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Herb’s Guide To The Strongest Flower In California

Here's the most potent flower you'll find in the Golden State.

Photo by Xhico / Adobe Stock Photo

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Flowers are the purest form of weed. Adaptable and transformable into your consumption method of preference, they will always be your go-to source for anything. We’ve got options for everyone: indica, sativa, and hybrid. And they all have one thing in common: lots of cannabinoids!

Fan of strong weed? Check out our selection of the strongest indica strains!

Here are our picks of the most potent flower you can find in Cali. Head over to Eaze (C11-0000150-LIC) to get them. Use Herb70 at checkout to get a 70% discount on selected products!

Everyday Diamond OG


Diamond OG

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I particularly recommend this flower from Everyday. It is an incredible indica and with its earthy aroma, is the jewel in the crown of the OG family! If you are a fan of nature, inhaling this herb will make you feel like you are in the best forest in all of California!

With this formidable flower, you will reach levels of relaxation like never before and feel more cheerful than ever. With a THC of 25%, this splendid flower is ideal for those who are taking their first steps in the world of cannabis. 

With the Diamond OG, you can enjoy everyday life with your friends and feel freer than ever!

Circles Purple Punch

Circles is an excellent option to start this list with. Its Indica strain flower combines Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple, leading to a delicious and relaxing Purple Punch. It is sweet yet piney, calming yet uplifting.

Ideal for smoking a few hits and enjoying your post-meal break – ideally right after dinner since it has 22% of THC, which might make it more tempting to go to bed rather than back to work after the first couple of hits.

The Cure Company Lava Cake

The Cure Company

Lava Cake

A cross between Thin Mint GSC and Grape pie created this astonishing Lava Cake Indica-hybrid. Like taste and sweetness to Circles’ Purple Punch, The Cure Company’s Lava Cake is also relaxing, although it is more known for making you somewhat euphoric at a certain point of your smoking sesh.

With over 20% THC, this flower is ideal for people who are only discovering the use of flowers and exploring their effect.

Glass House Farms Papaya Punch

Glass House Farms Papaya Punch is an Indica dominant strain of unclear origin, high in THC (21%) but incredibly high in terpenes. Only by opening the jar can the aroma of different tropical fruits invade the air – imagine when you smoke the stuff.

Ideal for lovers of fruity flavors and people searching for extreme relaxation, this flower is also great for aches and pains and for hanging out with friends!

Alien Labs Xeno

Alien Labs


Incredibly powerful, testing at around 30% THC, Xeno is an Indica dominant hybrid strain that you cannot miss. It smells like fresh citrus and tastes like I will get you high  – and it does. It is up there amongst the flowers that make you the most euphoric, but with a soothing sensation at the end of your hit that makes you feel the whole experience. 

LAKE GRADE Lemon Sour Diesel


Lemon Sour Diesel (LSD)

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For the first sativa of the list, we have the LAKE GRADE Lemon Sour Diesel, a sun-grown, all-natural flower that is the boost mood we all need. It is bred by crossing Lemon OG Kush and Sour Diesel, making it the ideal combo for chilling outdoors with friends and snacks.

The first time I tried it, I became so active and tidy I thought I had taken something that wasn’t weed. It has a bit over 23% THC in it accompanied by a high myrcene content that gives it a  nice earthy flavor mixed with spice and herbal sensations.

Bloom Farms Mendo Breath

Bloom Farms has the most exciting processes and breed methods behind their flowers, really worth looking into! In this case, in particular, Mendo Breath is an Indica-leaning mix between OG Kush Breath and Mendo Montage, another one of the Mendo strains grown by Gae Green Genetics in California.

Nutty and earthy, the Mendo Breath gets you high and uplifted but incredibly relaxed and relieved from any pain or aches.

Stiizy Liit White Raspberry

Back to Indicas, Stiizy’s Liit White Raspberry is a premium one that brings you all kinds of flavors in one. It smells delicious and tastes incredible too. It also makes you super relaxed and focused, ideal for chilling in front of the TV and not having to pause and rewind all day because you got distracted.

Cookies Berry Pie

The name of the flower says it all… and you haven’t seen the package yet! COOKIES’ Berry Pie is your ideal breakfast to start on the right foot and get everything done, once and for all! It is strong and keeps you focused, making it perfect for practically any scenario in which you want to stay awake while still high.

Sessions Super OG

Sessions’ Super OG has a great transition from euphoric and rushed to relaxation and moderate heat across the body, calming and soothing all pain, aches, and insomnia for those who suffer these long days of sitting down on a chair.

Cresco Angel Crasher

The Angel Crasher is a flower that contains around 22% of THC and hardly any CBD. It has an unknown origin, but it is assumed one of its parents is the Wedding Crasher, with which it shares the herb and sweet flavor and some citrus aftertaste.

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June 18, 2021 — Last Updated July 21, 2021
Written by Marcos Heredia
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June 18, 2021 — Last Updated July 21, 2021
Written by Marcos Heredia

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