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XVAPE Vital Review: Full Ceramic Heating Vape Power

You are in the care of an experienced brand that seems to constantly satisfy its customers with affordable vaping devices that work just as they promise.

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The Vital is something like a nice and cheaper alternative to the XMax V2 Pro Vaporizer. 

Cheaper vaporizing is not always the best way to go because you are putting yourself out there to get bamboozled into a cheaper vape pen that promises quality vaping sessions but comes up short with overly hot vapor and unpleasant ergonomic features.

That’s not the case with the XVAPE Vital.

The XVAPE Vital is a budget vape pen that stands out among other budget vape pens for its superior quality and performance. You are not to expect a high-end performance but not a disposable-like performance either.


You are in the care of an experienced brand that seems to constantly satisfy its customers with affordable vaping devices that work just as they promise.

Who Is The XVAPE Vital For?

It seems to be a popular trend on vaping forums to treat the XVAPE Vital as a direct substitute of the XMax Pro. But it’s not.

I know, I mentioned it in the intro to this review. But I used the word ‘alternative’. 

So, try not to think of the Vital as a substitute to the V2, but as a product with different characteristics that can hit all the basic vaping features that the XMax Pro promises to deliver. 

You won’t find features you find on the V2 like the interchangeable battery, But you will find a unit willing to comply with simplicity and affordability, without putting at risk a pleasant vaping sesh.

If you’re looking for an affordable vaping accessory with a full ceramic heating chamber, easy to adjust OLED screen temperature settings, pipe & bubbler attachment capability, and an overall satisfactory heating and temperature range functionality, then the XVAPE Vital might be the pen for you.



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In other words:

The XVAPE Vital is a vape pen for vapers that don’t have the budget to afford high-end units but don’t want to get stuck with crappy accessories either. The Vital is also a great option for newbie vapers that want to test the waters before making a heavier investment.


The Vital is only a dry-herb vaporizer so it doesn’t work for concentrates and oils. So if you’re a flower enthusiast and steer away from concentrate as I do, then you’ll do just fine with the Vital as well.

Featured Specs

Full Ceramic Chamber

While still a conductor, depending on the quality of the material used ceramic can suppress high levels of heat. In most cases, ceramic will still be hot to the touch, but as a heat-resistant material, it is a great option (if not the best option) for a vape pen heating chamber.

Ceramic heats up evenly and ensures there are no hot spots within the material that needs stirring so they don’t charr easily.

OLED Screen & Temperature Adjustability

The temperature range on the XVAPE Vital stands between 212°F – 464°F. A temperature range that allows you to play with different strains that vaporize better at different temperatures.

I usually like to vape dry-herb with pens that use convection heating. The Vital does not. But because the heating chamber is made from full-ceramic material, it means that the heat disperses evenly through the chamber, mimicking convection as best as possible with a conduction device.

It’s also very likely that you won’t find an evenly priced option if you look for convection heating, so if your budget is under $100, the Vital does the trick just right. Even with the conduction heating.

The OLED screen allows you to set the temperature settings easily and intuitively. Unlike other devices that only show levels to signal temperature, the OLED screen on the Vital makes everything much more clear and ensures you won’t forget the temperature you’re using. It also allows you to set up an accurate temperature rather than having to compromise with a temperature range.

The ceramic chamber can also fit up to ½ a gram, which might not seem like a lot for a seasoned dry-herb vaper, but it makes for a nice chill sesh that helps you regulate your cannabis intake.

Attachments & Adapters

If there’s one thing about cannabis smoking or vaporizing is that the options to consume it are endless, and growing. A vape pen is not the most flexible of smoking accessories because it usually commits to a single type of consumption method. In the case of the Vital, we’re talking about vaporizing dry-herb.

Fortunately, the Vital comes with the option to attach a bubbler that creates filtration for a smoother hit and a 14mm water pipe adapter that fits on your water pipe to add even more filtration and a more genuine flower taste. These are the words of XVAPE themselves, but they are words I agree with.

Other Features

The Vital is easy to clean, chargeable with a USB charging cable included in the box, and extremely easy to travel with. The small compact device can shut off automatically after prolonged non-usage, which is always a great feature to have when you’re too ‘baked’ to remember to shut off your device.

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March 08, 2021 — Last Updated August 31, 2021
Written by Simón Cartagena
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March 08, 2021 — Last Updated August 31, 2021
Written by Simón Cartagena

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