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How To Detox And Pass A THC-O Drug Test

THC-O might be one of the most controversial yet

Even the most knowledgeable cannabis connoisseurs might be stunned to hear that there is yet another THC variant joining the cannabinoid family. This one is called THC-O, and it might be one of the most controversial yet. We’ll cover why it ruffles the feathers of cannabis purists, and whether or not it will call you to fail a THC-O drug test if that’s even a thing. Read on to learn more about this novel cannabinoid.

Intro to THC-O

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THC-O acetate is the proper name for this cannabinoid and it is a synthetic analog to Delta-9 THC. It is not naturally occurring in either hemp or marijuana and must be manufactured in a lab. It does require starting material, typically hemp, because of the more lenient regulatory environment of hemp vs. marijuana.

First, CBD is isolated in its purest form. What happens next is the addition of the highly flammable acetic anhydride and voila! THC-O. Yes, that’s a simplified version of the science, but what’s important to know is that this cannabinoid is not naturally occurring, and for people deeply passionate about cannabis plant medicine, this is not a significant turn-on.

Research is still new on all things THC-O but we do know that it is a pro-drug, which means that the body metabolizes the compound before it becomes activated. As we metabolize THC-O it turns into a highly bioavailable version of Delta-9 THC. This means that if you were to consume equal amounts of Delta-9 and THC-O at different times to test the potency, the THC-O just might knock you off your feet.

Touted as being three times more potent, some people say that THC-O transcends beyond psychoactive and verges on psychedelic. So who is using this product? For starters, there are plenty of medical marijuana patients who require a more potent dose of THC to treat their symptoms. THC-O is often a more cost-effective solution. Additionally, anyone with a higher tolerance might enjoy the intensity of this compound.

Is THC-O Legal?

The biggest reason why people buy THC-O products? They’re legal. The 2018 Farm Bill protects all hemp-derived products that contain less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. They can be sold online, in grocery stores, at head shops, or anywhere you might find CBD, Delta-8, Delta-10, or HHC products. The widespread availability makes THC-O a premium product for getting stoned to the bone.

How to Pass a THC-O Drug Test

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Will THC-O cause you to fail a drug test? Absolutely. It’s a highly potent form of THC that breaks down in the body just like Delta-9 THC. In urine samples, the metabolites live on for as little as a few days up to 30 months. If you’ve been puffing on a THC-O pen and suddenly come across a randomized drug test, it’s time to panic.

Just kidding, don’t panic. You are going to be just fine because we are here to help you get through this. Take a deep breath and keep reading. First things first—put down the vape pen and stop using all cannabis products right away. Now let’s talk about how to pass a drug test.

How to Detox from THC-O

You’ll want to approach a THC-O just like you would a THC detox, but perhaps a bit more aggressively. That means immediately upping your water intake, investing a little more time in the gym to work up a sweat, and kicking that metabolism into gear. THC-O metabolites might take a little longer to break down depending on your overall health and body fat percentage.

The best thing you can do to stave off worry and anxiety over a THC-O drug test is to invest in one of Pass Your Test’s detox programs. These detox kits and drinks are the top of the line for passing any kind of drug test, no matter how much time you have. They have a 10-day and 5-day program, and even same-day cleansers for when you’re really in a pinch. With next-day air shipping, they have your back in a crisis.

How Long Does THC-O Stay in Your System?

We talked a bit about metabolism and body fat percentage playing a role in how fast you can detox from THC-O, but the bigger factor is the type of test. All drug tests have a varying window of detection, and you should customize your detox plan based on the type of test you’ll be taking.

  • Urine: One hit of THC-O may only show up in urine for a few days, but moderate users can expect to fail a urine test for up to 30 days.
  • Blood: Not the most common method of testing, but it’s best to prepare for all scenarios. THC will show up in your blood for a few hours up to a day after your last use.
  • Saliva: This test is becoming more common because it’s best for catching people on the spot. THC metabolites are only detectable in saliva for about 24 hours after the last time you smoked.
  • Hair Follicle: The detection window on hair follicle testing is 90 days. The only prayer you have for beating this test is with a hair follicle cleanser, in which case, you’ve got this.

The most common type of test is urinalysis. However, if you can, be sure to ask to be as prepared as possible.

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Word to the Wise

If you have a drug test coming up, just avoid all the sketchy internet home remedies and stick with a company whose actual mission is to help people pass drug tests. The folks at PassYourTest are knowledgeable and supportive and ready to answer any question you may have about their products. Fill out their brief form to find out what products are suitable for you, and never worry about failing a drug test again.

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