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The Most Important Cannabis Competitions In The Industry

Thanks to the constant expansion and growth of the cannabis market, a new category of events is emerging.

Thanks to the constant expansion and growth of the cannabis market, a new category of events is emerging, the cannabis competitions. Usually, the judges taste and vote for their favorite marijuana strains in these events, depending on the categories in each competition.

Currently, there are a variety of events around the world, the main ones are centered in Europe and North America. In addition to being fun, cannabis competitions also give to know companies and products that are worth trying, being chosen as winners of the different categories. 

This is the case of Eureka Vapor, with an incredible record of 12 awards in different cannabis competitions and in different products including cartridge, pre-roll, and disposable.

Some of the most recognized cannabis events in today’s market are:

High Times Cannabis Cup

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The High Times Cannabis Cup was founded in 1988 in Amsterdam. Today it is one of the leading cannabis competitions in NorthAmerica, as well as a cannabis festival and trade show. The High Times Cannabis Cup is held in states that have legalized medical and recreational marijuana.

Its events include competitions, instructional seminars, exhibitions, celebrity appearances, concerts, product displays, and much more.

These cannabis competitions are based on industry expert judges, cannabis newcomers, and everyone in between, testing different products depending on each category, thus identifying and awarding the best brands and products, crowning the top three products per category.

Eureka Vapor has been on this podium several times, winning awards for their products such as pre-rolls, vape pens, and cartridges. 

They currently have a People’s Choice Editions category, a new model that will continue the trend of High Times but without any live events or meetings. These Cups will be the first Cannabis Cups open to the public in each state in which the competition is run, and will feature the largest group of judges in history.  

The categories for each Cup may vary, but typically include some of the following:

  • Indica flower
  • Hybrid flower
  • Sativa Flower
  • Pre-rolls (with and without infusion)
  • Solvent and non-solvent concentrates
  • Pens and cartridges 
  • Edibles: Gummies and Non Gummies
  • Topicals, Tinctures, Capsules
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The Cultivation Classic

Photo courtesy of Eureka Vapor

The Cultivation Classic is a very scientifically rigorous competition for artisanal cannabis. It is focused on products that are grown with the planet and people in mind.

This competition not only considers the opinions of the expert evaluators but also has laboratory tests to ensure unbiased and conscientious evaluations. 

The dynamics of this competition are based on the fact that 150 judges receive a blind kit of up to 8 and 12 buds to evaluate for 30 days. The judges do not know the name of the chemotype, potency, terpene profile, or the name of the producer, in order to promote the fairest and most unbiased evaluation possible. 

To the judges’ choices, the results of the Resource Innovation Institute’s PowerScore™ tool are combined to determine the winners in the standard categories. This gives a cross-scoring with a higher level of certainty and impartiality.

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WeedCon Cup

Photo courtesy of Eureka Vapor

WeedCon Cup‘s mission is to provide education, networking, and business opportunities for cannabis distributors, brands, farms, and dispensaries, giving them exposure in a friendly and open environment.

They seek to educate the public and help businesses large and small maintain their independence in a changing environment, as well as give recognition to a market that has been historically frowned upon, but this is changing.

Some of the categories awarded are Best Indica Flower, Best Sativa Flower, Best Hybrid Flower, Best OG Flower, Best Preroll, Best Indica Preroll, Best Sativa Preroll, Best Hybrid Preroll, Best OG, Best Exotic Preroll, Best Diamond Infused Preroll, Best Concentrates, among others. 

In the 2021 WeeddCon Cup, Eureka Vapor took home an award for best Infused Preroll for their Georgia Pie X Brrrberry. A delicious blend of strains that you have to try, not for nothing were the winners.

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Emerald Cup

Photo courtesy of Eureka Vapor

The Emerald Cup has always distinguished itself as a guardian of authenticity, a celebration of the grower and the harvest, and a destination for those who seek the finer things in life.

The Emerald Cup proudly upholds an 18-year tradition of celebrating the cannabis plant, the culture that surrounds it, and the growers who bring it to harvest each year with the iconic Emerald Cup Awards.

Also dubbed the “Oscars of Weed” the Emerald Cup is considered one of the cannabis industry’s favorite cups. It focuses on outdoor growing practices and highlights the cleanest and hardest working growers in the industry. 

The winners of the Emerald Cup are chosen by experts in each category, thus selecting the best of the best for each product and classification.

Its reputation is firmly established as the world’s largest and most respected outdoor organic cannabis competition. Each year it brings together cannabis experts and educators with growers and patients. It is now a global movement that honors cannabis.

The companies and products that win these competitions are because they really sell high-quality products, they are honest with the content of their products, with the ingredients they use, and the effects they promise. We are pleasantly surprised that Eureka Vapor has won 12 cannabis competition awards, 12! is an impressive number that reminds us of the quality and professionalism of this company and its delicious products.

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