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Learn | 12.29.2023

Taste Test: Testing Out Binoid’s New Amanita Gummies

What you should know about microdosed mushroom gummies.

Welcome to an extraordinary journey with Binoid, where we will unravel the secrets behind their amazing Mushroom Gummies.

These delights, available in captivating flavors such as Cosmic Candy, Berry Snow Cone, and Trippy Tropical, not only promise to be exquisite to the palate but also to be portals to an unparalleled sensory experience. 

Dive into the world of these micro-dosed gummies with a critical lens, exploring their features and benefits in depth. 

They are meticulously formulated with a potent combination of mushrooms, promising to unleash a cosmic journey that defies all expectations. Let’s find out if these gummies are really as great as they promise to be.

Microdosed Mushroom Gummies

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Binoid Mushroom Gummies are a masterpiece designed to take us on a unique and exciting journey with all the benefits of natural mushrooms. These micro-dosed gummies are pioneers in their class, offering an uplifting and motivating experience, backed by a soothing body sensation. 

Upon tasting them, one can experience the promised uplifting and motivating upliftment, accompanied by a pleasant sense of calm that gradually envelops the body. Each gummy seemed to be a portal to a cosmic journey, where the flavors intertwined with the effects harmoniously.

What makes these gummies truly exceptional is their ability to deliver the benefits of natural mushrooms in a subtle and balanced way. The experience is not overwhelming, but rather a sensory dance that captures the senses.

Every time you try Binoid Mushroom Gummies, it’s like opening a door to a world full of exciting flavors and surprising sensations.

  • Cosmic Caramel: Imagine taking a bite of an explosion of cosmic sweetness that awakens all your senses from the first bite.
  • Berry Snow Cone: It’s like diving into the juicy freshness of frozen berries, creating a magical little winter right in your mouth.
  • Trippy Tropical: And for the grand finale, a relaxing experience that transports you to a psychedelic paradise with every bite.

Outstanding Features

Psilocybin Free: It is important to note that these gummies do not contain psilocybin, providing a unique experience without the psychoactive effects associated with magic mushrooms, as they are made with a proprietary blend of mushrooms, specially developed by Binoid.

Potent and Aromatic: The gummies are formulated with an extremely potent mushroom blend, offering a floral and potent experience in every bite.

Most Unique in Mushroom Gummies: Binoid has succeeded in creating the most unique mushroom gummies to date, combining potency and flavor in a way that redefines consumer expectations.

Clean Ingredients: The gummies contain a blend of natural ingredients and an exclusive mushroom blend. Ingredients include tapioca syrup, cane sugar, pectin, sodium citrate, and more.

In the universe of mushroom gummies, Binoid has set a whole new standard with this formula that captivates the senses and redefines expectations. Get ready for a cosmic journey that will change your perspective on mushroom gummies!

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