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Make Your Own Cannabis Cocktail With Simply Crafted

Whether you want something simple or get creative with cocktails, you’ll find Simply Crafted has a great alternative to alcoholic drinks.

Getting creative with cannabis drinks might seem intimidating at first. While making your own cannabutter or using distillates might seem a little daunting, there are easy ways to start venturing into the canna drink or cannabis cocktail space.

Today we gathered a small guide to show you how cannabis cocktails work, what kind of drinks you can make (with some examples), and how to use water-soluble D8 and CBD syrups in your beverages.

This time we got to use the delicious syrups made by Simply Crafted: their lemon version, their minty sugar-free version, and of course, their rich CBD strawberry syrup.

So if you are excited to learn how to make some Cannabis-based Mojitos or want to learn how to spike some of your favorite iced tea for the warm spring or summer days, keep reading.

What Is A Cannabis Cocktail?

You might have heard of this new trend, called cannabis cocktails. These drinks are the Cannabis version of your favorite drink, by adding some THC or CBD oils or concentrates to your mixers.

There is also a type of Canna Drink where you mix alcohol and other Cannabis-based tinctures, oils, or extracts. As with regular drinks, it depends on what kind of experience you want, and how complicated you want it to be.

You can go as simple as just getting your favorite soda and mixing it with some of Simply Crafted’s Water Soluble Delta 8 Lemon Syrup.

This concentrated syrup can mix with your favorite water-based drink, “spiking” to however strong you want it with a slight tart flavor. So you could go for some Canna Cuba Libre with just some Cola drink, ice, and add the tart syrup full of that D8 goodness.

You could also go the fancy side and create something like a Bee’s Knees, mixing up honey weed, lemon juice, and gin, which you can infuse in cannabis for a different kind of drink.

Or even add a little of Simply Crafted’s THC lemon syrup to add some tartness and added THC for a small party with friends.

Before we start, you have to understand that mixing cannabis and alcohol might affect you differently. So before we go on, we recommend starting with nonalcoholic drinks with small dosages of cannabis concentrates, like THC tinctures, syrups, or creamers.

Here’s a small list of cocktails for beginners and advanced Cannadrinkers, depending on what kind of experience you want.

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Beginner Drink

One beginner-friendly drink to try is the Cannabis version of a “spiked” tea, with your favorite iced tea, some ice, and add some Simply Crafted syrup to add the preferred dose.

This drink is simple yet flavorful, and it relies on the Delta 8 THC to get you relaxed.

Intermediate Drink

For an intermediate drink, you can try a Rosemary, Cucumber, and of course, Cannabis Ginger Beer. For this you’ll need at least a liter (4 cups) of your favorite ginger beer, preferred THC syrup dose (we recommend 1 spoon per cup), 1 cucumber sliced, 2 rosemary crushed sprigs, and ice.

For this kind of cocktail, you’ll need to crush the rosemary and add everything into a jar. Add the syrup and ginger beer, mix well, and you are ready for a spring and summer drink that sounds expensive.

We do recommend keeping the jar in the fridge for at least 3 hours to get all the flavors infused, but sometimes the thirst is stronger and we get that.

Advanced Drink

For something a little stronger and also more complicated to make, you can try a cannabis-infused mojito with a strawberry and lemon dash.

As a small heads-up, this drink contains alcohol, Delta 8 THC, and CBD, so I wouldn’t recommend it for a beginner in the cannabis space.

Ingredients-wise, for a cup you’ll need 5-6 mint leaves, 2 tablespoons of fresh lime juice or half a large lime, 1 tablespoon of Simply Crafted’s THC Lemon Syrup, and 1 tablespoon of Simply Crafted’s CBD Syrup.

Besides that, you’ll need half a cup of ice, half a cup of club soda or sparkling water, and if you want to add alcohol, get about a ⅓ of a cup of white rum.

You’ll want to crush your mint leaves and lime juice to the bottom of your glass, then add the cannabinoids syrup (D8 and CBD), add the alcohol, the club soda, and stir. At this point add your ice and you can add some mint leaves for garnish.

Benefits Of Drinking CBD And D8 Infused Drinks

CBD and D8 drinks are an incredible way to unwind, relax, and even get some wellness benefits in the process. We gathered a small list of the key benefits of drinking these infused canna drinks as both, wellness and recreative beverages.

