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Guides | 10.29.2021

Our Full Review Of PLUS Gummies

Very few brands have mastered the art of gummies like PLUS has. Here's what you should know about them.

PLUS is a fantastic producer and distributor of some of the best gummies you can get your hands on. This is why you’re in for a treat with this PLUS gummies review. Pick a few off this list we made for you and try them out!

When looking for edibles online, you want fast-acting, strong, flavorful, and consistent user experiences, a thing this brand excels at! I love this brand because of the extensive line of products they carry, all of which are unique and have exceptional properties.

Perhaps you’re more into relaxing and calming user experiences, or on the contrary, you’re out for a more energizing and euphoric vibe.

Either way, rest assured knowing that PLUS has designed at least a couple of products that will tailor fit your needs.

PLUS Unwind Gummies Review

Concord Grape

The PLUS Concord Grape gummies are a mouth-watering treat, and each serving has 4.5 mg of THC and 0.5 mg of CBD. These powerful edibles deliver tranquility, peace, and calm, which is great for use in the afternoon, after work, and for some amazing vibes.

The sweet, somewhat citrusy flavor profile will have your taste buds melting in bliss. Not only is the taste on point, but the relaxing and unwinding effects and the consistent user experience will have you in love with this product.

Blackberry Lemon

These indica gummies are consistent, fast-acting, and incredibly delicious. Each pack has twenty servings that feature a 9:1 THC to CBD ratio, perfect for a potent user experience.

The citrusy, earthy, and berry flavor profile is to die for! The blackberry taste goes fantastic with the citrusy and sour notes from the lemon. With the amazing relaxing, uplifting, and calming effects, these babies not only taste great but feel great.

PLUS Uplift Gummies Review


I love fruit, citrus fruits specifically, and after lemon what I love the most is a tangerine. The PLUS Uplift Tangerine gummies honor the taste and power of a tangerine, their citrus, sour and sweet notes give your user experience a unique and powerful flavor profile.

Each gummy has 5 mg of THC and will produce energizing, uplifting and mood-elevating effects, perfect for a sunny day out! I’m a fan of these edibles because of their amazing taste, the consistent effects, and how powerful they are.

Sour Watermelon

These treats are sweet, tangy, and sour, perfect to make your mouth water and your taste buds pop! These gummies pack a good 5 mg THC dose, enough for a controlled and balanced experience.

These edibles by PLUS have an uplifting and energizing effect, coupled with a fresh and sour flavor profile. Every tin pack has twenty servings and is a great treat that’ll give you a great buzz, great to keep around for fun times

PLUS Relief Gummies Review


These amazing edibles are engineered with relief, relaxation, and sleep-inducing effects as a goal, and they’ve outdone it. These gummies feature a potent and well-rounded combination of terpenes and cannabinoids for a strong, durable, and fast-acting experience.

Each gummy packs a serious punch! Expect great relaxing and calming effects from the rich blend of ten terpenes, 1 mg THC, 3 mg CBD, and 2 mg CBN infused user experience. This product has nano emulsified cannabinoids, which grant the user a rapid onset of about 8 to 10 minutes.


PLUS made another kickass product! The PLUS Relief Pomegranate Gummies are flavorful and powerful, and their 1:1, 5 mg THC to CBD ratio will be beneficial for your body in so many ways. Made with naturally sourced Californian pomegranates, these gummies have incredible flavor and exceptional effects. 

These pomegranate gummies are designed to deliver a balanced, yet strong and long-lasting relief, with moderate psychoactivity. Whether you decide to use these edibles to find relief for stress, muscle pain, and tension, or sleep assistance, these gummies are amazing, taste great, and do the deed.

Tropical Mango

One of the most popular and loved fruits out there is mango, and when it comes to edibles it’s a delicious option! These edibles feature a 9:1 CBD to THC ratio making them perfect for your medicinal and health needs. The 9 mg of CBD are perfect for calming the body and mind and might be beneficial for pain and inflammation reduction. 

The sweet and tangy mango flavor profile is exciting and tropical! You will feel your mind and body transported to a tropical wonderland, where all your stress, tension, muscle pains, and other symptoms will become a thing of the past.

PLUS Sleep Gummies Review


These gummies from PLUS are rad and handy. If you need some help sleeping this terpene blend and 5 mg THC, 1 mg CBN, and 1 mg CBD gummy will definitely pack a punch. 

These treats are sweet and are designed to engage with the body to assist with sleep and a healthy, natural circadian rhythm regulation. Each sexy pack has twenty gummies, great for packing in your bag when you travel, or for use as needed at home.

PLUS Strains Gummies Review

Pineapple Express

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It is certain that close to all smokers or stoners have heard about or know about Pineapple Express, and these infused gummies pack the punch to carry that name on the tin. PLUS nails it, and does it well, with every product on their edibles line, these are no exception. 

The uplifting and energizing effects and the chill vibe that will come from these juicy-’n-sweet pineapple treats are going to blow your mind. The hybrid nature of the user experience will leave you in awe, and these gummies will for sure be making a returning appearance in your cannabic experiences menu.

Lemon Jack

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Each PLUS Strains Lemon Jack gummy is powerful, tasty and will provide you with a phenomenal user experience. The natural flower-forward flavor profile is unique and inspiring, and it’s made great by the strong terpene blend that has amazing taste and potent effects.

These gummies are made with full-spectrum oil that comes from a blend of the Jack Herer and the Lemon Kush strains. Both of these strains are known for their energetic, uplifting, and inspirational effects, which will be amazing to fuel focus, creativity, and most importantly make fatigue go away.

Granddaddy Purple

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These indica infused gummies have a very distinctive and sought-after flavor profile brought by the Granddaddy Purple (aka GDP) strain, a cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud. GDP’s well known for its sweet, earthy, and berry/grape flavor profile, and the distinct terpene blend will give you all-around wellness.

These edibles are packed with 5 mg of THC per serving, and the amazing terpene profile of pinene, myrcene, and caryophyllene makes them perfect for stress and pain relief, sleepless nights, and general body soothing.

PLUS Balance Gummies Review

Sour Blueberry

The tangy, sweet and sour, and berry flavor profile that these gummies provide will taste amazing and welcome a unique, inspiring, and well-rounded user experience. These amazing gummies are what you need to elevate your mood and even inspire some creativity.

The balanced and relaxing user experience will come from the 3.5 mg of THC and 1.5 mg of CBD each serving packs. The best part about these gummies is the quick onset time, the consistency, and how delicious they are.

Cucumber Lime

The cucumber and lime combination is fresh, invigorating, and inspiring. These gummies contain 3.5 mg of THC and 1.5 mg of CBD, making them a perfect match for your daily needs. 

The balanced and powerful relaxation, energizing, and uplifting effects will feel great! What I like the most about these gummies though is the strong and fresh cucumber and lime flavor profile that will chill your taste buds and prepare you for a feel-good user experience.

Plus Hash Gummies Review

Hash Orange Blossom Gummies

PLUS designed these gummies with the most balanced and potent entourage effect in mind. In order to be able to provide such an effect, they partnered with MAC by Biscotti, true geniuses behind hash infusion. These amazing and flavorful orange gummies pack a serious 10 mg of punch per serving and blend the effects and benefits of the whole flower with incredible taste. 

These gummies are truly incredible, their holistic and full range effects are the bomb, literally. This premium product has an incredible citrusy, tangy and pungent flavor profile that combined with its 10 mg of THC will definitely be a fan favorite for its relaxing, uplifting, and energizing effects.

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