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The Herbalist: How Girl Scout Cookies Impacted Cookies By Berner

Without Girl Scout Cookies, would we even have the Cookies brand? See how this strain led to the first legal cannabis empire.

You’ve likely heard of Cookies, the first legal cannabis empire founded by Berner and Jai “Jigga” Chang in 2011. The brand has become a staple of the cannabis culture, and their impact on today’s strain selection and genetics is unmatched.

We’ve given you a rundown behind the brand, but that’s just a fraction of who Cookies is. If it weren’t for a certain selection of unique strains, perhaps the Cookies brand wouldn’t be in existence today. Well, maybe under a different name.

Before Cookies was a brand, it was a team of growers and breeders searching for the newest genetics and unique expressions to make an impact on the culture.

It All Started With Girl Scout Cookies

These Bay Area cultivators bent over backward to grow one particular strain that made a colossal impact on the culture, the Cookies brand, and today’s current genetics.

Girl Scout Cookies was about to be a strain on everyone’s lips. Impressively, it might be even older than we thought, dating back to the first grows around 2005-2006.

Berner and Jai knew they had something good, and it was only a matter of time until it became the next big thing. They drooled over the trichome-covered nugs and unique flavor, and they still do today.

From Girl Scout Cookies To Success

As the Girl Scout Cookies strain started spreading like wildfire, so did Cookies‘ reputation. The strain did, in fact, become the next big thing, and it quickly spread to home grows and massive grow-ops alike.

It didn’t take long for Girl Scout Cookies to become the foundation for other popular crosses today. Following this popular strain were its many offsprings, one being the mega-popular Sherbert, bred by Mario Guzman (Mr. Sherbinski) with help from the cultivating expertise of Jai.

From there, we met other movers and shakers like Cherry Pie, Gelato, and Biscotti. The Cookies brand quickly became North America’s favorite cannabis brand, one that truly represents the passion and innovation of our precious culture.

With consistently kickass strains and the finest selections of flower known to man, it’s no wonder why Cookies has become America’s first legal cannabis empire. If the dedicated team has proved anything, it’s that Cookies aren’t just a brand; it’s a lifestyle.

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