ake Hash from Kief with Basic Household Items

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How To Make A Kief Press So You Can Smoke A Fat Bowl

There is a treasure at the bottom of your grinder, don’t throw it away!

There is a treasure at the bottom of your grinder, don’t throw it away! You can have a great smoke from it if you know how to press it. This treasure consists of residual trichomes and glands that seasoned users know as kief.

You can press the kief so it can last while smoking it. Keep reading to learn how and enjoy cannabis in a new and easy way.

Homemade Kief Press

how to make a kief press Step 2. Get the kief

To make a kief press you have the option of buying specialized tools in the local bud shop. Still, they are expensive and you could end up spending 100 USD. You can save that money to invest in a next-gen vaporizer to enjoy your dry herb the best way possible.

In the meantime, let’s make a cheap homemade kief press that works neatly and meets your needs. You will need an unsharpened pencil, a segmented ink pen with a straight metal body, and sturdy paper.

Wash your hands, roll up your slips, and let’s get to work.

Step By Step

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Step One

Disassemble your pen, you will need the metal body of the ink pen that has the form of a tube. It will work as a mold for your pressed kief. Don’t forget to wash the metal tube because it will touch the precious kief.

Step Two

Remove the kief from your grinder and put it on the sturdy paper. The paper will work as a funnel, so roll it a bit and use it to put the kief inside the metal tube that must be standing on the table.

Step Three

Once your kief is inside the metal tube, take the pencil and press the kief inside the tube against the table surface. Tap and press the kief firmly for a few seconds. At this point, your kief must look like a tiny hockey disc or a pill.

Step Four

What else are you waiting for? It is time to smoke that pill. Keep in mind that putting too much kief in your homemade press or pressing too lightly will cause it to crumble.

But there is something that is still missing, and it is the question of what is the best way of smoking this kief pill. Keep reading to learn how to smoke it well and take steps forward on the way of using cannabis.

How To Smoke

Photo courtesy of High Five

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The best devices to smoke kief pills are e-rigs, so here we introduce you to one of our favorites.  The High Five DUO Vaporizer is the desktop e-rig to smoke dry herbs and dab concentrates.

Your new kief pills are so compact that they can take a while to burn when using other devices. But, DUO has a powerful battery that allows rapid heat, so that you can start your sesh in no time.

Explore the temperature settings to find the ideal heat for your taste by using the led display that lets you control it in a simple way.

And, although DUO is a desktop vaporizer it is still portable, so you can take it with you when sharing a moment with your friends. Show them how to make kief pills using a homemade press and how good they taste using the best e-rig on the market.

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