No Smoking With All The Wellness Benefits

Whether you want to just relax and feel the benefits of CBD, or try some recreational high with Delta 8, you can try different dosages without any smoke.

This skips all the smoking process while letting you measure how much CBD or D8 you want to consume, and unlike edibles, you have control over how strong you want to try your drink.

Photo courtesy of Simply Crafted

Reduces Stress And Helps You Relax

Drinking these cannabinoids can help you unwind after a long day or week with a few drops, and even help offset anxiety and depression symptoms.

CBD’s ability to calm is one of the most popular effects, helping with several wellness effects.

Delta 8 is also a great way to unwind after a stressful day, and unlike regular THC, tests have proven to produce fewer side effects while maintaining a cerebral high that melts your stress away.

Better Sleep And Sleep Quality

Both cannabinoids are great to improve your sleep quality. While D8 helps you fall asleep faster due to its mellow high, CBD improves the quality in the long run.

The best of all is that their syrups can work on cocktails, but can also work to sweeten your night tea. With just a few tablespoons of Simply Crafted’s CBD Syrup, you can add a small strawberry twist to a nighttime smoothie for a better night’s rest.

Great Alternative To Alcohol

While drinking is still fairly popular, CBD and THC drinks and cocktails have started to rise in popularity in social gatherings. So if by chance you don’t want or can’t drink alcohol regularly, both types of drinks are great to still get relaxed in a friendly environment.

Also, it can let your creativity flow by crafting and trying new cocktails for both kinds of people, alcohol and non-alcohol drinkers.

Here are some of our favorite products from Simply Crafted that are super easy to use and include in your favorite drink, whether it is your favorite soda or want to get creative with some canna drinks.

Water Soluble Delta 8 Syrup (Lemon)

What we love the most about these syrups is that they are both newbie and veteran-friendly. This delicious Lemon Syrup contains 1000mg of D8 per bottle making it perfect to add to all sorts of types of drinks.

Want to microdose to uplift your day? Add it to some sparkling water and fresh lime juice for a midday lemonade.

Want to give you a full-dose treat for a night out? Mix a larger dose with your favorite cola, some ice, and you are ready to go for some Canna Cuba Libre.

These syrups include a dosing applicator and have a rapid absorption and high bioavailability, making them pretty quick to get you high while also being mixable with pretty much all drinks or even desserts.

You can check the pourable syrup at Symply Crafted’s website, here.

Delta 8 THC Sugar-Free Pure Syrup

Now, if you wanted something sugar-free, Simply Crafted has you covered as well. This product is also from Habit, the creator of the original cannabis cocktail.

This one is mint flavored and also comes in 1000mg of D8 THC per bottle, has rapid absorption, and is fully water-soluble.

This sugar-free syrup is great for some alternative cannabis-based mojitos, especially if fresh mint is scarce or difficult to get where you live.

Or if you can’t consume sugar, it’s a pretty good alternative with some sweetener like monk fruit, fresh fruit, and some sparkling water for a fresh drink.

You can also try out different types of drinks, or even add them to some chamomile tea for added relaxing effects with a minty twist.

For more information, you can check Simply’s site here.

Simply Crafted CBD Syrup (Strawberry)

The CBD Pourable Syrup by Simply Crafted has 1000mg of CB per bottle, making it pretty great as an addition to your favorite drinks and desserts.

This type of syrup helps with micro-dosing and getting the right amount for the desired effect, whether you want to help some pain relief or just melt your stress away after a long day.

The possibilities are endless with this syrup, desserts, milkshakes, teas, and even drinks are easy to make with its flavor.

As with other Simply Crafted syrups, this one is completely water-soluble unlike some tinctures and has rapid absorption, which helps with the CBD release in your body.

You can grab this CBD syrup on Simply Crafted’s website, here.

Last Words

Now that you know how to make your own cannabis cocktail, you can get ready to surprise your friends with an alternative to alcohol.

Whether you want something simple like some Canna Cuba Libre with some cola soda and THC syrup or want to get extra fancy with Strawberry and Lime Cannabis Daiquiris, you’ll find that syrups are a great way to experiment both CBD and Delta 8 THC.

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