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Video Tutorial: How To Roll The Perfect Blunt

If you’re a beginner or just straight up suck at rolling blunts, this video tutorial is perfect for you!

September 9, 2015
Written by HERB

RuffHouse Studios brings an awesome tutorial for those who are beginners and may not know how to roll a blunt. One of the easiest ways is to start off with a blunt wrap, which is exactly what this video demonstrates how to roll with.

When rolling with a blunt wrap, you will need the following:
– Cannabis (duh)
– Blunt Wrap (duh)
– Lighter (duh)
– scissors (optional)
– grinder (optional)
– scales (optional)

Once you’ve got all those required (duh) materials, you can begin to watch the awesome tutorial video below and learn how to roll the perfect blunt with a blunt wrap!

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September 09, 2015 — Last Updated
Written by HERB
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