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Our Full Review Of Keef’s Energy Drinks

Quench your thirst and lift your spirit.

Smoking can dry your mouth. But, drinking THC-infused beverages is as good as feeling that icy touch on your lips. Then, the beverage floods your tongue in a sparkling and tasty liquid.

And finally, it runs through your throat, refreshing your insides. This amazing sensation now has THC in it.

A touch of cannabis can improve any edible, and now is the turn for energy drinks.

Keef’s THC-Infused Energy Beverages are the new way to enjoy THC. This is a new alternative to smoking or vaping with the tasty flavors of tropical fruits or citrus.

Have a drink to get a charge of energy to enjoy yourself as much as you can or get things done. It is great to share with your friends at home.

Refresh with THC on the couch while chatting, playing video games, or watching a moody movie.

If you feel like going on an adventure, Keef energy drinks are the best companions. Go hiking and moisten your mouth while drinking a dose of THC while watching the landscape or when having a moment at the beach.

Fight the hot weather with this drink and enhance the spiritual experience of being by the sea and the sun.

About Keef

Photo courtesy of Keef

Keef is the leading brand when talking about drinks and cannabis. Their cannabis-infused beverages are a referent of new ways of enjoying cannabis.

Their catalog includes sodas, energy drinks, sparkling water, water, and mocktails. These products are all pretty awesome already.

But, Keef adds the magic of THC in them so that it takes your experience to another level.

The guys at Keef are committed to bringing people together and celebrating watching the world in a new way. The social progress of cannabis gives people new eyes to enjoy even more simple pleasures.

For example, taking a drink. A drink makes us meet new people and enjoy those always with us. A touch of cannabis makes it more fun. It is a whole new adventure.

High Octane

What is more refreshing than a mix of citrus fruits? Putting them in an energizing drink with a good dose of THC.

High Octane promises to brighten your day with a powerful charge of energy. It is not only the flavor but its 90 mg of caffeine. It is equal to having a cup of coffee. Plus, it has an amazing addition of 100 mg of THC.

It enhances the blissfulness, relaxation, and energy of this beverage.


The flavor is a mix of citrus fruits that includes lemon and lime.

Instead of making you wrinkle your face like if you lick a lemon, its flavor is inviting and refreshing. It is more like drinking lemonade with various fruits.

Nothing like a citrus drink to calm your thirst and to please your tongue with a fantastic flavor at the same time.

THC Content

High Octane features a THC content of 100 mg that hits quickly and hard. The buzz is potent and lasts for long. This is a beverage to drink slowly so that you can enjoy its effects properly.

And avoid uncomfortable sensations of a green out. High Octane is a favorite of experienced users with a certain tolerance to THC.

Energy FLO

This is another mix of fruits, but this time is the turn for tropical flavors. FLO is the perfect strain to enjoy sitting by the beach.

Imagine watching the waves come and go while your drink flows through you like a stream of flavor.

It has 90 mg of caffeine to keep you alert and 10 mg of THC to lift your spirit.


If you are a fan of sweet flavors, this drink will give you one of your most memorable sensations. The taste of tropical fruits is sweet and refreshing.

It is like taking bananas, pineapple, and mango and turning them into a taste like heaven on earth.

The sole flavor can relieve your thirst, but it will also draw a smile on that pretty face of yours.

THC Content

FLO has a modest THC content of 10 mg compared to High Octane.  The more subtle touch of cannabis lets you enjoy the flavors and the effects carefree.

The mental buzz is mellow while the energy is high. This drink will reduce any trace of stress and anxiety.

Instead, you will feel the happiness and optimism that a dose of cannabis can give you.

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