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The All-New XVAPE V-One 2.0 Review

We love the new version of XVAPE's V-One E-Rig. Here's what you should know about it.

The new XVAPE V-One is a stylish and portable electronic dab rig that comes with two mouthpieces and two different temperature settings.

The performance of this device is superb. It heats up to your desired temperature in just a few seconds to deliver smooth, flavorful puffs.

In this XVAPE V-One 2.0 review, we’ll analyze all the features of this device and highlight the new updates it has received.

Key Updates

The V-One 2.0 from XVAPE comes with some significant improvements from its predecessor. The new 2.0 kit combines innovative dual quartz coils with temperature control, a steel mouthpiece, and a water bubbler. The device provides smooth hits thanks to its improved airflow design.


The V-One 2.0 is arguably the most attractive product from XAVPE since the Vista Mini 2. If you include the mouthpiece, it measures about six inches tall and five centimeters wide. It is smaller and sleeker than its predecessor, which was criticized for being cheaper imitations of the Vista Mini. 

There is a clear carb cap over the atomizer that allows you to see the vapor swirl as you take a puff. The atomizer is located closer to the mouthpiece, and this ensures you get a rich flavor from every puff.

Overall Experience

The bubbler is enjoyable to use. It stays attached firmly, and I can walk around the house and load up without worrying that it will fall off. It makes using the pen less stressful. The bubbler offers a smoother, silkier vaping experience. It is quite nice to watch the vapor dance around when you take a hit.

Noteworthy Features

The bubbler is one of the key improvements we have to highlight. This addition enhances the flavor and lowers the temperature of the vapor. The lower the temperature, the better the taste. 

The device supports temperature control. So you can adjust the temperature according to your personal preference.

Double Quartz Coil

In seconds, the V-One 2.0 creates a huge cloud of vapor thanks to its dual quartz coil. The purity of taste you get from this unit is quite remarkable. 

Magnetic Stand

XVAPE’s new V-One 2.0 and its bubbler attachment come with a powerful magnetic stand so you can use it as a dabbing rig.

How To Use It

In order to load wax onto the coil, the mouthpiece needs to be removed. The water level in the glass bubbler should be around the middle. Using the magnetic dab tool mounted on the carb cap handle, the carb cap can easily be attached and removed from the bubbler.

How To Charge & Clean It

Charge the XVAPE’s V-One 2.0 by connecting the micro USB to the charging port and plugging the USB cable into the main charger. A red light will blink until the battery is full.

We do not recommend using cheap cotton swabs to clean the device. You’re better off using isopropyl alcohol and a Q-tip.

More Tips

Before using this vape pen, remove the cotton swab from the bottom to prevent oil from burning. You can clean the carb cap with an alcohol wipe! 

Press the power button five times quickly to turn the device on. There are two temperature settings for the XVAPE V-One 2.0: 1200°F and 1650°F.

Using a high temperature will give you plenty, thick clouds, while using a low temperature will result in a lighter, airy vapor.  You need to press the power three times to change the temperature settings.

Use long, slow draws to let the vapor cascade over the atomizer. You’ll find a perfect hit with this, and it’s fun to watch. Press the off button when you’re done using the vaporizer. 

With this device, the vapor production and richness of the flavor do not depend on how hard you pull. You can puff at any speed you like. The temperature will remain constant throughout, and the taste will remain the same.

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