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THC Detox: The Best Detox Drinks And Pills For Passing A Drug Test

These detox productss will help you flush cannabis completely out of your system.

What do athletes, investors, and Walmart employees have in common? In order to be one, you may have to pass a drug test. And the list doesn’t end there. Even as cannabis makes strides towards legalization in countries like Canada and the U.S., uptight executives everywhere ensure that drug testing remains a fixed part of the employment process.

But most people are just as likely to quit using cannabis as they are to give up coffee, or wine and beer. So until the draconian laws and employer expectations around cannabis dissipate, your best bet is learning how to successfully detox from THC. Luckily, with the right detox drink or kit, it won’t be too difficult.

Before we dig in, if you are worried about an upcoming test and need to find the right detox solution for your timeline, we highly advise you to check Pass Your Test. They are a leading provider of drug detox kits since 2000 specialized in helping individuals pass drug tests

Take their questionnaire where they’ll advise you on the best products for you considering your weight, toxicity level, and test date. Their products come with a 100% money-back guarantee so if you’re not satisfied with your results, just return the unused portion of your product for a full refund.

The Best THC Detox Drinks

Detox Drink #1: Nutra Cleanse Fail Sake Kit

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Keep in mind that the effectiveness of detox drinks depends on specific characteristics of your body, like your weight. It is natural to think that there should be a perfect detox green for everybody. The Fail Safe Kit is ideal for users with high body mass.

We recommend this product for big people because a bigger body needs a higher potency. Then, this product is effective no matter how much toxin there is in your organism. This drink washes away any trace of THC in your body within 90 minutes, and the effects last for 6 hours. If it doesn’t, you can ask for a 100% refund.

And, it is not only simple to use, but you won’t be on your own when detoxing. There is an open chat and phone line to ask any questions and support about the product. Still, if you feel more confident on your own, an 8 page digital PDF with the info you may need.

Detox Drink #2: Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse Detox Drinks

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse comes in several sizes. If you are over 200 pounds you’ll need to take the 32oz version. But if you’re under 200 pounds make sure that you take the 17oz bottle. Too much is just as bad as too little.

For Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse to be effective, you must stop using cannabis at least 48 hours before drinking it. Also, make sure that your stomach is empty before consumption—this means you should refrain from eating for four hours before drinking Rescue Cleanse.

Shake, then drink the Rescue Cleanse mixture over the course of 15 minutes. Once you’ve finished the bottle, refill it with water, and drink that over 15 minutes.

And your final step? Pee. A lot. The goal of Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse is to flush THC out of your body through your urine and stool. Timing is also crucial, so just make sure you use the Rescue Cleanse about two hours before your drug test. If you wait more than four or five hours after using Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse, your chances of passing your drug test will diminish.

Other than timing, Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse is a pre-mixed detox drink designed specifically to help you pass your drug test. So sit back, relax, and let Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse run its magic.

Detox Drink #3: Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex

There is nothing more powerful than the Ultimate Maximum Strength of Ultra Eliminex by Herbal Clean. Herbal Clean’s Ultra Eliminex Premium Detox drink is a one-day detox system. This total body cleanse drink is ideal for people with large body mass since it contains the most potent blend of herbal formulations to flush through your body, containing green tea extract, cayenne pepper, vitamin B6, creatine monohydrate, and more.

This powerful detox same-day cleanse drink flushes through your body and assists with cleansing the highest toxin levels from environmental pollutants. Ultra Eliminex provides a guarantee of reliability for your vital cleansing needs and an improved lifestyle in a delicious fruit-flavored drink.

To use it, shake the bottle firmly for a few minutes to get its contents mixed together and then drink it. It is recommended to also drink plenty of water and urinate constantly, this makes the process faster and easier for your body.

Detox Drink #4: Lemon Juice


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Lemon juice is often used as a detox drink because of its acidic properties. Lemon juice flushes out your system similarly to how rubbing alcohol removes grease or grime stains. Luckily, you don’t need to ingest a whole bottle of lemon juice before your drug test or spend hours squeezing lemons into a glass. Just mix one tablespoon of lemon juice into a 16oz glass of water, and spend the next few hours slowly sipping.

The lemon juice method is kind of like your shampoo: lather, rinse, repeat. The goal is to drink as much lemon juice as possible while maintaining the ratio of one tablespoon of lemon juice to one 16oz glass of water. You should drink this mixture at least 7 or 8 times before your drug test, so I recommend pre-preparing bottles of lemon juice so you constantly have a bottle handy.

