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The Best Dispensaries in North San Jose

Fin City has lots of incredible landmarks and venues to visit. However, you can't miss out on the dispensaries the town has to offer.

San Jose is a tech paradise. Many people have moved to this city for the technological boom and thriving scene. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, you likely want to find the best weed possible.

Without a doubt, you will find exactly what you’re looking for and more at these dispensaries. We’ve compiled a list of the best five places to get your cannabis in Fin City.

See our favorite north San Jose dispensaries below.

Caliva Dispensary & Delivery

It doesn’t get better than the product selection and knowledgeable staff at Caliva. Located at 1695 S 7th Street, Caliva is the #1 dispensary and delivery service in San Jose, promising consistency, transparency, and accessibility to all.

This shop was voted Best of Silicon Valley, and they work around the clock to ensure you have access to wellness options that best suit your lifestyle.

See below for some unique strains and products offered at Caliva:

The staff is eager to help answer any questions you might have about a product, ensuring you leave with something you can celebrate. Whether you’re seeking something for inspiration or to help you fall asleep, Caliva has you covered.

Their own branded product line features strains grown by the experienced Caliva Cultivation team, which prides itself on growing happy plants for happy people. Finding a reliable cannabis experience is only a block away.

Urbn Leaf

Urbn Leaf is a high-end dispensary with a very specific goal in mind: “Feel Good.” All of their branding efforts are aimed at making everyone follow their signature phrase and feel welcomed and comfortable.

Urbn Leaf is not only a dispensary but also a community builder with a great number of weekly events. They want everyone to feel confident and knowledgeable about cannabis.

These events take place across the United States, with some at their San José location. On their website, you can find a calendar with conservatories, discount hours, classes, and more. The following are some upcoming events:

  • Mary’s Medicinals
  • Source Cannabis brand staff education
  • Verdure, Hi-Burst, Chewees-informational.
  • Aunty Aloha brand training
  • Almost every day, you can buy one and get another for $1 from various brands.


California is known for its strong cannabis culture. Over the years, many companies have fought for the de-stigmatization of this plant. MedMen is a perfect example of that.

This influential dispensary has stores all over the U.S., including in north San José. It not only focuses its attention on offering the best products, but it also has a social approach with education, curation, and transparency.

They have a very user-friendly web store where you can filter all their products by brand, potency, effect, strain type, or proficiency. Their website and their stores are designed perfectly for those who don’t know much but also for people who want something very specific.

In their selection, you can find a lot of brands, including two of their own: MedMen Red and Luxlyte. If you want to try new stuff at a low price, they have special bundles and discounts every month. Check out their last-chance deals; there are amazing products with high discounts, but for a limited time.


Harborside is a cannabis dispensary that was founded in 2006 and is regarded as one of the world’s first marijuana retailers. Here, you’re not just going to find high-quality weed; we’re talking about award-winning strains grown and harvested under top-quality standards. Harborside has stores all over the U.S., including one in north San José. An important part of cannabis history

In Harborside, you can find everything related to marijuana. The variety of products seems infinite and can easily fit each person. With so many years on the market, they have developed an outstanding, homegrown selection of strains that will blow your mind. Here are some examples:

  • Banjo
  • Coco P
  • Maconga
  • Motorhead
  • Wedding Pie

In their selection, they have one strain that stands out above the rest. In 2022, Harborside’s farm won the gold medal at the California State Fair Cannabis Awards with its famous Motorhead strain. A strain with euphoric and happy effects.

Airfield Supply Company

A store’s appearance has an impact on the entire experience. At Airfield Supply Company, you are not only buying the best products in California but also visiting one of the most beautiful dispensaries in the U.S.

This fantastic store, which is located close to San José’s international airport, has an airfield motif. They offer a variety of cannabis products for both experienced users and first-time buyers. As they stated, “Our purpose is to help you make the most of life’s journey every day—it begins here, with our staff.”

They also provide a wonderful experience on their website. Everything is clearly arranged and labeled, making purchases simple. You may search for items, potency, location, strain kind, and more. They have a specific section for special bundles and products, usually at a good price. Here are some of their special items:

  • Z Cubed #5 Persy live rosin (75.1% THC)
  • Puffco Peak Pro (Amazing Bong)
  • Bubba’s Girl (THC Flower, 38.8%)
  • Chemist and Xeno (70% THC vapes) in one.
  • Many medicinal topicals

Elemental Wellness Center

Most dispensaries focus on marijuana for recreational use. There’s nothing wrong with that; however, some of them emphasize the therapeutic properties of this magical plant. The ideal illustration of that is the Elemental Wellness Center.

Thanks to their medicinal cannabis approach, they know how beneficial cannabis can be for those suffering from different conditions. Every year, the store hosts holistic services, educational classes, and other events useful for de-stigmatizing cannabis and sharing relevant, verified information.

Due to the wide variety of products, some days of the week they focus their discounts on specific items. These days are called:

  • Melty Monday (10% off oil cartridges)
  • Tasty Tuesday (15% off all edibles)
  • Roll up Wednesday (10% off all pre-rolls)
  • Thirsty Thursday (10% off all beverages)
  • CBD Sunday (15% off all CBD medicine)

They have a spa-like atmosphere where every adult of any age is welcomed. They want to serve as a model not only for other dispensaries but for many different markets that do not focus on the customer’s health.

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