for 35% off with code BLOOMZ420 at checkout.

Bloomz | USD $43.99

42% Off Hemp Flower At Rogue Origin With Code HERB420

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What’s more legendary than Legendary Kush? This is just one of the many stellar options offered at Rogue Origin. This 420, you can get a festive 42% off all 1oz. and 1lb. hemp flower options with code HERB420 at checkout. 

Rogue Origin | USD $35

420 Party + Deals At Nature's Remedy Cannabis

Anyone in Ferndale, Michigan, will tell you that Nature’s Remedy Cannabis is the top dispensary in town. This 420, Nature’s Remedy is offering a jam-packed 420 Bundle, not to mention hosting an epic day of food, vendors, raffles, giveaways, entertainment, and more! Don’t forget to snag their 420 Bundle on this special stoner holiday.

Nature’s Remedy | USD $100

Stop By Embarc For 420 Events, BOGOs, & More

View Product

Embarc is a dispensary for the community. They donate 1% of sales back to the communities in which they operate throughout California. Celebrate this 420 at any of Embarc’s 8 locations for an epic day of events, BOGOs, entertainment, and deals you definitely can’t miss. Check out potent strains like the citrusy Orange Runtz. Your best buds will be drooling for a hit.

Embarc | USD $20

42% Off Sitewide + Free Delta-8 Flower At Serene Tree

How can you beat 42% off? This 420 Serene Tree is offering an unmatched deal you won’t find elsewhere. Not only are they offering 42% off sitewide with the code 420, but each order comes with a free Delta-8 THC Flower! Get yours while supplies last.

Serene Tree | USD $19.95

Discounted Delta-8 & HHC Pre-Rolls + More At JAXON

View Product

JAXON’s week of special deals mustn’t be missed. The week before 420, the brand is offering 20% off CBD Flower (April 10), 20% off moon rocks (April 12), and launching their D8 & HHC Pre-rolls at 20% off (April 14). On 420, shop 20% off sitewide and browse to your heart’s content.

JAXON | USD $2.95 – $29.95

Mix & Match Flower At Native Roots

View Product

Native Roots Dispensary in Colorado has a treat for both recreational users and medical patients this 420. Elevate your high with Onyx Label Mix & Match 1/8ths (Recreational: 1/2oz $65, 1oz $90) (Medical: 1/2oz $60, 1oz $85), and choose any strains you want.

Native Roots | USD $65

Drool Over Fruity Loops THCA Flower From Black Tie CBD

View Product

Celebrate this stoner holiday with a federally legal flower that’ll take you high in the sky. Black Tie CBD’s Fruity Loops THCA Flower is an indoor-grown Indica-dominant Hybrid with a complex semi-sweet aroma and rich floral and berry flavors. The light cerebral buzz makes for a perfect companion throughout the day. 

Black Tie CBD | USD $12.50

Weed Delivery In San Luis Obispo From 7 Points

View Product

In a pinch? You may still have time to order delivery from 7 Points. This California brand offers premium products across all formats, from flower and edibles to waxes and vapes. Available for delivery in Central Coast and Central Valley, 7 Points guarantees same-day delivery straight to your door with a maximum wait time of two hours (before the last call). Don’t move a muscle, and begin your 420 celebrations now.

7 Points

Smokin' Hot Deals At Lobo

View Product

If you prefer puffing on potent infused pre-rolls and powerful blunts, look to Lobo this 420. The brand is offering 2 Field Kits for $50, containing 7g “smalls” grade weed, Wolfskins rolling papers, and two reusable glass tips.

You can also snag 4 Minis boxes for $80, bringing you a half ounce of premium indoor flower infused and rolled to perfection. Finally, get 3 5g Thai-stick style cannagars for $100, glazed in live resin, rolled in organic rice paper, and finished with a glass tip.

Lobo | USD $100

Cart Boost, BOGOs, & More At Homegrown Cannabis Co.

View Product

What better way to celebrate 420 than sowing your own seeds? For the best possible results, opt for Homegrown Cannabis Co. This reputable seed company offers thorough growing advice across a long list of strains. This 420, spend $99 and get your seeds DOUBLED with a cart boost! That’s not all. The brand also has BOGO deals and 12 packs for $99 (not applied to the cart boost).

Homegrown Cannabis Co. | USD $99

Get $20 Off Your First Purchase At Marijuana Clones Online

Can’t get your seeds to germinate? No problem. Skip that process altogether and get 6 marijuana clone seedlings from Marijuana Clones Online. Their Limited Edition Peanut Butter Breath Clone is an excellent choice for new and seasoned growers alike. Be sure to use the code 420 at checkout to get $20 off your first purchase.

Marijuana Clones Online | USD $35

Spark Up Apple Strudel Hawaiian Hemp Flower From Plain Jane

Plain Jane offers some of the best hemp flower strains on the market. Their Apple Strudel Hawaiian Hemp Flower is a terpene-rich strain loaded with cannabinoids like CBDA, CBGA, CBC, and CBD, with a CBD content of 13.29%. It’s a delicious Indica-dominant hybrid featuring undertones of green apple and vanilla, crossing strains like Cobbler and Dream Tonic. This mouthwatering masterpiece deserves a 420 spark.

Plain Jane | USD $19.99 – $36.99

Top-Rated CBG Smokes From Timbr

View Product

Timbr’s Premium CBG Cigarettes bring you the best of mother nature. Made with 100% all-natural hemp flower, these sleek smokes contain zero tobacco or nicotine, just pure CBG flower packaged in a tasteful, crush-proof box. With 50mg CBG per smoke and a diverse terpene blend for maximum flavor, these CBG Cigarettes are an excellent choice for hemp lovers nationwide.

Timbr | USD $12.99 – $129.90

Shop THCA Flower For 20% Off + More At Consider It Flowers

Consider It Flowers offers some of the most potent THCA flowers on the market. Their delicious Oreoz strain reaches a whopping 33.41% THCA. For the entire month of April, you can get 20% off your order with code 420FLOWERS. Browse their rotating sale items, and check out new goods like the Take N’ Bake Special Pot Brownies.

