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Guides | 03.17.2022

Where To Find Weed In Barcelona, Spain

Here's what you need to know about cannabis hunting in Barcelona.

As we slowly seem to get a handle on the pandemic after two long and dreadful years, Americans and Canadians are high-tailing it out of their country for the first time since 2020 and exploring new places they only dreamed of when sitting in their homes day in and out.

Currently, it looks like there’s a handful of tourists heading over to Barcelona, Spain. Just in case you’ve planned a trip there, we’d like to give you a quick rundown on what to expect in terms of the city’s (and country’s) perspective on cannabis.

Perhaps you might have heard of the many underground cannabis clubs, which give recreational users a chance to get their hands on some green. That said, the plant is currently decriminalized in Spain, meaning these cannabis clubs operate in legal gray areas. Furthermore, the country deems it legal to consume cannabis on private properties.

So if you’re looking to grab some marijuana when in Barcelona, cannabis clubs are your best bet. However, clubs get raided from time to time, and members can be fined up to $550, according to High Times.

But that’s another issue, memberships. Tourists are currently not allowed to become a member of a cannabis club until 15 days after they’ve landed in Spain. And in order to become a member, you must be referred by an existing member.

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While these regulations do exist, they’re not entirely enforced. It’s very easy to stumble upon a club that’s willing to offer you a membership (for a fee of around $25). Your best chance at obtaining some green is bringing your passport and cash while representing yourself as a responsible consumer who’s looking to experience Spain’s cannabis.

One of the easiest places to do this is in the Gothic Quarter of downtown, which can be pretty tricky to navigate on your own, so make sure you’ve got some extra data and charged smartphone to help direct you. Ideally, you want to make your way to Ciutat Vella in the downtown region, which is home to countless clubs that are willing to take you in.

You should definitely make good use of handy dandy Weedmaps, which also operates in Barcelona through the app and will lead you in the right direction of the many cannabis clubs. High Times points out that there’s also a WhatsApp group that’s happy to help you find the best and closest weed in the area. Keep your phone charged for directions, and happy seshing in Spain!

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