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The Best Dispensaries In Interbay

Find your medical marijuana at these leading dispensaries in Interbay, Florida.

Recreational cannabis is not legal in Florida. But thankfully, medical use is, meaning thousands of patients are relieving their pain, aches, and conditions with nothing but high-quality cannabis.

While Florida is a pretty big state, we’re focussing on the small Tampa neighborhood of Interbay. Instead of traveling north into the heart of Florida, we want to help you stay put and find everything you’re looking for in your neighborhood.

Below, you’ll find the leading dispensaries in Interbay and what kind of products they carry. If you’re a medical patient looking for easy access to the best cannabis in Interbay, we’ve got you covered.

Insa Dispensary

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Insa wants to make your good days even better. It’s an award-winning dispensary that describes itself as a “melting pot of artisans growing cannabis for everyone.”

The team at Insa is fully involved in every step of the process, from sowing seeds to selling the final product. The dispensary carries what it calls cannabis for real life, whether you want to heal the mind and body or lift your spirit to a higher vibration.

About Insa

All premium cannabis from Insa comes in various formats, helping you find your preferred method of ingestion.

The dispensary is one of the most passionate about putting the wants and needs of consumers first. Its budtenders take time to understand your condition and what you’re looking for in a product.

Expect the shopping experience at Insa to be:

  • Easy
  • Informative
  • Customized

The founders of the dispensary are two friends from Springfield, MA, Pete and Pat. Together, the two best buds reunited after college launched Insa in their hometown in 2013.


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Today, Insa has remained true to its mission to make the good days even better and does so with leading goods like the Insa Milk Chocolate Bar. It’s 38% Cacao and is imported from Europe, made up of pure milk chocolate and infused with 100mg THC per bar, giving each piece 5mg THC.

Location: 5115 S Dale Mabry, Tampa, FL, 33611

Hours: Open daily 8 am – 9 pm

Phone: 877-500-INSA



Curaleaf is one of the biggest cannabis companies in the United States. Although it might seem like one big corporate giant, Curaleaf’s dedicated team ensures that each consumer is looked after, cared for, and heard.

Whatever condition you might have, Curaleaf carries a ton of premium quality products in various formats, from flower and pre-rolls to cartridges and edibles. It’s one of the best cannabis-based therapeutic shops in Florida and nationwide.

Surterra Wellness

If you’re looking for a dispensary with more of an intimate and local Florida feel, check out Surterra Wellness.

The dispensary has various locations throughout Florida, including one in South Tampa’s Interbay neighborhood. The dispensary prides itself on being a passionate group of advocates that seek to empower consumers to unlock the benefits of high-quality cannabis.

All of its products come from its state-of-the-art facility, which includes everything from flower and edibles to tinctures and topicals.


Another leading medical dispensary in the United States is Trulieve, which also has a dispensary in South Tampa’s Interbay neighborhood on Gandy Blvd.

Trulieve has become one of the top dispensaries nationwide for a reason, its unwavering commitment to bringing patients the relief they need through products they can trust. Its mission is to provide compassionate care patients can trust when traditional medicine doesn’t cut it.

Fluent Cannabis Care

Cannabis is a language we can all speak fluently. This is especially true for the budtenders at Fluent Cannabis Care, who strive to understand your needs with empathy while showing you which products might help.

Fluent is by far one of the most caring medical marijuana dispensaries in the state, and its deep level of genuine care and comfort offered by the staff is unmatched.

Fluent understands that no story is a typical story, which is why it offers a vast array of products for any patient with any condition.


VidaCann is located just North of Tampa’s Interbay neighborhood and also serves in Clearwater, Largo, Palm Harbor, and Brandon.

All VidaCann locations remain true to the sole mission of helping fellow Floridians access the healing power of medical cannabis. The dispensary knows that easy access to medicine is essential, which is why it offers solutions that are:

  • Simple
  • Convenient
  • Hassle-free

Feel free to order delivery if it’s permitted in your county, or opt for express pick-up when you need your medicine stat.

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