Consider It Flowers | USD $40 – $400

Float Into The Multiverse With Pre-Rolls From Pinnacle Hemp

Pinnacle Hemp is a hub for premium quality hemp-derived goods from trusted brands. Offered at Pinnacle Hemp, the Rift Multiverse Pre-Rolls are an excellent way to reach the stars this 420. Choose from Ice Cream Cake (Delta 8 + THCP), Sour Diesel (Delta 8 + Delta 10), Platinum Cookies (Delta 8 + THCB), or Pineapple Express (Delta 8 + HHC), and celebrate this stoner holiday to the max.

Pinnacle Hemp | USD $12.99

20% Off Sitewide With Code HERB20 At Preston Hemp Co

View Product

For a federally legal yet potent experience, look to Preston Hemp Co. Find hemp flower, gummies, concentrates, and more, across various cannabinoids like CBD, THCA, and Delta-8 THC. This 420, Preston Hemp Co is offering 20% off sitewide with the code HERB420 at checkout. Shop discounts on popular goods like the Pineapple Grapes strain, celebrated for its high THCA content with fruity flavors.

Preston Hemp Co | USD $24.99 – $164.99

Buy One Get One Free Cannabis Seeds At OG Seeds

View Product

Looking to get elbow-deep in the soil this 420? After all, this special holiday honors the one and only marijuana plant, so the time to grow your own is now. This 420, browse the impressive seed selection at OG Seeds and find your perfect match. The brand is offering a sweet BOGO deal. Buy one pack of seeds from OG Seeds and get the second free!

OG Seeds | USD $29.95 – $229.95

Premium Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder From Kats Botanicals

Looking to enhance your well-being this 420? Check out the pure and potent Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder from Kats Botanicals. It features 80% Green Maeng Da powder and 20% White Vein powder, a perfect mood and energy boost whenever you need it. Best used in the morning or to enhance wellness throughout the day, this Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder from Kats Botanicals is the pick-me-up you deserve.

Kats Botanicals | $7.99 – $69.99

Khalifa Kush, The World’s Premier Weed Brand

Photo by Khalifa Kush

Khalifa Kush is a cannabis brand done right.

It wasn’t too long ago that rapper Wiz Khalifa started topping the charts. Songs like “Black And Yellow” put Khalifa on the map as a new rapper with a story to tell. On that same album, Rolling Papers, Wiz released “Roll Up,” an anthem for my young stoner self, who had this track on repeat throughout high school. There was a pattern in Wiz’s music, one that pointed toward the rapper’s love for weed.

We just want to bring the best quality strains to as many people as possible. When you see the brand on the jar, you know it’s going to be amazing weed,” Khalifa tells Herb.

Although we’ve seen other weed-loving rappers come and go, Wiz is here to stay. He’s currently on a mission to help the world smoke better weed through his brand, Khalifa Kush.

Before There Was A Brand, There Was A Strain

For someone who smokes a pound of weed per week, launching a cannabis brand was a must.

The Pittsburgh-raised artist’s hit track “Black and Yellow” was inspired by the colors of his old stomping grounds. It’s not surprising that he’s carried that black-and-yellow theme over to Khalifa Kush.

However, Khalifa Kush wasn’t always a cannabis brand helping the world smoke better weed. The name comes from Wiz’s own personal strain that was grown and tailored to his specific preferences.

That strain was kept a well-guarded secret for years. We don’t blame Wiz for wanting to gatekeep such an excellent strain. But, the generous man that he is decided enough is enough; it’s time to help the world smoke better weed.

Smoke What Wiz Smokes

The Khalifa Kush website states that all strains sold from the brand are “grown for the gang.”

If the brand’s weed is good enough to satisfy Wiz and his best buds, it will impress even the toughest canna critics. The rapper has opened up about what he looks for in a weed strain, everything from the smell, appearance, and flavor.

Wiz loves a gassy, diesel-heavy strain with frosty trichomes and rich flavors. His brand’s namesake strain, Khalifa Kush, AKA “KK,” lets him be more comfortable in even the most stressful environments, and it’s an excellent creative tool that allows him to express himself more freely and without hesitation.

We’re talking about someone who never gets anxiety or paranoia from weed. It’s a part of his daily life, so it’s clear he’s done some trial and error to find his perfect match.

About Khalifa Kush

Wiz kept the Khalifa Kush strain a secret until 2014, when he officially launched the Khalifa Kush flower at Tryke’s Reef Dispensaries in 2016.

As mentioned, Khalifa Kush strains are all grown for the gang. The brand feels like its own niche cannabis community, centred around themes of music, wellness, creativity, and simply smoking better weed.

No one deserves to smoke bush in the age of legalization. At Khalifa Kush, you’ll smoke the same weed that helped Wiz evolve from a typical stoner to a cannabis connoisseur.

The Khalifa Kush brand has proudly evolved into one of North America’s most trustworthy and popular brands. The brand also carries other heavy-hitting products, including:


Strains At Khalifa Kush

Khalifa Kush offers two mighty fine strains:

  Khalifa Kush
  Khalifa Mints

The Khalifa Kush Experience

This strain means a lot to Wiz. He’s been proudly puffing on it for a decade and swears by its unique flavor profile and strong effects. Khalifa Kush is a hybrid with a high THC content of over 21%.

It’s believed that Khalifa Kush is the offspring of an unknown OG strain, considering their similarities like a physical wave of energy and a bright cerebral buzz that sharpens creativity.

Khalifa Kush’s aromas are zesty and earthy, with lemon and pine undertones that please the palate with each toke. For such a delightful strain with consistent and upbeat effects, it’s no wonder why it was the world’s best-kept secret.