Detox Drink #5: Nuclear Meltdown

best thc detox drinks

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This is one of the more disgusting options. But hopefully, like Buckley’s, it will work. The idea here is to mix together as many ingredients known for detoxification as possible and choke it down like the bitter medicine it is.

For this detox drink, you’ll need to mix together 16oz of warm water, 2tbs of apple cider vinegar, 2tbs of lemon juice, 1tsp of ground ginger, 1/4tsp of cinnamon powder, and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Adding 1 tsp of honey is recommended to sweeten the flavor, and make the experience slightly more enjoyable. (Though realistically, you’re not making cocktails here—you’re trying to flush THC out of your system.)

Mix everything together in a large glass, hold your nose, and try to get the experience over with as quick as possible. Oh yeah, and you’ll need to consume this detox drink at least three times on the day of your drug test.

Detox Drink #6: Lots of Water


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Sometimes, it’s best to keep things simple. If you can’t stomach acidic ingredients like lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, sometimes the best detox drink is just plain old purified water. The trick here is volume and timing.

This trick works especially good if you have to take a drug test on extremely short notice. The technique is simple: 30 minutes before your drug test, drink up to one liter of water. With any luck, a waterfall of H2O will shoot through your urinary tract and into the pee cup.

The idea here is that your pee is pure water, and therefore, will test negative for THC. The real challenge will be trying not to wet your pants in the process.

Make sure to follow up with an electrolyte supplement, such as a sports drink or an electrolyte powder. Drinking too much water in one sitting can cause water intoxication, which can make you feel a little drunk. Careful, though, it’s not as exciting as it sounds—water intoxication can be fatal.

How Do Detox Pills Work

Detox pills are the main choice for people who seek to cleanse their bodies from toxins in the long term.

Unlike drinks, pills are legal but still little regulated. Pills are often part of a program that lasts for days and don’t act as quickly as drinks, but their cleansing effect is more permanent.

But, you must not confuse what it does in your body. It helps detox some toxins but not all, and it doesn’t help withdraw from drug use or reduce craving. They don’t speed up natural detox either; they stimulate the body to flush everything it can out.

Pills could help you pass a drug test, but it is not the most effective to cleanse your body.

If you are trying to withdraw from drug use or seek a full detox, you should ask a health professional. Detox pills or drinks are not medical treatments to cleanse your body or control your craving.

These products may help you when having a drug test, but real treatment is in a detox center supervised by health professionals.

The Best THC Detox Pills

Nutra Cleanse Clean Capsules

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Easily absorbed by the body. these herbal capsules allow you to cleanse from both ends. In just 90 minutes, these capsules work to break down toxins while soothing the digestive tract.

Clean Capsules from Nutra Cleanse include a dietary fiber to help bind toxins in the intestines and start breaking them down so they can quickly be eliminated from your body. These capsules hit hard to break down heavy parasite, yeast, or mold build up fast.

These capsules are ideal for people with moderate to heavy toxin levels, or anyone who wants to cleanse the same day. You may choose to use anywhere from 1 to 3 capsules, depending on your needs and body chemistry, until you reach your desired level of cleansing.

Nutra Cleanse 5 Day Detox Program

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Succesful tasks usually take time and cleaning your body with permanent effects does. When taking a one-shot method to clean your organism it has a toll on your immediate state, and their effects are temporary.

Thus, the perfect alternative is to detox with the 5 Day Extreme Detoxification Program.

The program gives you 30 morning pills and 30 evening pills. This means you take 6 pills in the morning and 6 in the afternoon every day. But, it has a reinforced to make the treatment more effective.

There is a pack of 4 pre-cleanse capsules to take one day before starting the program, and 8 post-cleanse capsules to take one day after finishing it.

Although being a tough program, it has the guarantee of cleaning your body of any toxin within a week. And, it also has 2 home testing kits with 99% accuracy so that you can verify how are you doing when finishing the program.

If in the end, you are not satisfied with the results, then you can ask for a full refund.

Clear Choice Herbal Pre Cleanse Capsules

Just like stretching before a workout, you’ll have more success passing a drug test if you warm up your body with pre-cleanse detox pills first. These pills help your body to more effectively eliminate toxins leading up to your drug test. For the best results, order a bottle of Herbal Pre Cleanse Capsules from Clear Choice.

This pre-cleanse regimen comes in a bottle of 60 capsules, and for the best results, you should be taking one in the morning and another at night, washed down with plenty of water. This method works best if you consume the capsules for at least 14 days prior to your drug test (in case it’s not already obvious, refrain from consuming cannabis during this time.)

