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Storz & Bickel Volcano Grinder Review: The Complete Guide

Bring the lava with this fire grinder that supplies the quality we expect from such a storied cannabis brand at an affordable price.

Usually, a free accessory that comes with the purchase of Storz & Bickel products like the Mighty, Plenty, and Volcano Vaporizer, this grinder has a simple, wide design that is great for the on-the-go preparation of your herb. 

A cheap option that gets the job done, this single-chambered, 3-piece acrylic grinder grates your flower to the ideal consistency for vaping. The sharp teeth are no joke on this bad boy.

About Storz & Bickel

Photo courtesy of Storz & Bickel

Anyone lucky enough to hit a Volcano Vaporizer knows the quality of the Storz & Bickel brand. I remember my first Volcano hit. I was in college, playing Tekken at a friend’s house when this angelic individual brought the powerful vape in a huge travel bag. As he assembled the vape, took out the empty bag, and placed it on the top of the device, I knew I was in for a unique experience. 

Between four people, we killed that bag and walked to a nearby movie theater to watch some movie that I can’t remember for the life of me. I guess that is as good an advertisement for the vaporizer as any. It’s one of those experiences where you recognize at the moment that “wow, I’ve never been this kind of high.” 

The German company was granted the patent for the detachable balloon that made the Volcano famous in 1999 and released its first version a year later.

Since then, the Volcano has remained the debatable standard among personal vaporizers. There now exists 5 versions of the Volcano that are all featured on the company’s website, including the gold edition that commemorated 20 years of excellence.


This 3-piece acrylic grinder is great for on-the-go adventures where you know you’ll be rolling some joints or blunts along the way. The ridged grip along the outside of the grinder allows for a tight turn of the device, ensuring that the grinder doesn’t get stuck if you’re inserting that super sticky-icky.


These extra sharp teeth grind your flower to a fine consistency that is perfect for vaping or sprinkling anywhere you’re heart desires.

If you’re rolling blunts or just don’t want your herb to be that fine, you can simply give the nugs a quick turn in the grinder before immediately releasing, allowing only a slight grind that will provide thicker material. 

Grind Quality

Leave it to the professionals at Storz & Bickel to provide a grinder that might not look like much, but delivers a quality that mirrors their award-winning and critically acclaimed vaporizers.

This grinder looks like any plastic one you could buy at your local smoke shop, but the quality is before your eyes on the first grind. 


  • Cheap
  • Valued Brand
  • Built-In Stash Case


  • Only Single Chambered
  • Plastic


When it comes to the decision to purchase this grinder, it’s not a do-or-die type of choice. I mean, at just $4.9, this lava-colored grinder is a strong option for anyone that needs a cheap grinder that gives a good, sharp grind despite its plastic makeup.

From such a trusted brand, this grinder is the perfect companion if you’re vaping on-the-go or just want a new, cheap grinder to add to your rotation. 

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