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Guides | 07.31.2020

Watch: How To Make A Tire Gauge Pipe

This super stealth tire gauge pipe is perfect for on the go, and easy to modify from a standard tire gauge you can buy for only a couple dollars.

Master Bong is back with a super discreet smoking device, the tire gauge pipe. This super stealth mini-hitter is perfect for around the garage or on the go, and easy to modify from a standard tire gauge you can buy at a store or gas station for only a couple dollars.

Step 1: Rubber Seal

Remove the rubber seal from the bowl area using a sharp implement. You can’t smoke out of this piece if the seals are still blocking airflow.

Step 2: Gauge

Break and remove the measurement gauge from the other end of the tire gauge, cutting off as much as possible.

Step 3: Guts

You can’t remove all the white measurement gauge by cutting, so now you have to punch the remnants inside the stem and pry off the base cap. Open up the bottom of the gauge, clean out the insides including the spring, valve parts, etcetera. There is a length of plastic in the bottom of the gauge that will have to come completely out to remove the inside parts, so be patient, and don’t cut yourself in the process.

Step 4: Glory, the tire gauge pipe

Once the insides are gone, and the tube is cleaned of any dust or plastic, clean up the rim of the pipe to protect your lips, and you can pack that little bowl and spark it up.

Would you make a tire gauge pipe? Share with us on social media or in the comments below.

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