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Guides | 01.10.2023

The Best Dispensaries In Pensacola, FL

Get to know our favorite cannabis shops in Pensacola.

Florida’s medical marijuana market is massive. Until the state legalizes recreational cannabis, Florida will remain a leader in providing medical patients with premium products for their every need. 

Florida legalized medical marijuana in 2014 after passing the Compassionate Use Act, the state’s first medical cannabis program ever. Since then, Florida has become a hub for medical cannabis, CBD, and wellness products that treat various ailments, physical and mental. 

Whether you’re new to Pensacola or a local, we’ll help you find the best weed in town. See below for more information about the best dispensaries in Pensacola, Florida. 

Surterra Wellness

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A chic, sleek, and helpful dispensary. Surterra Wellness features some of the best health and wellness products in the state while showcasing what high-quality medical cannabis truly means. 

Located at 5046 Bayou Blvd, all Surterra locations strive to provide well-being for all. They believe that feeling well is a gift, and everyone should be able to access products that help them live a quality life. 

Surterra strives to empower consumers to unlock the benefits of cannabis through safe, high-grade products and a welcoming buying environment like no other. 

Sunnyside Medical Cannabis Dispensary

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The staff at Sunnyside is unmatched. Besides their knowledge of their vast product selection, they don’t stop until you leave with something you can celebrate. 

Whether you’re looking to spark creativity or hit the hay, Sunnyside supplies high-quality cannabis and related products to help you live life a little easier. 

Located on 9th Avenue near Cordova Mall and the bridge to Pensacola Beach / Gulf Breeze, Sunnyside Medical Cannabis Dispensary strives to shed light on the benefits of cannabis for chronic pain and daily wellness. 

Sunburn Cannabis

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At 5048 Bayou Blvd, Sunburn Cannabis has everything you need. Not only do Google Reviews rave about the friendly and helpful staff, but their sleek interior design and impressive product catalog are just as notable. 

Sunburn Cannabis provides the highest-quality medical cannabis and related products for whatever your needs are. 

They’re keen to share education regarding the benefits of plant-based wellness while answering any questions you might have about cannabis and hemp and how we can use them in our daily routines.

MÜV Cannabis

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With a 4.9 Google Review rating, how could we not include MÜV Cannabis? This dispensary chain has various fan-favorite locations throughout Florida, and their Pensacola shop is no exception. 

Located at 4785 N 9th Ave, MÜV offers medical cannabis and cannabis-infused products to help you easily access wellness and well-being. This dispensary chain deeply understands the potential of cannabis in treating ailments and mental health struggles. 

They strive to offer the best medical cannabis products in Florida, and the state’s medical marijuana patients have been nothing but gracious. 


Photo By Curaleaf

Wherever there’s Curaleaf, there’s something for you. Stop by their Pensacola location at 5090 N 9th Ave, and get to know their friendly staff and expansive product selection. 

For the last decade, this dispensary chain has been providing patients with high-quality cannabis for health and wellness. During their journey, the team at Curaleaf has mastered the art of cleanly cultivating the purest cannabis strains while educating all consumers on which product is best for their desired outcome. 

Curaleaf remains one of Pensacola’s top dispensaries through their vast product catalog, experienced staff, and ability to make your experience with cannabis special. 

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