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The Top Weed & Music Spotify Playlists

Cannabis and music are a natural pairing.

When you think about getting high and enjoying music, it’s often a scenario where you can drop in with headphones on. Or, dance your heart out at a live concert. Maybe jam out while scrambling your breakfast eggs.

The mental and physical effects of weed can indeed enhance the pleasurable sensation of listening to music, but what if you flip the script? Instead of using cannabis to amplify your musical enjoyment, what if you played music for your plants? 

This is not a new concept, but we’re here to explain a bit more about what this means and share some playlists that will make your plants rejoice.

Growing With Music

Photo courtesy of Old Pal

Plants not only like music, but they make music of their own. Cannabis emits certain frequencies, and these sonic vibrations produce a mind-blowing symphonic experience. Each strain and even each plant is its own composer, creating something truly spectacular and unique. 

Think of many of your favorite artists and musicians and how they gravitate towards their chosen genres. So many of our beloved musical creators have been influenced by their own cannabis use. One can’t help but wonder if the cannabis plants are using the music they hear to create their own? While we may never know for sure, we do know that plants prefer certain sounds

Research shows that plants are in tune with vibrations ranging from 115 Hz to 250Hz, which makes sense because these are the frequencies found in nature. Plants prefer classical music or soft jazz and have a tolerance of just one to three hours of music per day. What’s even more fascinating is that the plants show actual physiological changes in response to music. Some plants show signs of longer dilated stomata, which is the plant version of lungs. This means they can breathe deeper and ultimately grow faster while listening to music. 

Although these discoveries are not entirely new, they are continually astonishing. People who play music for their plants notice significant changes in their growth development, and somehow even in their plant demeanor. Bright leaves, perky stems, and branches. These are the signs of happy, healthy plants. 

Pot Sounds Playlists

To help your plants thrive and for your own listening enjoyment, the fine folks at Old Pal have curated seven playlists full of familiar favorites and new experiences. 

Grow Your Own

Tune, bliss out, and let the music power your flower. This curated collection of rhythms and beats on the Grow Your Own playlist will have you riding high while your potent plants reach for the stars. From the Velvet Underground to Vetiver, this playlist is ideal for starting out your fresh new garden as you learn how to grow your own cannabis.

Stoned Classics

The happy-go-lucky hits on Stoned Classics include songs like “Rocky Mountain High” by John Denver and “Burn One Down” by Ben Harper. Explore multiple decades and genres through artists like Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Lee Scratch Perry, OutKast, the Beatles, and Mac Miller.

Special Blue: Bearded Zen

This is the perfect playlist for a heady high, with a flair for the mystic and food for thought for your inner philosopher. Special Blue: Bearded Zen is a blissful meditation-like strain and pairs equally with hits like “Incense and Peppermints” by Strawberry Alarm Clock and “Riders on the Storm” by the Doors. The Grateful Dead, Santana, and Babe Rainbow also make an appearance.

Sonic Strains

Sweet, potent, and funky. If you’re wondering whether we’re talking about weed or music, the answer is both. If you’re looking for a strain pairing for this playlist, check out Chem D. Just as the high hits you behind the eyes, crank up the volume on Sonic Strains. The Alabama Shakes, John Cale, and the John Hammer Group will inspire you to dance like no one’s watching.


The intention behind the Soulelujah is so pure. Thirty-three tracks represent the 33 and a third revolutions per minute that a turntable utilizes. A mix of funk, jazz, soul, blues, Latin, and psychedelic rock is meant to inspire more freedom of thought and movement. Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings, Sly & The Family Stone, Cymande, and Coke are just a few of the uber-talented musicians you’ll hear on this playlist.

Jocelyn Romo

Our list of pot sounds would be incomplete without something a bit more sultry and seductive. Enter: Jocelyn Romo’s fantastical features, including Carly Simon, Lani Hall, Christine McVie, and Annette Peacock. Jocelyn mastered this mix with languid rock and seductive sock rock to soothe your mood and elevate your senses.

Forager Records

Forager Records put together this collection of vintage hits to tingle your senses with every guitar riff. This LA-based record label is committed to unearthing rare and under-appreciated songs from the past, and does an excellent job with this playlist. Prepare to be serenaded and fall in love with new (old) songs like “Sky Dust Rifter” by Ron Eliran and “Behold” by Justin Rees.

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