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Learn | 01.04.2022

How Long Do Delta 8 Vapes Last?

How to make the most of your Delta 8 cartridge. Created with Eighty Six.

So you just bought a Delta 8 vape cartridge, and now you’re wondering how long your precious concentrate will last.

That depends on various underlying factors, but mostly how often you draw from the vape, its expiration date, the capacity of your cartridge, and how well you look after it.

Check out this guide we made with the people at Eighty Six with everything you need to know about your D8 cart.

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First, let’s discuss cartridge capacity. Because everyone takes different puffs, there’s no standard number for how many puffs a cartridge can take until it’s empty.

If your cartridge is 1/2 gram or 500 mg, it takes an average of 75 to 150 puffs based on a 3 to 5 mg puff.

A 1 gram or 1000mg cartridge can take anywhere from 150-300 puffs based on a 3 to 5 mg puff.

How To Tell If Your Delta 8 Cartridge Has Gone Bad

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From the moment your cartridge is filled to when you open the package, there’s been some time for the oil to lose its potency and freshness; this is why we encourage you to select one-day delivery or pick up your cart from a physical storefront.

The oil is made of complex chains of lipids and molecules that don’t have the strongest bonds, leading them to degrade with time. If these bonds break, your vape oil can go bad.

Your cartridge can maintain its potency from six months to a year if proper care is taken. Most cartridges expire after 1.5 years, depending on the cannabinoids and terpenes in the oil.

If you think your oil has gone bad before its expiration date, here’s how to check;

  • When first purchased, the oil should be somewhat clear. The oil has gone bad if it’s murky, cloudy, and growing crystals on the glass, especially if the texture is thicker than usual.
  • If the liquid turns brown or isn’t a pure dark yellow color.
  • The draw is bitter or sour.
  • You’re coughing more than you usually do.
  • You’re not getting as high as you did when first using the vape.

How To Make Your Delta 8 Vape Last

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There are a few things you want to avoid in order to keep your cartridge in tip-top shape for months.

First, heat is the enemy. Exposing your cart to higher temperatures can break down the cannabinoid compounds faster than usual.

The same goes for light, especially sunlight that can cause the oil to become darker and less potent.

Humidity is another big no; it can change the molecular structure of your cartridge by forcing moisture into the molecules and breaking them down fast.

In conclusion, keep your Delta 8 cartridge out of heat, light, and far from a steamy kitchen or bathroom.

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