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Snoop Dogg Pounds Review: Which One Is Better?

As any brand manager would have it for their client, with a character like Snoop's it was only logical that he'd have his own cannabis smoker's accessories brand. We just didn't expect them to be THAT good...

For generations born in the past 40 years, it’s highly likely that most people have heard of Snoop Dogg.

And if you’ve heard of Snoop Dogg you’ve probably heard of his love for weed. Along with Cheech & Chong and perhaps Willie Nelson, Snoop ranks at the top of the celebrity weed smoker’s list.

As any brand manager would have it for their client, with a character like Snoop’s it was only logical that he’d have his own cannabis smoker’s accessories brand.

But how good are Snoop Dogg Pounds products exactly?

Snoop Dogg Pounds ATL Bong Review

The ATL Bong is built with a slitted pendant percolator that breaks up the smoke and disperses its particles, allowing the air to cool down almost immediately.

The bubble base body is specifically designed to give the smoke enough space to swirl around and cold down even further before it hits the mouthpiece.

As you will find out below, all Pounds glass smoking accessories are made with 5 mm borosilicate glass that doesn’t heat up easily. A feature that runs deeply in the product lineup and presents itself in the ATL as well.

The stability on the ATL makes the piece particularly nice as a center table decor item. A circular body water pipe with stability like the ATL’s is not an easy find.

This water pipe stands 11″ tall and comes in there different color combinations you can choose from; black, white, & milky jade.

Snoop Dogg Pounds Mothership Review

The Mothership is a thick borosilicate glass water pipe designed for exclusive dry herb use. As with other Pounds accessories, the Mothership is made with a 5 mm thick borosilicate glass meant to stand out and feel heavy in your hands.

The Mothership stands a whopping 13″ tall that makes it an incredibly fashionable piece but also adds the extra functionality of cooling down the smoke before it reaches your lips. Which is a feature enhanced by the dual-percolator design the Mothership uses.

This device comes with a slitted UFO percolator and perforated inline perc for additional power and freshness to your smoke cloud. The straight tube design simply looks cool with the dual-perc structure and the thick-rimmed mouthpiece that make the whole experience feel like something great is about to happen.

The piece also comes with a reinforced downstem female joint a removable male bowl that fits just right and comes with an easy-to-grab handle that makes for maximum manipulability.

The whole base of the Mothership made it feel like it could never fall off the coffee table. This probably will never happen unless something extremely unexpected comes to pass, but the Mothership is extremely stable and reliable.

Not to mention thick as can be, which would probably trump one of those unexpected occurrences that would inevitably result in a broken bong with any other brand.

Snoop Dogg Pounds Spaceship Review

Water Pipes tend to be bulky, heavy devices. What first struck me with the Spaceship is that this did not seem to be the case.

An incredibly compact device that only stands 6.5″, which makes it incredibly stable but my initial thought process was that this would hurt the product’s performance in terms of air cooling. Which I was also completely wrong on.

The Spaceship is designed for dabbing purposes, so vapor cooling tends to be a bit different than it is with smoke. I personally find vapor to be less harsh on the throat and easier to cool down, the Spaceship solidified that interpretation.

The Spaceship comes with two different kinds of nails made for dabbing enthusiasts to pick and choose from.

As is expected from any Snoop Dogg Pounds glass piece, the Spaceship is made from a ruggedly thick 5 mm borosilicate glass. Because the Spaceship is such a small and compact piece, the percolator action needs to be unbelievably efficient to cool down the smoke well.

The inline ruffle percolator does a great job of retaining any residue and cooling down the vapor to just the right temperature for a deep smooth pull.

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