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Smoke & Keep Your Job With This THC Detox Shot

Consuming cannabis is a unique and unbeatable sensation, but getting it out of your system can be a problem, especially in certain positions. Luckily, products like this one can help you do it safely and quickly.

While the Farm Bill and other legislations have allowed the use of marijuana in the United States, the use of it has not been holistically welcomed by all, especially employers. The problem with this is that you are often checked in for a routine test to confirm your purity and all that stress. 

Why shouldn’t one be allowed the liberty to enjoy this beautiful plant with many good sides? Your answer is as good as mine; while this is the case, passing your drug test is essential to keeping the job and meeting ends needs. This is where THC detox drinks like the Nutra Cleanse Clean Shot come into play.

If you want more options, be sure to check out our complete guide on how to pass any type of drug test!

What Is Nutra Cleanse Clean Shot

Just like the name suggests, it is a natural cleaner for all things toxins in your body. It completely takes the drugs off your system and keeps you clean and white as snow; this happens quickly. 

Made from natural minerals and vitamins, Nutra Cleanse Clean Shot will get toxins off your body and help you pass your drug test with ease. 

Whether you are preparing for a routine or an emergency test, this THC detox drink provides you a perfect opportunity to beat your test results and stay clean on the records while you take your favorite weed by the corner and when your soul calls for it. 

There are many plans to choose from, depending on the urgency of your situation and what you will need it for. From the same-day cleanse, for an emergency drug test, to the entire body detox, and a total body cleanse, the choice is simply up to you to decide what you need and when you need it. 

Another thing that can influence the choice is the level of exposure to toxins you have had. If you have been on your weed for years and an emergency drug test is by the corner, a same-day cleanse might not do the work for you.

How To Use Nutra Cleanse Clean Shot

This is one area where you will need to pay special attention, as your preparation and strict adherence to the rules here will determine your success along your path to a drug-free body system. So here are four simple steps to use this detox product

  • Step 1

When you get the Nutra Cleanse Clean Shot, you get a pre-cleanse formula capsule; these capsules will prepare your body system for the ahead process. This way, your body is not called out for exposure. It is not ready for a sudden shock. 

  • Step 2 

If you are on the same-day cleanse, you will have to take morning and evening formula capsules for your body cleaning journey. This is usually a capsule of 6 to be taken 1 hour before breakfast, with the evening dosage taken after dinner. This regimen is essential and must be followed thoroughly.

  • Step 3 

At this stage, you are done with your cleaning, and this is an exit phase. You usually get eight capsules to take, which will make the transition even smoother. You can choose to take these in the morning or evening.

  • Step 4 

Stick to the regimen; the entire exercise will be a waste of time if you don’t follow through with your regimen. It is as important as the commitment to clean the body of toxins. Remember to also drink plenty of water and ensure you stay away from the source of the toxin, at least for the time being.

Tips To Enhance The Detox Process

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Passing your drug test is the most important matter on the table, and here are a few tips to reach this goal, except you are opting for the same-day cleanse; ensure you stay off the source of toxin for at least 48hours before you begin your cleaning phase. 

The main thing to remember is to stay hydrated. Drinking a healthy level of water every day will help you speed up the process!

Also, you can help yourself by taking the capsule with little food in your body system; the reason is that food can absorb the ingredients in the capsules and render them ineffective. This is not what you want at this crucial time, avoid starchy and heavy foods as well.

Where To Buy Nutra Cleanse Clean Shot

Amazon and eBay present an easy and convenient way to shop for this product. However, getting Nutra Cleanse Cleanse Shot from the official website – Pass Your Test – comes with its list of advantages. First is the free shipping you get on all U.S orders; the delivery is fast and makes shopping convenient. There is also a money-back guarantee when you buy on the website. 

Does Nutra Cleanse Clean Shot Work?

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The producers have been in business since 2000; it will only take a working product to keep one in the industry for over two decades. And this indicates one fact, that the product works.

With tons of reviews on websites by satisfied users, there is no doubt that Nutra Cleanse Clean Shot will permanently save you a bad day at work when the employer requests a compulsory drug test. You will always ax it. 

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