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Lo-Fi Songs To Pair With Your Sleepy Indica Strains

Sink into bliss with these lo-fi tunes and your favorite flower.

A quality Indica strain is like a best friend.

Helping relieve negative thoughts and stress while consoling you when times get tough. Some would say the same with laidback Lo-fi music, so why not merge the two for the ultimate relaxing vibe?

Experience Herb’s curation of these chilling Lo-fi songs that are perfect for your night sesh.

"Sink Into The Floor" - Feng Suave

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Feng Suave

This groovy and bassline-heavy track from Feng Suave is a vibe and a half.

The tender vocals paired with the mix of electronic and organic instrumentals are bound to send you into a daydream.

Why not “Sink into the Floor” with a powerhouse 23% THC Indica strain like El Jefe, providing cerebral and bodily relaxation with one pull.

"Banksy" - Masked Man

This Lo-fi instrumental by Masked Man is the perfect sesh song to spark up with a sedating Indica strain like Afterglow.

Coming packed with a whopping 23% THC content that’s perfect for kickstarting your evening with a blissful, elevated mood and subtle body tingles.

"Like The Sunshine" - Ours Samplus

Photo courtesy of Ours Samplus

For a track as atmospheric as this golden tune from French duo Ours Samplus, the only strain we see matching this euphoric evening experience is Sunset, also referred to as Sunset OG.

This Indica strain is ready to send you into nighttime vibes with an 18% THC content and deeply relaxing effects.

"Nym" - Phlux

Drift into the silky smooth effects and samples within Phlux‘s hit Lo-fi track, “Nym,” sonically serenading the ears with rolling hi-hats and watery vocal samples.

This ethereal song can only be experienced with a peaceful and meditative Indica strain like Northern Lights, coming with 18% THC that produces optimistic thoughts and a lifted state of being.

"Hair Down (feat. Kendrick Lamar)" - SiR

Photo courtesy of SiR / YouTube

“Smoking marijuana ’til I wake up,” SiR vocalizes, alongside Kendrick Lamar’s fiery and introspective bars that dance through the song’s soothing production.

Turn up the vibe and let your hair down with 91 Krypt, a fan favorite with 21% THC that produces a gripping couch-locked effect and full-body euphoria.

"The Mood" - Kaelyn

Add a little spice and sensuality to your evening with Kaelyn‘s chilling tune, “The Mood.”

This expansive and spacious single is the perfect background song for evening seshes and sparking an intimate mood. Pick up some Bubba Kush to relieve any and all anxiety before heading into the bedroom, lifting the spirits with 20% THC.

"Dracula A.D." - Public Memory

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For a darker, more introspective nighttime experience, kick back and relish the vibes of Public Memory’s “Dracula A.D.,” melting your speakers with airy drum breaks and dark, melodic synths.

When your emotions get the best of you, hush the mental noise with Ice Cream Cake, a 23% THC Indica strain that produces hug-like effects with pure relaxation and ease of mind.

"NO ESCAPE" - HEALTH & The Neighbourhood

Photo courtesy of Health

This stimulating collaboration between HEALTH and The Neighbourhood roams the realms of Alternative, Lo-fi, and Electronic through Jesse Rutherford’s iconic vocals paired with HEALTH’s dreamy and dark stylings.

This mesmerizing song can only be paired with the trance-like strain, Zkittlez, offering endless relaxation to send you off into dreamland.

"Night Swims" - Cookin Soul & Jinsang

Photo by Mouthwash Studios

This beautiful blend of Electronic, Lo-fi, and Jazz is the perfect recipe for a night of euphoria.

Cookin Soul & Jinsang didn’t miss with this expansive tune, ready to hit your speakers when puffing on a sleepy Indica strain like Blueberry Kush. This 24% Indica strain is ideal for those with insomnia who need a boost of sedating effects to catch their precious ZZZs.

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