The Khalifa Mints Experience

Imagine all the effects noted above combined with a minty fresh kick. That’s what you’re in for when puffing on some Khalifa Mints, the brand’s first pheno to expand its menu.

Khalifa Mints is a cross between Khalifa Kush and The Menthol, two powerful hybrids that make for one of the most refreshing and unique strains on the market.

The genetics were selected by Wiz himself, and the result is a top-notch hybrid with a minty flavor profile and long-lasting, powerful effects. The aroma and terpene profile combines classics like:

  OG gas
  Creamy gelato
  Minty menthol

A wave of energy washes the body after a few puffs, keeping you uplifted without buzzing the mind too much. It’s that perfect balance between energy and bliss.

Advice From Wiz

Many of us dream of launching a successful cannabis brand, but only a few make it a reality.

Maybe you look up to brands like Khalifa Kush for their stellar branding, unmatched flower, and commitment to helping the world smoke better weed.

Wiz firmly believes that launching a successful cannabis business starts with building a solid team. Once you’ve found those key players who reflect similar values and strive for the same outcome, only then can you focus on establishing your brand.

With hard work, dedication, and a clear vision to elevate the cannabis community, Wiz believes you can do anything you set your mind to.

For more information about Wiz Khalifa’s cannabis brand, Khalifa Kush, visit their website at

The Best 420 Gadgets For Tech-Savvy Stoners

Let’s celebrate the techy stoners, those who reach for a nifty device rather than your run-of-the-mill joint. Impress yourself and your best buds this 420 with epic gadgets to elevate your weed game. The future has arrived, and it smells like weed.

Save 40% With The Green Week Sale At STORZ & BICKEL

View Product

Snag accessories and premium vaporizers like the VOLCANO CLASSIC for up to 40% off from a trusted brand. Did you know that STORZ & BICKEL’s co-founder, Markus Storz, invented the world’s first herbal hot air generator (weed vaporizer) in 1996? Now is the perfect time to try this legacy brand. Elevate your 420 with the best vaporizers on the market.


30% Off Sitewide + More At G Pen

GPEN is a celebrated vaporizer brand that’s ready to take your 420 to new peaks. Their premium handheld devices, like the G Pen Micro+ Vaporizer, are currently on sale for $49.95. But that’s not all. G Pen is offering a generous 30% off sitewide, with an additional 10% off with code HERB420 at checkout. 

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Shop now and vape to your heart’s content this 420.

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From April 1 – 20, MJ Arsenal is hosting 20 days of giveaways with a handful of popular brands and notable influencers. This glass brand is all about elevating your smoking rituals with maximum flavor through stunning and functional pieces like the Turbine Mini Dab Rig. Get yours now and make this 420 one to remember.

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Cheech & Chong's "Mambo" Vapes From XVAPE

Nothing screams 420 like Cheech & Chong. This April 20, you can smoke, I mean vape, like these two stoner trailblazers, thanks to XVAPE. This renowned vaporizer brand recently dropped their Cheech & Chong “Mambo” Vapes, a vibrant and portable dry herb vaporizer that fits in the palm of your hand. Celebrate 420 like legends. 


Ruggin' It Out: Meet Mason LeFevre, Your Friendly Neighborhood Rug Dealer

Photo by Mason LeFevre

It’s not every day a 19-year-old pumps out custom rugs reminiscent of your favorite Pokémon character. Or maybe even a Bic lighter in your favorite color.

Whatever design you could possibly imagine, Mason LeFevre can do it. Hailing from St. George, Utah, LeFevre began tufting custom rugs in August 2022. Just eight months later, he’s caught the attention of celebrities far and wide.

One of his most celebrated creations is the “AMP” rug for Kai Cenat, the most subscribed Twitch streamer of all time. Not to mention his adorable and deftly-detailed Charmander rug for social media personality and professional boxer Jake Paul.

Cozy Creations

LeFevre was inspired to dabble in hand-tufting custom rugs after stumbling on a Mac Miller-themed rug, “which really caught my eye because I’m a huge fan of his music, as well as my interest in starting a side hustle at the time,” he tells Herb.

Around the same time, he was doing various jobs like being a Hiking Guide in beautiful Utah, Car Detailing, and Maintenance. Wanting some extra money on the side and interested in the craft, Mason dropped $1700 on materials and never looked back.

No lessons, no classes, just YouTube, and an eagerness to get tufting led Mason to create his first custom rugs. Luckily, the kid learns quickly. With a little inspiration from Spider-Man’s motto, “Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man,” Mason took to Instagram, altered the slogan to “Your Friendly Neighborhood Rug Dealer,” and has been making waves ever since.

Mason continues working regular jobs, keeping his custom rugs as a cherished side gig. Although, this niche side hustle has gained him a loyal following of over 9k people in just eight months.

Mason’s favorite custom rug ever made is the Herb Bic Lighter, which we’ve given away to one lucky stoner this 4/20. However, the rug he’s most proud of is the adorable Charmander design for Jake Paul, and rightly so. It was definitely a challenge, but one that proved the longevity of this unique side hustle the world wants to know more about.

Stay up to date with Mason LeFevre’s custom hand-tufted rugs on Instagram, @rugginitout.

Vaping Your Way Through 420

Portable, functional, and stylish. We’ve found the vapes that’ll never leave your side. Puff your way through 420 with devices and cartridges that never disappoint. Forget lighters; these vapes are making sparks fly.

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The World's First Microdose Vape From Flying Monkey

Nicotine vapers and cannabis users unite! Here’s a device that’ll satisfy both of your cravings. Flying Monkey’s Lifted Series comprises disposable vapes in various fruity and sweet flavors. This microdose device combines nicotine and HHC for an epic and complete vaping experience. Gift it to someone special this 420, or keep it all to yourself. This beautiful and heady device is a one-way ticket to bliss. 

