Video Tutorial: How To Roll The Perfect Blunt

If you’re a beginner or just straight up suck at rolling blunts, this video tutorial is perfect for you!

Sep 9, 2015 - HERB

RuffHouse Studios brings an awesome tutorial for those who are beginners and may not know how to roll a blunt. One of the easiest ways is to start off with a blunt wrap, which is exactly what this video demonstrates how to roll with.

When rolling with a blunt wrap, you will need the following:
– Cannabis (duh)
– Blunt Wrap (duh)
– Lighter (duh)
– scissors (optional)
– grinder (optional)
– scales (optional)

Once you’ve got all those required (duh) materials, you can begin to watch the awesome tutorial video below and learn how to roll the perfect blunt with a blunt wrap!

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How to Roll a blunt

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