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Top 5 Bongs Of The Month From Fat Buddha Glass

Fat Buddha Glass: making your bong-hunt that much easier.

You’re in for an affordable and modern treat when snagging a bong from our favorite online headshop, Fat Buddha Glass. The company was formed on the sole and frustrating idea that the legal cannabis industry lacks affordable, high-quality glass pieces.

Fat Buddha Glass has just about anything for the average, modern cannabis consumer. The headshop ensures that it carries at least one product you can connect with and cherish for the rest of your seshes, but we’d like to highlight five of those effective glass pieces to lessen the burden of bong-hunting. Without further ado, here are the top five bongs of the month from Fat Buddha Glass.

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Bongatron Bong

You can never go wrong with the Bongatron, especially since Fat Buddha Glass says it’s the biggest, most beautiful, and intricately designed bongs from the headshop. 

This 22-inch bong features a stunning Faberge egg percolator that diffuses each rip, an ice catcher for added coolness, an 18mm glass bowl piece, a Matrix percolator, and handles to help you get a grip of this massive glass piece.

Freezable Glass Bong

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We’ve had the pleasure of trying this cool, calm, and collected Freezeable Glass Bong from Fat Buddha Glass, and the rip was as crisp as the frigid winter air. By disassembling the neck from the base (which contains freezable glycerine) and placing it in the freezer for thirty minutes before your sesh, you’re setting yourself up for massive and refreshing hits. The inline percolator diffuses each hit to further prevent the smoke from irritating your throat and lungs.

Slyme Perc Recycler Bong

Coming in four different colors, the Slyme Perc Recycler Bong from Fat Buddha Glass isn’t one to miss out on. Besides the dope Matrix percolator that keeps each rip smooth and crisp, the term ‘recycler’ can only be given to a bong that has the slightest chance of spitting water back at your mouth. In addition, this bong also offers a sleek leaned back neck to give you the utmost comfort during your precious seshes.

The Geeb Gravity Bong

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You can quite literally feel the difference between The Geeb Gravity Bong and others on the market through its thick borosilicate glass. The 14mm female joint fits any 14mm male bowl and the helpful flange on top of the neck helps slowly lift the bottle for the utmost smoke production. Simply fill the chamber halfway with water, and pack your dry herb into a bowl that’s inserted into the female joint. Ignite while simultaneously and slowly lifting the bottle, and prepare for the hit of a lifetime.

Circle Hub Bong

When looking for an advanced and modern piece, your eyes can’t help but shift over to the Circle Hub Bong from Fat Buddha Glass. This mini bong was designed for the discreet and efficient tokers in life who need a quick hit to get on with their day. The high-quality disc percolator located inside the bong’s base brings the freshest and coolest rip a small glass piece can offer. The neck is bent for your comfort, and the double circle hub lets you watch the smoke travel through the glass for some visual satisfaction.

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