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50% Off With Code 420 At Gold Standard CBD

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When you’re looking for quality, you want Gold Standard CBD. This women-led brand in Grants Pass, Oregon, offers an online dispensary experience with premium CBD, Delta-9, and Delta-8. From April 19 to 24, shop goods like the D8 1ML Disposable Vape and get 50% off your order with code 420 at checkout.

Gold Standard CBD | USD $20

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The brand is also offering 48% off their Mix & Match Bundle. Throughout April, you can get a chance to win a free sample of their ultra-rare 39mg THC edible diamonds. 

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Honoring Cypress Hill's Cannabis Activism & Impact On The Culture

Cypress Hill is a cherished staple within cannabis culture. They led a revolution to normalize consumption and experience the plant’s beneficial properties, regardless if people thought it was insane in the membrane.

The Latin-American hip-hop group paved the way for other weed-loving rappers to merge their consumption with creativity, no matter how taboo it seemed at the time. 

Today, B-Real of Cypress Hill is immortalizing his love for cannabis with his company Dr. Greenthumb’s, a tribute to Cypress Hill’s classic tune of the same name. Now, it looks like everyone and their mother is paging Dr. Greenthumb for that good good. 

About Cypress Hill

Comprising B-Real, Sen Dog, and Eric Bobo (with past members DJ Muggs and Mellow Man ACE), Cypress Hill was formed in 1988 and quickly became a household name.

Their songs are what we like to call classics. Timeless tracks that stand the test of time while giving us a few laughs in the mix, not to mention honoring the one and only marijuana plant.

In 1993, Cypress Hill launched what some say is the group’s most successful album to date, Black Sunday. The lead single, “Insane in the Brain,” peaked at #19 on the Billboard Hot 100 and landed Cypress Hill their first Grammy nomination.

Paging Dr. Greenthumb

When Cypress Hill released their 1998 single, “Dr. Greenthumb,” nobody thought it would lead to the launch of one of California’s most successful cannabis brands.

Although it started as a song and music video, the people clearly wanted to smoke what Dr. Greenthumb was prescribing. Thus, California’s favorite cannabis brand was born. Now four years old, Dr. Greenthumb’s continues to bridge the gap between legacy cannabis, culture, fashion, music, art, and living unapologetically.

Dr. Greenthumb’s cannabis brand is what B-Real has been looking for but could never find in any other brand:

  • Promotes freedom of expression
  • Comprises authentic individuals
  • Offers a welcoming environment
  • Sells great fucking weed

See below for our exclusive interview with legendary rapper and cannabis entrepreneur B-Real.

Have you always loved weed? When did your relationship with cannabis begin?

It started when I was 13 years old. I used to hang out with a group of kids, and we were into metal music. After school, we would hang out with an older friend, and he would smoke us out with a green acrylic Graphix bong. 

How did Cypress Hill become such an integral part of cannabis culture? What made your group stand out?

We were just being ourselves. We would read the “High Times” magazine and learning about the cannabis culture before making the music. It eventually bled into the music naturally because we smoked all the time got into advocacy. When the group started gaining success, we were embraced by the cannabis community.

What’s the preferred way to use cannabis among Cypress Hill members? Is it joints, blunts, bongs, or edibles?

Joints, preferably, but I do it all except blunts. Tobacco had never been my thing. 

When creating the song and music video for “Dr. Greenthumb” in 1998, did you have any desire to eventually launch a weed brand under the same name? Why did you choose this song’s title as your company’s name?

It was organic, no pun intended. There was no plan in the works at the time because at the point those opportunities didn’t exist yet. But we [knew] it would be a great anthem for the cannabis community. The idea to transition into a brand came much later.  I chose the song title because I was a grower, and many of my friends were growers. One of those friends is a partner in the brand still today as the head of cultivation.

Back in the day, have you or other members of Cypress Hill ever been busted for weed use? Was that a common occurrence?

Busted for possession in Florida. I was out there for a paintball tournament, of all things, and when we checked into our hotel, there were some cops waiting for us at the hotel because one of our team members had sent himself some weed, and he did a horrible job of masking the smell and the hotel manager called the cops, and the looked thru our bags, found my weed and took him, another teammate and I in for possession. Much charge was for less than an ounce. 

In what ways did the Marley movement influence Cypress Hill? How does your music reflect that?

The freedom to speak your mind as you see things and to champion the things you believe in if you are going to use music as a platform to entertain, educate or to provoke thought. And as creative as it is, it is also a spiritual thing.

Would you say that cannabis helped your group’s creative process? During a typical studio session, where did weed fit in?

We’ve never leaned on cannabis to be creative. It was always present because it’s what we were doing all the time. But to put it into perspective, we were starving artists, and when you’re a starving artist, you don’t have money to have cannabis all the time. So many songs on the first album were recorded with no cannabis present, but some definitely were when we could muster up cash to have some around. 

You’ve made a successful career out of your love for music and cannabis. What would you say to someone who wants to do the same?

Believe in yourself and work on your craft and know what you are sacrificing and learn the business you’re getting into.  And when you find who you are as an artist, be relentless. 

The Best 420 Inventions Of 2023

Photo by Mouthwash Studios

Some of the most creative minds are stoners. How else do you think they’re so clever? Honor the deep-thinkers and innovators this 420 with the best inventions on the market. Who knows, you might just experience some second-hand creativity.

20% Off Sitewide At PAX

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It’s not a pen. It’s a PAX. This cutting-edge vaporizer brand recently launched the newest addition to their catalogue, the mighty dual-use vaporizer, the PAX Plus. This 420, you can snag it at a great price. PAX is offering 20% off sitewide, so be sure to check out other accessories and goods to complete your sessions.

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20% Off At Chill Steel Pipes + New Addition

Calling all bong users, this one’s for you. Chill Steel Pipes created the world’s first double-wall vacuum-insulated stainless steel bong to keep your water cold for up to 12 hours. Score 20% off these bongs, and be sure to check out the limited edition Tommy Chong Chill Bong in collaboration with Jerome Baker Designs and Tommy Chong himself. Talk about an epic 420.

