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Honey Dabber Review: The Simplest Way To Dab

This little wooden device lets you dab effortlessly without compromising the quality of your concentrates.

If there is one thing that vape companies are doing and doing very well, it is the will to stay innovative and give you products that match your need and demand. These are carefully tailored to redefine how you vaporize your favorite cannabis products. 

The focus is on you and your needs; why are you so important to the vape companies, you may ask? The answer is simple, without you, the companies will not be in business. So meeting your goals and getting you going is the deal for effective business growth. You are the gold here!

The Honey Dabber is a statement in innovation and substantial reach, as the product has a fantastic look. Made from premium cherry wood, this innovative straw adds colors to your sessions.

Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Honey Dabber Review

Photo courtesy of Honey Labs

Let’s begin this review by looking at the dabber’s various parts that make it unique and ideal for use. A perfect place, to begin with, will be the design. 


Made from cherry wood, the straw dabber takes a U-turn from the ordinary glass-coated designed straw and wax pens. While the glass pens are the most popular pens, when they are hot, it becomes an issue, as you are forced to wait for it to cool off before you can throw it into your pocket and move on. Imagine the stress on your face as you wait for those long 5-10 minutes of cooling. 

This entire wait time is eradicated with the wood Honey Dabber; once you are done vaporizing, you are good to go. Just wrap your dabber up, and boom, you are off. There is no need to wait for the device to cool down.

The lightweight design of the dabber makes it a necessary travel companion; you don’t want to leave it behind, after all. It is unique, and it gives you a great and potent dabbing experience that is admirable.

You will have no reasons not to enjoy your dabbing experience here, as this straw dabber is built for a purpose.

How It Works

Photo courtesy of Honey Labs

To use the dabber is essential to keep you afloat. Who loves reading manuals? Sometimes when the craving comes, if you cannot light up your dabber instantly, you lose it all. 

So here are three simple steps to use your Honey Dabber and ways you can enjoy the non-ending list of satisfaction this product offers: 

  • Step 1 

Heat the straw. This is how you get started; a torch will help with this.

  • Step 2

Dip in wax. Once your dabber is thoroughly heated, dip it into your wax concentrate; using a glass container for the wax concentrate is a major kill on this. 

  • Step 3 

Inhale from the rubber mouthpiece. At this point, your dabber is fully loaded and ready for use; the next step is to enjoy the moment you have waited for, inhale.

Vapor Quality

If you choose this dabber, you’ll get the best experience out there. By choosing the titan straw against the quartz straw, you are guaranteed a soul-lifting session with your vapor quality, as it gives you the best flavors ever. 

Ease Of Use

Photo courtesy of Honey Labs

The portable design gives you luxury in a simple pack. It is more portable than the average Nectar collector and gives you a good deal of soul-lifting clouds, enough to take your soul on a fulfilling experience.

It is also easy to maintain, as you can quickly clean it up after every session and get it fired up for the next one. 


You can get the Honey Dabber for a price of $30-$70 depending on where you are buying it. You can get it directly from the producers or check it out from your favorite retail agent or shop for it online. With the internet taking over our lives, online shopping for your favorite Honey Dabber product is the real deal. 

About The Company

The Honey Dabber is produced by HoneyLabs, a leading solution provider in the cannabis industry. With a long chain of products to go by, HoneyLabs had retained a name for excellence and quality service. 


The fantastic dabber from Honey Labs will always meet your expectations and give you a superior dabbing experience. For its unique configuration and cost, this product is recommended for your dabbing sessions. 

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