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Herb’s Guide To The Strongest Flower In California

Here's the most potent flower you'll find in the Golden State.

Flowers are the purest form of weed. Adaptable and transformable into your consumption method of preference, they will always be your go-to source for anything. We’ve got options for everyone: indica, sativa, and hybrid. And they all have one thing in common: lots of cannabinoids!

Fan of strong weed? Check out our selection of the strongest indica strains!

Here are our picks of the most potent flower you can find in Cali. Head over to Eaze to get them. Use Herb30 at checkout to get $30 off your first purchase!

Everyday Diamond OG

I particularly recommend this flower from Everyday. It is an incredible indica and with its earthy aroma, is the jewel in the crown of the OG family! If you are a fan of nature, inhaling this herb will make you feel like you are in the best forest in all of California!

With this formidable flower, you will reach levels of relaxation like never before and feel more cheerful than ever. With a THC of 25%, this splendid flower is ideal for those who are taking their first steps in the world of cannabis. 

With the Diamond OG, you can enjoy everyday life with your friends and feel freer than ever!

SF Roots Cherry DS

While not related to your Nintendo DS, this strain will press all your buttons and keep you entertained for hours. An original strain that stems from Cherry Pie and Death Star OG, this indoor flower is great for promoting relaxation, happiness, and pain relief. Allow this hybrid to balance your day, giving you a great high that lifts your mood and eases your body. 

Take a ride on this San Francisco treat that packs a whopping 36% THC and is brought to you by one of the city’s first Social Equity Companies that promotes quality, community, and compassion.

Wonderbrett Pineapple OG

You’ll feel like you’re lounging on a beach somewhere, toes in the sand, and the cool breeze blowing softly against your skin (this helps if you turn on the fan). This potent hybrid packs a punch with an intense fruity smell that also features a hint of diesel, which speaks to its potency. 

When it comes to elite flower, take it from the guy who supplied weed for rap legends Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and Xzibit. Brett Feldman, of Wonderbrett, catered to the elite before bringing his cultivations to the mainstream, and this Pineapple OG that packs 33% THC is a testament to that quality.

Circles Purple Punch

Circles is an excellent option to start this list with. Its indica strain flower combines Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple, leading to a delicious and relaxing Purple Punch. It is sweet yet piney, calming yet uplifting.

Ideal for smoking a few hits and enjoying your post-meal break – ideally right after dinner since it has 22% of THC, which might make it more tempting to go to bed rather than back to work after the first couple of hits.

Cannabiotix Blueberry

Not since Violet Baueregarde have you seen such a plump, violet spectacle like the Blueberry nugs from Cannabiotix. Whether you’re at your favorite smoothie place or packing up a bowl, blueberry is always an inviting flavor to experience. You’ll taste the ripe blueberries when puffing on this flower, and with 28% THC, you might taste the snozzberries too!

Cannabiotix has been a trusted brand in the weed industry for a couple of decades now, and you or someone you know has most likely experienced their products first hand. They never disappoint, and you can always be sure of the high quality from the Southern California company that consistently produces Cannabis Cup quality goods.

Foxy Caviar

You’ve heard of Foxy Cleopatra, but here’s something that’s just as dazzling and a whole ‘lotta weed. Foxy’s Caviar is properly named, being the prized offspring of Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush. The name makes complete sense when you see the lineage of this strain, and with 30% THC, you can bet that the quality backs up the name. 

Foxy is a California cannabis brand that offers high-quality, extra-potent flower. Partnering with Eaze, who brings the best herb straight to your door, Foxy presented a short documentary about Mickey “The Pope” Cesar, a New Yorker who was famously arrested after starting a phone delivery service that provided cannabis to this community.

The film, which was a finalist at the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival, showcases the personality of the weed legend and any short documentary, and it’s definitely worth a watch.

Fumé Double Chem OG

Twice the chem, dawg! You can get his double dose, heavy-hitting strain that is ideal for the indica connoisseurs out there. With 27% THC, these spicy flavored nugs contain hints of woody and savory aromas. An incredibly relaxing experience, this strain also lifts your mood and makes you more social than you might expect from a potent indica. 

Fume is known for its potent flower and convenient accessories that aid your entire smoking experience. Their single source cannabis extraction method is ideal for preserving their flower’s best tasting, strongest terpenes.

Ember Valley Ice Cream Cake

Just like your last birthday, you’re going to want a big slice of this Ice Cream Cake that provides a beautiful, tranquil high that diffuses stress instantaneously. The hybrid measures around 30% THC and features dark purple nugs with bright green hues mixed in. The pronounced trichomes will have you craving this frosty nug just like you crave the dessert it’s named for. 

The Redding California company is located in the heart of Shasta County and uses the best nutrients possible for each of its prized strains. From precise temperature control to hand-manicured cultivation techniques, Ember Valley has been built by the ground up with its intense attention to detail and resilient harvesting methods.

LEUNE Sol Berry - Mixed Light

LAKE GRADE Lemon Sour Diesel

Like a beautiful day on the beach, you can bring sol to your day with this hybrid flower grown by a combination of natural sunlight and supplemental eco-friendly lighting sources. This balanced strain is fantastic for a social gathering with friends or just getting through a typical day. A sense of euphoria and relaxation are common effects of Sol Berry. 

LEUNE is an LA-based cannabis brand designed for what they call the “3.0 cannabis consumer” who cares about more than just getting high. Social causes and artistic ventures are also crucial to LEUNE, which partners with the Last Prisoner Project to help eradicate cannabis convictions across the country. 

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For the first sativa of the list, we have the LAKE GRADE Lemon Sour Diesel, a sun-grown, all-natural flower that is the boost mood we all need. It is bred by crossing Lemon OG Kush and Sour Diesel, making it the ideal combo for chilling outdoors with friends and snacks.

The first time I tried it, I became so active and tidy I thought I had taken something that wasn’t weed. It has a bit over 23% THC in it accompanied by a high myrcene content that gives it a  nice earthy flavor mixed with spice and herbal sensations.

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