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You’ve seen celebrities like Wiz Khalifa, Seth Rogen, and Mike Tyson use a Stündenglass Gravity Bong. Now’s the perfect time to get yours. This 420, Stündenglass is slashing prices on their Gravity Bongs, dropping them to a festive $420. Not to mention 30% off accessories.

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Looking to roll your joints and blunts in style this 420? Benji has you covered. Their iconic Mini Bamboo Tray Kit and other celebrated rolling trays can be yours for a never-before-seen price. Get 20% off sitewide at Benji with the code HERB420.

Benji | USD $39.99

30% Off Sitewide At Weedgets

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Have you heard of the Tesla of smoking devices? Meet the one and only MAZE-X Pipe. If you prefer traditional consumption via smoking but desire to reduce coughing while bringing out the best possible flavors of your herb, the MAZE-X Pipe is for you. This 420, Weedgets is offering a hot deal, 30% off sitewide! That includes the MAZE-X Pipe. Get yours now while the deal lasts.

Weedgets | USD $99

The World's First & Only Titanium Water Pipe From Dangle Supply

Show off your indestructible DangleBong this 420, courtesy of Dangle Supply. This is the world’s first and only titanium water pipe, bestowing a virtually indestructible bong setup that’s equally as functional as it is portable. Standing 7″ tall, this bong keeps hits compact, smooth, and effortless. Never opt for a fragile glass piece again with this unbreakable titanium bong.

Dangle Supply | USD $152.69

30% Off Tectonic9 Grinder At Cloudious9

Tired of your old reliable grinder? Reliable it may be, now is the perfect time to level up your grinding game with Cloudious9. This innovative company is offering their celebrated Tectonic9 Grinder at 30% off! The electronic even dispensing mechanism, built-in vibration motor, viewing window, LED light, and one-button function make it every stoner’s dream. Get yours while the deal lasts.

Cloudious9 | USD $59

10% Off Leaf & Joint Paraphernalia Packs At Highly Curated Candles

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Take your 420 celebrations to the max with Highly Curated Candles. Ever wanted to use cake candles in the shape of a joint, blunt, or weed leaf? This brand has a few special offerings for you. This 420, Highly Curated Candles is offering 10% off on all Leaf & Joint Party Paraphernalia Packs. Don’t miss other lit offerings like their Pot Leaf Pillar and Mushroom Maven candles.

Highly Curated Candles | USD $16.99

Stock Up With The Hemper Box From Hemper

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Need to revamp your accessories? Don’t spend an arm and a leg at the dispensary. Check out Hemper, the proud maker of monthly subscription boxes featuring all of your cannabis needs (minus the flower). Stock up on new favorite essentials like glass, accessories, and more in one monthly subscription box valued at over $100.

Hemper | USD $39.99

Spark Up With Leaf Wraps From Al Capone

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Are you a proud blunt lover? Experience this 420 with the best blunt wraps you’ll ever try, none other than the Leaf Wraps from Al Capone. These convenient tobacco wraps come in original, cognac, and rum flavors, but that’s not all. They are double-layered, self-adhesive, flexible, and bursting with flavor. Simplify your rolls and bring out the best in your herb this 420.

Al Capone | USD price varies

Tamp Your Joints With The Ztamp From Z's Life

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If you’re a connoisseur, you need a Ztamp. One of the most overlooked parts of rolling a joint is tamping it, and that’s where Z’s Life’s Ztamp comes in. This beautiful brass Americana-inspired tool helps you keep all rolls compact and ready for an even burn. The ergonomic and sleek design makes it a beautiful addition to the refined smoker’s cannabis rituals.

Z’s Life | USD $36

20% Off Sitewide With Code LIT20 At Rogue Shop

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Ready to kick pain to the curb this 420? Do it with Rogue Shop, a trusted retailer specializing in top-shelf family-grown hemp products. This 420, Rogue Shop is offering 20% off sitewide with code LIT20 at checkout. Browse popular goods like the handmade plant-infused pain salve in a smooth beeswax/mango buttercream. Get this and many more trusted products at a great discount.

Rogue Shop | USD $33.99 – $59.99

Keep Your Bong Clean With The BoroBuddy From SnowTree

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420 can get messy. With all those back-to-back hits, your bong could probably use some TLC. We’re not talking about fancy solutions and liquid bong cleaners from your local dispensary. We’re talking about the genius BoroBuddy Magnetic Cleaner from SnowTree. Scrub your bong’s interior with a handy dandy magnet to remove all stains, resin, and biofilm in seconds. No shaking, no plugging, and no expensive solutions needed.

SnowTree | USD $36

Spice Up 420 With Fusion CBD Products

Looking to turn the heat up this 420? Anyone can benefit from a little slip-n-slide fun in the bedroom, courtesy of the finest CBD lube on the market. The His & Her CBD Pleasure Intimacy Oil from Fusion Products brings you 300mg of CBD per bottle in a water-based lubricant. Whether you want to relieve physical discomfort or enhance your libido, this CBD lubricant is your best bet.

Fusion CBD Products | USD $25.49

BigMike Is Changing Cannabis Cultivation & Entrepreneurship As We Know It

Photo by Advanced Nutrients

Not every cannabis entrepreneur has a jaw-dropping story. It’s worth celebrating the ones that do. If you’re unfamiliar with the famous cannabis grower and entrepreneur BigMike, he’s got one hell of a story to tell. 

BigMike began growing cannabis in his early 20s. After a few successful crops (and a few duds), he was rolling in cash. 

During this time, he would monitor police scanners and tune into local and federal law enforcement frequencies. He would decode the encrypted conversations and eavesdrop on phone calls between officers during the early 90s.

Mike learned the names of all the local narcotic officers and later completed evade and escape training, consisting of j-turns and flipping cars around in case he ever needed to get away in a dash. He eventually realized that he needed to focus more on plant quality and less on dodging the cops.

