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Pulsar RöK Review: Is This The Best Dab Rig Out There?

Leave the blow torches for the crème brûlée.

Electric dab rigs are eliminating the often off-putting blow torch from the dabbing experience, and stoners are absolutely here for it. While there’s a good amount of variety on the market, this review of the Pulsar RöK should help your decision-making process if you’re thinking about going electric.  

The RöK is a portable rig that provides a potent high whether you’re on the run or having a chill day at home. Let’s embrace the technological advancements of the vaping experience and see if the RöK is as good as it seems.

About Pulsar

Photo courtesy of Pulsar

Pulsar has established a reputation for being one of the most trusted brands out there and has been the vanguard of the vaping industry. Most cannabis users would recognize Pulsar by their APX line of vapes, but the company offers pipes, bongs, dab rigs, and other accessories to serve a well-rounded selection of weedy wonders. 

Producing quality products out of Asheville, North Carolina, Pulsar houses experts who are passionate about the vaping experience and determined to deliver vapes and accessories that elevate your smoking experience.

The RöK is a testament to Pulsar’s ability to stay at the forefront of the industry by embracing new technologies that continue to improve vaping.

Design & Features

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Just shy of 7 inches tall, the RöK is a sneaky and durable device that has 3 voltage settings, allowing you to adjust the temperature for vaping herbs and concentrates at your desired power level. There are separate coil-less chambers that are each made for herb and concentrates. 

The quartz V2 atomizer is made for concentrates and has an increased surface area compared to other vapes on the market, making it ideal for bigger clouds and faster, more balanced heating.  The dry herb chamber is the ceramic bowl that evenly and gradually heats your herb, depending on the temperature setting that you choose. 

The Boro glass water chamber at the base of the RöK features a disc percolator that adds more style to this already lustrous device. The design of the RöK was carefully thought out, and that can be seen by the placement of the beaker base underneath the electric component. This ensures that no water will leak down into the mechanism, like some other products that have the water closer to the mouthpiece. 

The metal mechanism above the beaker base has a matte black finish that gives a sleek and visually appealing look to the RöK. It would fit in perfectly next to your coffee maker or tea kettle, looking like some sort of electric kitchen gadget you’d see on a cooking show.

How To Use

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You have the option of dropping your concentrates into a hot or cold chamber, but cold is recommended.  Once you insert your concentrates into the bottom of the chamber (not the sides), use the dab trigger to get precise variable voltage control. 

The 3 color-coded voltage settings consist of green (3.4v/680℉), blue (3.6v/780℉), and red (3.8v/850℉). 

The trigger can also initiate ‘RöK Mode,’ which powers the device for 30 seconds and is great for passing it around to a few friends for some consecutive hits. You can end ‘RöK Mode’ anytime by pressing the trigger twice, just in case it’s a little more than you were expecting.

When using the RöK for dry herb, keep in mind that using the lowest setting will give a more typical vape experience, while cranking that temp up to the highest settings will generate a more dry herb water pipe ordeal.

Make sure that you don’t use the ceramic bowl for concentrates, as this will cause leaking throughout the device.

Performance & Vapor Quality

Photo courtesy of Pulsar

Depending on power level and the length of your hits, the RöK usually lasts around 15-20 sessions per charge. That’s really good battery life and it’s something that users rave about, along with the device’s ability to heat up quickly while staying cool on the outside. 

The high-temperature settings can make it easy to overheat your material and ruin the flavor, but with some time getting used to the pulsing action of pressing the dab trigger, you can have more control over your power level and find your ideal temperature. The strong and flavorful vapor that users report is made even smoother by the disc percolator and isolated airpath that delivers a pure result. 

The device is advertised as a dual-threat that’s able to vape concentrates and dry herb, but many users have reported that the device is best used as it’s titled- a dab rig. Using the device to vape flowers is often an underwhelming experience.

Cleaning & Maintenance

A common complaint is many small parts that make up this device, making cleaning and maintenance a tedious task. Once you separate all the pieces of this device, you’ll have about 8 or 9 individual parts to clean. 

Once you memorize all the pieces and disassemble the device a few times, you should get the hang of it. You’ll also want to clean frequently so the pieces don’t become clogged and more difficult to clean. 

The manual included with the RöK provides detailed instructions on cleaning the coil cup, all glass parts, air pathways, and the mouthpiece. Also included to help you with the cleaning of the device are wire brushes and cleaning buds.

Pulsar Rok Pros/Cons

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While we’ll list the pros and cons of the RöK below, the decision is ultimately yours when it comes to trying out a new technology that could be the next big thing in the cannabis vaping community.

Pulsar has continued to show its leadership in the industry, and it should be noted that while the RöK may have some flaws, it’s still pretty sweet to see how far vaping has come over the years. Let’s start with some of the aspects of the RöK that might not be up to par. 


  • Not ideal for vaping flower
  • Clogs often
  • Cleaning is time-consuming
  • Temperature settings are higher than usual


  • Clean and flavorful vapor
  • Portable and stylish
  • Great battery life
  • It’s electric!


Take this information into account when deliberating the decision of your next dabbing device. This device will definitely be an attention grabber to some of your friends who might not have been aware that dab rigs have gone electric. Bust out the RöK and activate ‘RöK Mode’ to dazzle your friends and try it out yourself. 

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