By the time you’re ready to consume your pre-drug test detox drink, your body will already be fairly toxin-free and primed for success.

How Do Detox Drinks Work

Detox drinks are a temporary measure to clean toxins typically involved in drug tests. In other words, it helps you cheat on those tests, which makes them illegal.

Thus, they are not regulated are most manufacturers are unclear about their product’s content. Still, it doesn’t mean they don’t work; they do most of the time. But, it is hard to tell if consuming them is not harmful to your health.

It is crucial to know that detox drinks do not clean all the toxins in your body. They can’t make your metabolism wash all toxins, and neither boosts your body’s ability to detox.

 Again, they work most of the time, but not always.

These drinks increase your chance of passing a drug test, but they can’t always do it by themselves. Many detox drinks recommend not consuming drugs for 48 hours before using them. 

And, even if your sample doesn’t show toxins, detox drink may make it invalid. I  which case, the laboratory will ask you for another sample.

Natural Ways To Accelerate Yout THC Detox

Sweat, Exercise, Sauna

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A common practice when wanting to detoxify the body of THC is to use exercise and sweating to do so, or in sweaty effects long sessions in the sauna to increase body sweating. However, results have been mixed on their effectiveness in actually eliminating THC.

Some studies suggest that exercising immediately before a test can make the test positive, as fat stores store THC and exercise sets them in motion, increasing levels. Contradictorily, another study shows that when exercising, the levels of blood and THC remained balanced.

So, there are no conclusive results on the effect of exercise immediately before a test. But if you are preparing for a drug test in a few weeks, hitting the gym, eliminating fried foods, and burning fat could be helpful.

It’s clear that exercise boosts metabolism, promotes fat burning, and thus will speed up detoxification. THC is stored inside your fat cells, so exercise is essential for detoxing quickly. People with more body fat will take longer to experience a complete THC detox.

Exercise and sweating will help decrease detectable traces of THC in the body when practiced regularly and not just before a test. This is not a guaranteed solution, but it could help you pass a drug test.

Stick To A Lean Diet

Cannabis Detox with Ketogenic Diet

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A clean diet is essential in the detoxification process, especially when eliminating THC from the body. Greasy foods and junk food should be avoided. Foods high in sodium, sugar, or fat can increase water retention and slow down the process. In addition, the body will have a more difficult time getting rid of THC metabolites. 

A nutrient-rich diet full of fruits, vegetables, and lean meats should be followed. Filling your body with these essential vitamins and minerals increases metabolism and speeds up the detoxification time.

Among various vitamins and minerals, a diet rich in antioxidants is believed to be one of the best options to have a successful THC cleanse. In addition, fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of other key nutrients in the cleansing process.


Photo by Davide Angelini / Adobe Stock

Drinking water is one of the most common ways to do a detox. Water will not only keep your body hydrated, but it will also help flush toxins out of the body faster. 

Other complementary home remedies include adding apple cider vinegar, lemon drops, or cranberry juice to water, which enhances the cleansing effect.

When using some of the detox drinks or detox pills, it is ideal for supplementing with a higher water intake, which will allow you to stay hydrated while the remedies do their work.


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Sleep seems very simple and may even be overrated nowadays, but it really is the body’s solution for almost everything; it works as a reset of the internal systems that will help you in many ways. 

Getting a good night’s sleep and rest also helps to enhance THC cleansing and detoxification. By resting, you give your body a chance to do an adequate job of cleansing and recovering. 

It is always wise to get the right amount of sleep, but it is much more critical when cleansing toxins and working up a sweat. The body needs to replenish and recharge.

Easy Ways To Detox From Cannabis

If you’re looking for a natural way to flush your body of cannabis, you could try ingesting certain root plants, such as red clover, yellow root, or burdock root. These natural remedies have been said to work as diuretic aids to increase and speed up your bodies production of urine. They may also help to increase the speed of your metabolism, which could allow your body to more quickly flush itself of toxins.

Another method is to try and sweat out bodily toxins—and quite frankly, this may be the most enjoyable option. Mainly, because it involves spending a lot of time in the sauna. While making sure to remain hydrated, spend some time sitting in a sauna or steam room, and allow your body to sweat profusely.

Regular exercise will also help you to detox more quickly. Try incorporating long runs into your daily routine. This will not only result in perspiration but keep your metabolism operating at peak form. And since cannabis is absorbed into your fat cells, burning off this fat may help to eliminate traces of cannabis from your system faster.

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