BigMike wanted more from the nutrients he was receiving. After plenty of research and trial and error, he developed a fertilizer strictly for cannabis, leading to the launch of the world’s first complete cannabis growing system, Advanced Nutrients.

About Advanced Nutrients

BigMike assembled a team of over 24 PhDs to engineer precision nutrients for cannabis that emphasize yield, flavor, and quality. Advanced Nutrients quickly became one of the most profitable companies in the cannabis industry.

The company is heavily involved in philanthropy and giving back to the community. This started when BigMike underwent a life-changing experience after completely flatlining while undergoing an operation.

After waking up, he was on a mission to help humanity. Advanced Nutrients has a long list of philanthropic endeavors. Most impressively, BigMike started a charitable foundation called Humanity Heroes which provides hygienic packs and essential living goods for the homeless across America. 

To date, Humanity Heroes has helped over 60,000 homeless individuals and families and has raised over $800K in non-perishable items directly to the less fortunate residents and their pets in the United States.

BigMike continues to help growers worldwide with other business ventures, like the recent launch of the world’s first hemp-specific fertilizer for hemp CBD production and yield called Advanced Hemp. Furthermore, BigMike and the Advanced Nutrients team have acquired Tesoro Genetics, which is aimed at becoming the leading provider of cannabis genetics in the industry.

If you’re looking to follow in the footsteps of BigMike, this might be your chance. He also launched his own reality television show called Next Marijuana Millionaire, which sees entrepreneurs competing for $1,000,000 cash and funding for their marijuana business in partnership with BigMike.

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Learn more about BigMike with our exclusive interview below.

Photo by Advanced Nutrients

What inspired you to start growing cannabis?

I had two salesmen working for me with my lawn care company, and they kept saying, “Wow, you’re really great with plants. We have a business you might be interested in, but we don’t know if you’re ready to hear it yet.” I said okay, then one day, they took me down to the basement and showed me their plants that they were growing under these metal halide lights, and decided to partner with them.

What was the most memorable or life-changing moment you’ve experienced during your time growing cannabis?

Every really bad, adverse thing that happened to Advanced Nutrients as a business were moments that built my character and built me into the person I am today.

Back when you were dodging the cops, was there ever a moment when you felt inclined to quit? What kept you going?

No, I never thought about quitting. I always thought about getting better and increasing my knowledge and depth about the plant. What kept me going was I knew, I felt in my heart, that one day this was going to be legal. I can actually remember a story when my brother and I were trimming and, we’re in our late 20s, and I looked at my brother and said, “One day, this is going to be legal.” He said to me, he goes “Well, it’s not right now. Get back to trimming. Let’s just start trimming and get this done.”

How did you manage to build such a profitable company? What does Advanced Nutrients offer that other cultivation-oriented companies don’t?

First, we realized that there was no company that was dedicated to cannabis at all when it came to nutrients. They were selling basically Ag formulations that grew cannabis but didn’t optimize its true genetic potential. And so one of the first things we did is we started studying cannabis and what actually works and doesn’t work on cannabis, and we did that through using UBC University and BCIT in British Columbia, Canada. And from there, we actually went and got a license for research, one of only three issued in the world at the time, and had teams of scientists and their undergraduates unlocking the mysteries of the plant.

Do you have any words of wisdom or advice for blossoming entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry? What would you say to someone looking to start their own business, be it B2B or B2C?

Anyone starting their own business has to understand empathy. All great leaders are empathetic. And to be empathetic, you have to really first understand yourself and where your blindspots are in order to help other people see their blindspots, and also understand the type of person that’s going to make a great team player and be good for your team and can take you further. And the only way to do that is to understand yourself and, in doing so, understand the type of person you have in front of you because the last thing you want to do is hire the wrong person. It will set your company back and slow its growth.

The Best Movies To Watch On Netflix While High

Movies go great with weed. The added sensory perception and euphoria might just be what you need to elevate your 4/20 to a whole new level. 

It’s no secret that stoners love to couch lock and tune into their screens. We’ve put together a list of the best movies to watch when you’re high.

To get things going and add some spark to your binge-watching sessions, smoke some weed.

Here are 5 movies to watch while stoned this 4/20.

Fantastic Fungi

Fantastic Fungi is a documentary that follows the exciting world of fungi from a unique perspective that will open your mind to new knowledge about these particular friends. It’s a way to transform how we see these organisms, not as simple foods or fun drugs but as something much deeper.


Naked is a movie to watch when you want to focus on nothing but laughter and good comedy. The film is about Rob, who is about to get married and is a nervous wreck. Unfortunately for him, he gets stuck in an endless time loop, naked and trapped in an elevator, where he is forced to repeat the same agonizing hours of his wedding day until he gets it right.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

In an epic quest for love, Scott Pilgrim goes after the dreamy delivery girl, Ramona. The only problem? Defeating her evil exes before he can win her heart. This quirky and fun movie is perfect for those looking for something lighthearted and entertaining. It follows Scott Pilgrim as he embarks on a crazy journey to defeat his new girlfriend’s seven evil exes.

This Is The End

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg wrote, directed, and produced This Is The End, a 2013 American apocalyptic stoner comedy. The film follows six L.A. celebrities stranded in James Franco’s home after devastating events demolish the city. The picture, which stars James Franco, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, and Michael Cera, is set in the aftermath of a global epic apocalypse.

Easy Rider

Easy Rider is a 1969 American independent road drama written and directed by Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, and Terry Southern. Fonda and Hopper play two bikers transporting the spoils of a cocaine trade as they journey through the American Southwest and South. Fun fact: Scenes depicting the use of marijuana and other substances were actually filmed with real drugs.

Marijuana Mogul, Rapper, & Entrepreneur Berner Has Changed The Face Of Legal Weed

Photo by Taylor Gang

When you picture weed-loving rappers, who comes to mind? There’s a long list of celebrities who adore this plant, but only one created the world’s first legal cannabis empire.

