8 Tips To Hide The Smell Of Weed


Marijuana has a very strong, recognizable smell. There are times when we all need to hide the smell of weed, so here are some tips to help do this.

KC Adams
Oct 20, 2015

It’s one of the most beautiful, strong and recognizable smell there is. When you’re walking down the street mid-work day and you get a whiff, it gives you a special feeling inside you can’t quite describe. But, when it comes to yourself, trying to hide the smell of weed is sometimes incredibly crucial.  We’ve divided these tips into a; “BEFORE, DURING and AFTER” consumption list because of the incredibly distinguishable smell that comes along with one of our most loved creature comforts. Why does cannabis smell the way it does?  Find out.


1. Cover up

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In the marijuana growing stage, the flowering plant gives off a pungent smell that is able to catch the nose of many passing by. Having a plant outside will eliminate the powerful smell it leaves indoors, but the smell may also be noticeable to neighbors.

Using other plants with their own powerful odor such as; spearmint, hibiscus, citronella or marigolds may aid in covering up the smell.

2. Ventilate

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If you are growing a plant indoors, in order to eliminate the chances of strong order, proper ventilation is necessary. Follow this guide from GrowWeedEasy, to discover more steps that will assist in reducing the marijuana smell while growing indoors.

3. Odor resistant bags

smell bags 8 Tips To Hide The Smell Of Weed

These are purchases that you will never regret, and are miracle workers. If you’ve ever been going from A to B with a miniscule amount, or a single doobie, it always ends up catching your nose. You instantly panic wondering who else could have possible got a sniff. These smell-proof bags are manufactured to eliminate odor, and brands such as SmellyProof and ReeferKeeper are selling these lifesaving products. A doob tube, which is pretty self-explanatory, is a pocket sized water-resistant, smell-proof tube that also guarantees a non-crushed j upon arrival.


4. Sploofs

smell sploof 8 Tips To Hide The Smell Of Weed
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These, easy to build out of household items, handy tools allow the smoke to be exhaled into a device that dilutes the smell. Using a paper-towel role, paper towel, a dryer sheet and an elastic, you too can create one of these marvelous devices.

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Alternatively, there are many products on the market that are designed to reduce the smell, such as SnubbzSploofy, and The Original Smoke Buddie are available for purchase, often used with a product such as Ozium, an odor eliminizor.

5. Proper method

smell one hitter 8 Tips To Hide The Smell Of Weed
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The amount of smell you produce often depends on the method in which you choose. Obviously edibles would be the best choice if you are concerned with the marijuana smell giving you away. Going with a one-hitter, or vape-pen instead of a joint will eliminate the constant smoke engulfing your location and sticking to your clothes, and both are very easy to conceal.
One-hitters and vape-pens provides you with one puff of smoke to release, and is controlled by the individuals’ own inhale and exhale (and is easy to blow out a window). This method is also preferable because it doesn’t leave the marijuana smell on your fingers like a joint would.

6. Location

smell hotbox 8 Tips To Hide The Smell Of Weed

Smoking outdoors versus indoors will obviously decrease the smell. Strong air flow and breezes assist in circulating the air and distributing the smell. Opening the windows, and turning on fans works great, but going outside always works best. Hot boxing is especially a bad idea if you’re worried about the smell, so just don’t do it.


7. Cover up

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Instead of trying to come up with ways to go back in time, use some of these methods to take control of the situation to the best of your ability;

  • Chew gum. Getting rid of the taste in your mouth will help you stop thinking about it.
  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer. This will help get rid of the smell on your hands, and is somewhat necessary if you smoked a joint.
  • Air freshener/incense/body spray – Remember, a combination of two strong smells isn’t always the best, so make sure to not use something that will be overpowering. Using artificial smells isn’t always the coyest way around covering the smell either, so using a natural scent is best.

8. Give it some time

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If you’re on your way somewhere or are nervous about someone smelling marijuana on you, just give yourself some extra time and air yourself out.

The best, and easiest way to avoid the anxiety of worrying if you smell like marijuana is making a plan of attack in advance. Give yourself enough time, find the proper location, or be sure your next stop is with people that won’t be bothered by the smell.

KC Adams
Oct 20, 2015