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Learn | 01.21.2022

We Tried Keef’s Life H2O: Here’s Our Review

Drinking weed never felt better.

It’s no secret that we don’t like drinking just plain water all the time, but what if we told you there’s an even better option to adding a bit of flavor by also putting some THC into the mix.

Keef’s got you covered, thanks to their Life H2O drinks that add just a splash of flavor to 100 mg of THC per serving.

Whether you’re looking for an added boost to any non-alcoholic beverages or mocktails, or a simple sip to get you going, these are a fantastic option for both experienced and new users of cannabis-infused drinks. 

Keef’s Soda’s are almost exact replicas of regular beverages, which means their sugar levels are also higher than other carbonated drinks.

This is why they came up with Keef Life H2O, which has less than 50 calories in the whole bottle.

They are non-alcoholic and have resealable caps, so you can maximize the enjoyment by taking a few sips at a time (or all at once, too).

About Keef

Photo courtesy of Keef Brands

Keef is one of those start small, grow big brands; created by Erik Knutson in 2010, they began as an alternative to non-existent competing beverages with THC extracts.

They began testing their flavors and efficiency with their closest relatives, including Knutson’s grandmother; once she approved Keef beverages, they knew they were on the right path.

Keef is available in 7 different states in the U.S., as well as Puerto Rico and Jamaica.

From regular sodas to lighter drinks, as well as caffeinated and uncaffeinated options, these cannabis-made drinks are one of a kind. 

Keef Strawberry Kiwi Review

Flavors & Effects

Strawberry Kiwi is infused with a hybrid strain, meaning it contains the best of both sativa and sndica for a balanced effect.

The flavor and effects are smooth enough to leave room for relaxation, and not get too overwhelmed with the high. 

Best Time To Drink

The best time to drink would be during the evenings, since its low sugar content and THC concentrate make it a nice alternative to regular tea. 

Keef Cranberry Lime Review

Flavors & Effects

Cranberry-Lime is infused with a sativa dominant strain, and, as a bonus, it has some extra THCV to enhance the effects of cannabinoids.

This drink is mainly to energize, so be wary that if you take a sip at night it might keep you up longer than expected.

Best Time To Drink

The best time to drink is during daytime, so you can consider this an after-workout snack for a midday pick-up. 

Keef Blueberry Lemon Review

Flavors & Effects

The flavor Blueberry Lemon is infused with indica strain, as well as CBN cannabinoids, so it has a more relaxing effect. 

Best Time To Drink

Thanks to the strain and the added cannabinoids, this drink is better suited for nightime.

Think about taking a glass before settling into a nice, deep sleep. 

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