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Travis Scott’s Cactus Farms Cannabis Line

It's time to be the "Highest In The Room."

Rappers moving into the cannabis industry is nothing new. From their own brands to partnerships and collaborations, hip-hop loves weed. Maybe for creativity or winding down after a stressful flee from the paparazzi.

For rapper, producer, and entrepreneur Travis Scott, a cloud of dank follows him wherever he goes. More often than not, Travis has a blunt in hand, and while his favorite strains have been a well-kept secret, he’s letting the world in on what helps him be the “Highest In The Room.”

Travis Scott, aka Cactus Jack, launched his own cannabis line in the summer of 2021. Fans of La Flame had never been so eager to purchase a Travis Scott branded product besides the popular Cactus Jack Mcdonald’s meal.

A Relationship With Cannabis

Travis Scott is high on the list of weed-loving rappers. He’s paid homage to the plant in various tracks like “Highest In The Room,” “Green & Purple (feat. Playboi Carti)”, and “Antidote.”

Not to mention his smoke-packed blunt-burning cover art for the 2016 album, Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight. From music videos to photoshoots, it’s clear Mr. Scott loved his weed.

Sort of makes you think, what’s he smoking? Does Travis Scott have a favorite strain? The rapper is quite open about his cannabis use but hasn’t really spoken much about it.

He’s a man of few words when he’s not behind the microphone. Still, that didn’t stop him from launching Cactus Farms, his debut entry into the cannabis industry featuring the potent hybrid strain PYT Jack Flower.

About Cactus Farms

The Houston-born rapper hopped into the cannabis space in July 2021 with the launch of Cactus Farms. The brand hasn’t evolved much since launching, as its core focus is still very much the potent PYT Jack Flower.

Travis Scott brought Cactus Farms to life through a partnership with cannabis cultivator Connected Cannabis. You can currently find Cactus Farm‘s inaugural strain at California dispensaries with Connected Cannabis products.

The brand’s flower is also available in Arizona at Harvest dispensaries throughout the city. In terms of the brand’s offerings, PYT Jack Flower is truly a gift for cannabis connoisseurs in need of a heavy hitter.

PYT Jack Flower is an Indica-dominant hybrid with dense purple buds that give off a sweet gas aroma with refreshing hints of berry. It’s quite the pungent strain, and it was hand-selected by Mr. Scott himself.

When puffing on some PYT Jack Flower, you won’t ever have to wonder what’s making Travis Scott the “Highest In The Room.”

For more information about Travis Scott’s Cactus Farms, visit its website at

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