You likely know Berner for his successful music career, with favorites like the EP 20 Lights, which peaked at number 95 on the Billboard 200 chart. With a handful of tracks, albums, and features under his belt, Berner loved music but knew there was something bigger (and greener) calling his name.

Berner is the founder of Cookies, one of the most popular cannabis brands in North America. What started in a garage grow has now become a sticky-icky empire, thanks to a dedicated team and a knack for good weed.

A Piece Of Cannabis Culture

The 39-year-old rapper Berner has become a staple part of cannabis culture alongside other weed-loving rappers. Berner’s steady stream of music, he is arguably one of the trailblazers for West Coast stoner rap. 

Berner has been rapping about weed since his career began. Not only that, but he’s used his artistry to rally for legalization. He’s dedicated three volumes of music to cannabis legalization with his “Prohibition” series, featuring fellow stoner and hip-hop sensation B-Real of Cypress Hill.

He said in a press release that the series is representative of cannabis culture. “The growers, breeders, shop owners, and smokers who have been affected by a law we all know makes no sense,” he said. We couldn’t agree more. 

America's First Legal Weed Empire

Berner’s Cookies brand started in a San Francisco garage and has since grown into a $1 billion empire thanks to his entrepreneurial tenacity and the cannabis whisper/cultivator, Jai.

Together, Berner and Jai have launched some of the industry’s most sought-after and legendary strains. No matter what, Cookies remains true to its mission; authenticity and innovative genetics.

The brand sets itself apart from the competition by controlling the entire process. From seed to sale, Cookies ensures its global varieties and the full lineup of strain-specific products are grown and developed to perfection.

The growth of Cookies was alarming. From 2018 to 2022, Cookies went from zero to 49 dispensaries and two apparel stores. Berner’s empire will continue to expand in ways that perhaps he didn’t think were possible. From mixtapes and clothing stores to dispensaries and unmatched genetics, Berner is a true mogul in the weed game.

Meet Charly Jordan: Social Media Sensation, DJ, And Rose Petal Cone Queen

Photo by Joey Pucino

Everyone and their sister is going viral on social media. These one-video-wonders receive fame out of the blue, but not all of them have managed to turn their fame into a long-term career with countless success stories.

That’s where Charly Jordan steps up to the plate. Having gone viral on social media at a young age, Jordan knew she had to make the most of her virality.

Not only was she one of the first female DJs to have a residency in Las Vegas, but she also founded Roses, an alternative rolling paper company that offers 100% organic rose petal cones. Jordan knew what she was passionate about and used her fame to make her wildest dreams come to life. 

About Charly Jordan

Charly Jordan grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, with four brothers and two sisters. She was quite young when she went viral on social media, and she’s one of the few that managed to maintain her fame and turn it into something bigger.

Today, the model, DJ, and social media star has over 4.7 million followers on Instagram, not to mention 8.2 million on TikTok and 503k subscribers on YouTube. When she’s not travelling the world and learning more about different cultures, Jordan is busy spinning at Zouk Group in Las Vegas, where she became one of the first female DJs to gain a residency in Las Vegas.

Jordan also founded the alternative rolling paper company Roses, which offers organic rose petal cones to help stoners smoke in style. We’ll touch more on Roses in a minute. Until then, it’s worth noting that Jordan also founded Beauty in Pain, a mental health-forward community striving to beat mental health stigmas and raise awareness for the cause.

From Social Media To DJing

Although social media was her main gig, Jordan loved music. It was a deep passion of hers that was emphasized by attending festivals and concerts. Seeing the artist in person was something surreal for Jordan, and she felt inspired to build something similar of her own.

So, she started Djing. With a loyal following under her belt, Jordan took the Las Vegas electronic music scene by storm. She noticed how quickly society and social media were changing, so combining her love for social media and music was a natural next step. And it worked.

Jordan remains incredibly proud of gaining a residency in Las Vegas, and for a personal reason. Turns out, Zouk Group at Resort Worlds was the Stardust Hotel years ago, where Jordan’s grandfather worked as an attorney. Years later, after the Stardust Hotel was demolished, Jordan is spinning on the same property where her grandfather worked years ago. Talk about personal ventures.


Charly Jordan is one of the few models turned DJ who loves weed. So much so that she launched her own alternative rolling paper company, Roses. While travelling the world, she observed the common smoking choices of various cultures and regions.

What fascinated her was their choice of earth-given, environmentally-friendly rolling options like lavender, banana leaves, and rose petals. She adored how resourceful and beneficial they were, considering that North America mainly uses bleached papers with additives and chemicals.

That’s when she set out to help stoners smoke cleaner and reintroduce our community to how our ancestors did it. With the brand’s 100% organic rose petal cones, Jordan believes that choices like these are a small step toward healthier smoking experiences and a giant leap back to our roots.

This brand is on a mission to create a cleaner smoking industry while providing cannabis users with an alternative that will soon become the norm. After all, who wouldn’t want to smoke out of rose petals?

Learn more about Charly Jordan with our exclusive interview below.

Photo by Joey Pucino

It’s not every day a model turned DJ starts their own cannabis-related company. What inspired you to launch Roses?

Roses was a very naturally inspired idea. I was making Cannabutter at home one day and making Bulletproof Coffee and as I sipped it, I thought about how after years of travelling, I had smoked a lot of different plants all over the world… and I wondered why we weren’t utilizing any other plant besides tobacco. I thought surely rose cones already existed, but they didn’t. I searched for it but only found people making them at home, so I wanted to make a readily available, healthy, affordable version. It’s been such an amazing passion project of mine that I’ve had so much fun doing and built such an incredible community around. 

What are the benefits of smoking with organic rose petals rather than regular rolling papers? 

