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The Herbalist: Homegrown Cannabis Co. Provides Seeds For All Needs

This isn't your typical seed bank. Learn more about Homegrown Cannabis Co. and how they're dominating the cannabis seed game.

Growing your own cannabis is every stoner’s dream. However, only a few consumers take the time to dabble in this unique craft. And that’s understandable, considering cannabis cultivation can be pretty challenging, especially with no advice or helping hands.

Perhaps you’re toying with the idea of growing your own weed. In that case, you need premium seeds, a swarm of knowledge, and easy access to sound advice for your specific cultivation needs. Luckily, Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers all of that and more.

This cannabis seed company is deeply passionate about helping growers celebrate their harvest. Whether you’re a beginner grower or a master cultivator, Homegrown Cannabis Co. has everything you need to grow your own weed, tend to the plants, and smoke them in celebration. Learn more about the brand and their premium seeds below.

About Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. is a brand for growers, by growers. More specifically, this reputable online seed bank is dedicated to those who grow cannabis naturally from seed.

They offer 100s of premium quality cultivars across various formats, ensuring every grower can access their preferred growing method, from fast flowering to feminized.

Even better, Homegrown is equally dedicated to providing quality seeds and ensuring all growers have the education and knowledge to grow plants they can celebrate.

Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor growing advice, Homegrown partners with master growers like Kyle Kushman, Nikki Lastreto, Swami Chaitanya, Ricky Williams, Steve DeAngelo, The Dank Duchess, Eric Brandstad, and Subcool’s Victoria Rouland to ensure all of your bases are covered.

Needless to say, Homegrown Cannabis Co. isn’t your average seed brand. This unique company is praised by experts, cannabis connoisseurs, and skilled cultivators. If you’re looking to begin your ventures into the world of cannabis cultivation, Homegrown is happy to help you through every step of the process.

Seeds For All Needs

The seed selection at Homegrown Cannabis is virtually endless. Whether you’re looking for feminized, auto-flowering, or regulars, this reliable and trustworthy cannabis seed brand has it all.

Perhaps you’re new to growing and want to take the easiest route possible. After all, finding a complete, high-quality grow kit suited for beginners can be challenging. We’re happy to introduce Homegrown’s Quick-Start Grow Kit, the perfect entryway into the special world of cannabis cultivation.

This kit comes complete with the following:

  • 4 White Widow Autoflower Seeds
  • Homegrown’s Germ Genie
  • Stage 1 Seedling Booster
  • Stage 2 Growtime Fertilizer
  • Stage 3 Plant Booster + Flowertime Fertilizer

Growing cannabis has never been easier than with Homegrown’s Quick-Start Grow Kit. If you’re familiar with cultivation, browse the company’s full range of various seeds and introduce yourself to new cultivars you’ve never grown before.

For more products and information about Homegrown Cannabis Co., visit their website at

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