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For A Mild High & True To Strain Experiences, Try These Vape Cartridges

Urb's vape cartridges combine the true flavors and effects of some fantastic strains with the mildly psychoactive effects of Delta 8 THC. Here's why you need them if want a chill buzz.

If there is one thing that connects the dots for all weed-loving individuals, it is a nice and smooth smoke, this is amazing and keeps you at your best. Urb Finest Flowers Delta 8 cartridges will guarantee high hits and an experience that is fulfilling. 

Manufactured by Lifted Made, Urb is a leading hemp products manufacturing company from the heart of the United States and was founded by Nicholas Warrender.

The company lives on the mandate of improving people’s health through hemp-derived products. Quality over everything is the popular slogan associated with this brand, and it prides itself as a company that has lived up to the massive expectations of its fanbase. 

Let’s go into the details here and roll together every bit of this product that makes it a massive success.


Urb’s cartridges contain Delta 8 THC distillate with terpenes. They are available in six different strains – Blue Zkittlez (hybrid), Heady (hybrid), Lemon Haze (sativa), Purple Punch (indica), Strawberry Shortcake (indica), and Twisted Citrus (sativa).

Each cartridge comes pre-filled with high-quality craft D8 distillate oil. They pack the punch you want from your favorite strain but are smooth with a hint of terpenes. The D8 distillate is sourced from organic hemp and doesn’t leave you with that burned taste. Your mind will be blown by the uplifting and energetic effects, leaving you pain and stress-free.

Each 1 ml vape cartridge contains an estimated 88% Delta 8 THC distillate; with just 3-4 puffs, you will be set up for the best vaping experience, a soul-lifting exposure if you ask me. You can add the flower cartridge to your drinks, preferably your beverages, or by taking it orally on the application. Anyone that works for you is a great choice.

Source And Extraction

Where the products are sourced from is not known. We don’t expect it to be sourced from anywhere else than the United States; this is not a worry, however, as the parent company of Lifted Made is publicly traded, Acquired Sales Corp.

This means you have nothing to worry about, as you are guaranteed the best practices from a publicly-traded company. Let’s look at the means of extraction instead. 

Each cartridge is processed through the isomerization of CBD, which is extracted from legal hemp using C02 extraction processes, this way, you are guaranteed protection from solvent residuals that can cause harm to your body and health. You also enjoy protection from heavy metals, keeping your health in check at all times.

Lab Testing

Urb’s vape carts are exposed to extensive laboratory scrutiny before they are pushed to the public. This is online with the company’s goals to maintain quality over everything else; this way, there are double-checks for everything until the best is gotten, and then it still doesn’t end here. 

The products are shipped to independent third-party laboratories for quality and safety checks. Here, the products are put through another round of extensive scrutiny to guarantee excellent results and ensure they are further tested to correspond with what Lifted Made labs have done. 

Further laboratory investigations are carried on to check the concentration of the cannabis involved, ensuring regulations are met and adequately followed to guarantee compliance and your health as you take the cartridge into your system. 

Similarly, tests are conducted to check the farm chemical composition of the products, if any, and the presence of the heavy metals. The results of the tests are made available for your consideration before a purchase decision is made. This way, you stay in charge of what comes into your body system and its composition.

How To Use Your Cartridge

Using your Urb cartridge is one of the easiest things you can do; it is as fast as turning off your computer. You simply have to connect your cartridge to a 510 thread compatible battery, and then boom, it is all set. You are good to go; no extra connections or configurations are required here. 

The ease of use is another fantastic feature of Urb’s Delta 8 carts that is worth talking about; they fit any 510 vape battery so you won’t find it hard to get a new battery and pause your sessions due to a dead battery.


The simplicity of Urb’s Delta 8 vape cartridges makes this a beautiful package that adds prestige and royalty to smoking and vaping, and this is what we all desire. 

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