Organic rose petal cones don’t have any additives or dyes like many papers do. They also have an organic seal laid over completely intact rose petals sourced from India. They’re aromatherapeutic with a sweet scent as well as having a slow burn during each smoke, holding one gram each.  

When did you start dabbling in the wide world of weed? What was your first experience with cannabis?

My first experience was when I was 18 years old, and I’ve been in love ever since. It helped me so much! 

Do you have a favorite strain? What’s your go-to after a long day?

I love Hybrids, and my favorite strain is Runtz! 

You must be surrounded by alcohol when spinning at Zouk Group. What’s your personal preference, weed or alcohol?

I love Zouk, but my personal preference is weed. I always rip a couple shots during my set! 

If there was someone on your bucket list who you’d like to smoke with, who would it be?

I would love to smoke with Seth Rogan!

Santa Fe Klan Gears Up For His 2023 Todo Y Nada Tour

Photo by Santa Fe Klan

You might know him for smash hits like “Te Iré Buscar (feat. Nanpa Básico)” or heavy-hitting bops like “Por Mi México” alongside Lefty Sm.

Singer-songwriter and Latin hip-hop recording artist Santa Fe Klan has made waves in recent years. His unique, catchy, and personal approach to hip-hop has intrigued a broad fanbase from North America and beyond.

Like any talented hip-hop act, a little inspiration or motivation from cannabis goes a long way, and Santa Fe Klan knows his way around our favorite green plant. With his Mar Y Tierra Tour in 2022 being a huge success, we expect even more buzz around his upcoming 2023 tour Todo Y Nada.

Read on to learn more about Santa Fe Klan, his upcoming tour, and our exclusive interview with the powerhouse Mexican artist.

About Santa Fe Klan

Born Ángel Quezada in Guanajuato, Mexico, Santa Fe Klan began making music at the mere age of 12. 

Inspired by acts like Cartel de Santa, C-Kan, Gera MX, and MC Davo, Santa Fe started spitting bars and writing rhymes just 3 years later at 15 years old. Little did he know that a few years down the line, he’d collaborate with iconic names like Lupillo Rivera, Calibre 50, Snoop Dogg, and many more. 

Now one of the biggest rappers out of Mexico, Santa Fe first went viral when he was 15 through tracks like “El Niño” and “Somos de la Calle.” With only YouTube and SoundCloud to work with, a young Santa Fe Klan managed to monetize his music and rake in roughly $500 ($10,000 Mexican pesos) per month. That’s quite the feat for anyone, let alone a 15-year-old. 

The success of his music speaks for itself. Santa Fe Klan first climbed the charts in April 2022 with his track “Asi Soy,” which peaked at #8 on the Latin Digital Song Sales chart. With more tracks and shows coming soon, it’s safe to say that Santa Fe Klan’s successful career has only just begun. Prepare to hear lots more from the artist as he continues honing his craft, blazing the trail for a new generation of Mexican hip-hop stars.

Todo Y Nada Tour 2023

Starting this June, Santa Fe Klan will dive headfirst into another American tour, travelling from coast to coast to a venue near you. 

The Todo Y Nada Tour will include special guests Snow Tha Product and Tornillo. Tickets are currently on sale now, with the first show kicking off in Salt Lake City, Utah, on June 10, 2023, and ending on August 20 in Colorado at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheater.

For tickets and information about the tour, visit Santa Fe Klan’s website at

Photo by Santa Fe Klan

Why do you think your career has been so successful being so young? What is your recipe for success?

Since I was very young, I have made music; I think it has been perseverance and that I do it because I like it, not for money or fame; I always wanted a bunch of people to sing my songs and identify themselves, there is no recipe, it is only to do it from the heart.

When did you start smoking weed? Did you feel that it improved your creative abilities when writing rhymes and making music?

From the age of 11-12, I started trying it, and it was first for fun. As time went by, I felt that it helped me with other things

What is the cannabis culture like in Guanajuato, Mexico, where you grew up? Was it easy to find weed when you wanted it?

As a kid, it was difficult because of my age, and also, you know, times were different. These days things have changed in various parts of the U.S. It’s legal and you can buy it here in Mexico, well, not yet, but you’d find a way besides, it’s a pleasure, like smoking a cigarette or having a beer or eating some tacos hahaha.

How does cannabis fit into your busy schedule? Do you use weed for inspiration, to relax or for other personal reasons?

Well, more for pleasure, but as I said, over time, it helped me with more things… it relaxes me, it inspires me and well, I also like it.

What was the most memorable moment of your Mar Y Tierra tour in 2022? What was the highlight?

The whole tour honestly, seeing all those people singing with me was something really cool, I didn’t dimension until I was there and now with Todo y Nada Tour we’re coming with everything! I already want to see the whole clique partyyyyy.

Where are you most excited to perform during your Todo Y Nada tour in 2023? What states are you looking forward to visiting?

There are many. I imagine there are 38 dates over there… I want to see the whole raza and sing to them all the new what they already know and what comes as a surprise! Hahahaha I can’t say more but they’re going to have a good time.

Herb Español

Photo by Kristan Irey

Esperamos disfruten esta guía de regalos especial para el 4/20, donde destacamos algunas de las mejores marcas, productos, y páginas que realzan el cannabis.

Pero no solo queremos compartir esta guía de regalos, sino también anunciar nuestra nueva iniciativa para la comunidad hispanohablante, porque sabemos lo valiosos que son y queremos reconocer su importancia en la industria del cannabis.

En Herb amamos a nuestros seguidores de todas partes del mundo, valoramos la diversidad y la inclusión, y estamos emocionados de fomentar la participación de todos los hispanohablantes en nuestra comunidad a través de Herb Español.

Que el 4/20 sea la fiesta de cannabis para dar inicio a una nueva etapa en Herb, donde celebremos la riqueza de la cultura hispana y fomentemos su participación en esta industria. ¡Feliz 4/20!

Herb Recommended Products:

Featured Brands:

Herb Recommended Products:


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