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Guides | 02.22.2022

The Best Places To Smoke Weed In Minneapolis

Under a cold and unassuming façade, the twin cities are teeming with places to blaze surrounded by culture and nature. Created with Botany Farms.

Minneapolis is one of the most welcoming cities in the Midwest; the people’s friendly demeanor and the area’s natural beauty make it an all-around cozy destination. Plus, as the legalization of weed advances and stigma decreases, the city’s welcoming attitude has expanded to include getting a little high as a treat.

Companies like Minneapolis’ own Botany Farms have made a timely entrance to cater to this growing public, making it easier, cheaper, and safer to get your hands on some flower. It’s just their luck that the city is so full of places ripe for an outdoor smoke sesh.

The city of lakes is ready to be explored. Here are some recommendations to get your tour started:

Mississippi Gorge Regional Park

Photo courtesy of National Park Service

Alright, getting down to brass tacks on the issue, few places make for a better place to get high than a well-kept park, and Mississippi Gorge is that and more, a stunning 132-acre expanse that stretches along both banks of the Mississippi River.

Park hours are from 6 a.m. to midnight in developed areas and from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. in undeveloped areas. The park’s size allows for plenty of space for activities and permits some seclusion to light up in peace.

The hiking trails are one of the highlights, offering beautiful riverside views, but they’re certainly not the only ones, as the park also houses sumptuous gardens, bike trails, and murals.

All in all, this is an excellent place to breathe in the Minneapolis air and exhale some pure smoke, just make sure to clean up after yourself and handle fire responsibly.

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Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

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A step above parks, perhaps, could be a combination of parks and art. This almost surreal landscape blends the city’s natural beauty with the ingenuity of some of the most impactful contemporary works of sculpture exhibited anywhere in the Midwest.

It’s free entry from 6 a.m. to midnight and offers wide grassy areas, perfect for basking in the sunlight as you peruse the selection of art scattered across 11 acres of green in the Lowry Hill neighborhood.

The park’s most iconic piece is the Spoonbridge and Cherry, by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen, a bold visual synthesis of the city that interplays with the scenic lakes.

It’s just one of over 40 permanent installations, so give the place a try even if you’re not, particularly into food-themed geographical metaphors.

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Lyndale Park Peace Garden

Photo by Steve
/ Adobe Stock

Perhaps a bit too precious to smoke right on, this park is probably one for edibles or discreet concentrates; nevertheless, the place begs a visit while stoned. The perfectly trimmed rows of hedges, bushes, and conifers reflect the season beautifully, making it a spectacular nature-watching site.

It’s said to be the earliest bloom in Minneapolis, which makes it a springtime delight. Treating yourself with delivery of Delta 9 THC gummies from Botany Farms, for example, and then delving into a picnic scene at the Park Peace Garden could be just what you need to enjoy life again after winter.

Bird watching is encouraged, and the site is peppered with sculptures, which adds to the already impossibly romantic scene, making it an interesting date destination as well.

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Nicollet Island Park

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Some of the best views of the Minneapolis skyline can be had from this idyllic river island of the historic city Main Street, with the historic adornment of the first dam on the Mississippi, built in 1858.

A large promenade allows for sightly walks along the river, and the park’s amphitheater oftentimes hosts impressive musical acts.

You’re sure to find some space to yourself in this 27-acre expanse, traversed by walking and cycling paths and complimented by historic Victorian-era homes. While you’re here, try not to miss The Bell of Two Friends, a little gift from Minneapolis’ sister city in Japan, Ibaraki.

Also consider bringing a blanket and some snacks along, as the park’s vibe allows for all-day picnics, long yoga or meditation sessions, and just general sunbathing.

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Minnesota River Bottoms

Photo by Bill Lindeke / MinnPost

As we near the end of the list, we wanted to give you an option that stands out for its seclusion and that allows you to get lost in the Minneapolis surroundings with tranquility. The Minnesota River Bottoms, an 11 mile stretch of sandy trails for hiking and biking that will truly separate you from the city’s bustle.

Simultaneously close (only a 20 minute drive away from downtown) and far away (you’ll feel transported out of the city), this is a destination that has always been popular with Minneapolitans for decades as a miraculous escape.

Trails are simple and easygoing but can offer some excitement, particularly to mountain bikers, and present bountiful opportunities to spot wildlife and some truly ancestral trees.

Enjoy the Minnesota River Bottoms while piloting a high and suck it all in. Just be mindful of fire and keep the area clean.

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